Bethenny Frankel Sex Life Update! Plus, Will She Return To Real Housewives Of New York Next Season?

Bethenny Frankel on the Today Show

Bethenny Frankel sucks at relationships but practice makes perfect so the Skinnygirl is dating lots of guys at once. She’s such a modern gal – unlike her Real Housewives Of New York co-star Ramona Singer

Appearing on the Today Show, Bethenny dished juggling double romances and that this fall she plans to get very busy! “”I am dating and I am having a really good time,” explains Bethenny, who hints she has “multiple burners” going at once where the men are concerned.


One burner is named Eric Stonestreet. Bethenny won’t verify how serious things are between herself and the Modern Family actor (“I’m not making it a habit of confirming or denying anything because then it will be likes roaches: You’ll have to kill them all,” she relays.) but Bethenny maintains that she’s enjoying dating. 

“I’m not making it a habit of confirming or denying anything. I decided that I’m not doing that,” Bethenny laughed. “I’m just saying that I’m happy and in the fall I intend to be very, very sexually active.” It sounds like The Countess is rubbing off on Bethenny… Heather and Carole won’t approve! 

Until Bethenny meets ‘The One,’ she vows to leave her options open and “keep working the burners.” She explains, “I haven’t been that lucky in relationships, so it’s going to be a while until I profess my undying love.” 

A bit of blind gossip has been circulating that Bethenny is planning to launch a Skinnygirl Man division and Eric is part of her massive PR stunt maneuvering as Madame Skinnygirl hopes to use Eric (a lovely man on the portly side of things) to illustrate her healthy lifestyle guru-ism.

Moving on, tonight is sadly the season finale of RHONY. Bethenny shares that there are a lot of “cliffhangers” in tonight’s episode that hopefully will resolve at the reunion. “I kind of came out alive, but I’m a little pissed off at some people,” she shared.

As for her future with the show, which Bethenny’s presence helped revive, she is “undecided” about whether or not she’ll return for season 8 which is rumored to be in the beginning stages of casting. Bethenny says she enjoys “the craziness” of the show and said she had a good time. 

Tonight Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the season finale and crying into our non-Skinnygirl vodka that the season is over. Please join us!

Also Bethenny will be appearing on WWHL tonight, and we’ll be recapping it, so tune in! 


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