Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: Gone Fishin’

lhhatl kirk rasheeda

Last night was another phenomenal installment of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Between Lil’ Scrappy threatening to overthrow Momma Dee’s monarchy just days before her wedding to Ernest to Stevie J. and the boys taking a fishing trip, it was one for the books. It begins with Kirk Frost surprising Rasheeda with a store front. He knows he’s been in the doghouse a lot lately, and he hopes it will put him back in her good graces. Rasheeda is over the moon excited by Kirk’s gesture, and she’s even more thrilled to learn she’s at one of the ritziest malls in the city. I’m guessing Lenox Square, and to that I say, good job Kirk! 

As his mother’s wedding draws closer, Scrappy is summoned by his sister Jasmine who is still not on board with the nuptials. She breaks the news that Dee is getting married sooner rather than later, and she’s got Erica Dixon and Bambi as bridesmaids. Scrappy can’t believe his mom isn’t having a long engagement, and why is she putting his ex  and his current boo in her wedding? They hate each other…not to mention, he and Erica aren’t on the best terms at the moment. 


Joseline Hernandez doesn’t need Stevie ignoring her career any longer. She’s meeting with gay promoters who are working on an initiative to raise awareness for suicide prevention in the gay community. One of the promoters wants to make sure Joseline wants to get involved for the right reason, and she shares the story of her horrific upbringing, admitting that she’s bisexual and was with both women and men from a very young age. She’s in tears, but jokes she never considered suicide because she’s so cute. The promoters are sold and thank Joseline for opening up to them. Across town, Kalenna and Tony Vick are at their first counseling session to help with her postpartum depression. She cries that she feels she’s failing her son by having these feelings. Kalenna discusses her beef with Rasheeda and that her music is her outlet, and Tony realizes he hasn’t been supporting her in the way he should. 

lhhatl joseline

After learning that his mom is racing to the alter, Scrappy is upset that Bambi didn’t tell him how soon the wedding would be. She reminds him that she tries to stay out of any business with Erica. Plus, how was Bambi supposed to know that Dee wouldn’t have sent a save-the-date to her prince? Dee arrives, citing that he’s been missing in action since Imani’s birthday. Scrappy goes off about giving Ernest his blessing to make his mom a better person, not drag her down the aisle in a few weeks. He continues that just because he played nice with Erica at their daughter’s birthday, it doesn’t mean he wants to be in the same room with her. Dee worries that Erica won’t let Imani be a junior bridesmaid if she’s not also in the wedding party. Scrappy says his daughter will be in the wedding…but he won’t be if Erica is. 

Jessica Dime and Margeaux are in the studio together collaborating on Margeaux’s latest track. Jessica rehashes her fight with Tiffany Foxx. She relays that Mimi Faust has given Tiffany the opportunities she’d promised Jessica…and she’s been talking smack about her to boot! Jessica fully intends to take down Mimi…but not until after her upcoming showcase performance. She reveals she’d love to have Mimi’s nemesis join her onstage to perform the new song. Margeaux loves the evil genius of it all. Meanwhile, it what may be my most favorite scene EVER in the history of L&HH, the guys are going fishing. I would do anything to be a part of this fishing trip. Stevie tells his pals that he’s moving to LA to work on movies and reconnect with P. Diddy. Scrappy tells the tale of Dee’s upcoming wedding and how he refuses to walk her down the aisle if Erica is in attendance. Stevie, Kirk, and Tony think he needs to swallow his pride and keep quiet on his mom’s special day, but there is no way in helliznighee that Scrap can do that. Kirk buzzes about Rasheeda’s store front and the men nod in support when Tony reveals Kalenna’s struggle with postpartum depression. The conversation turns to Joseline, and the men accidentally spill the beans that she’s got a big upcoming performance. While Stevie knew that she was working with others, Joseline swore to him that she didn’t use any of his connections. However, a quick scroll through her Instagram feed proves otherwise. 

lhhatl erica dee

Erica stops by the Frost residence to hear all about Kirk’s surprise. Erica is impressed by his grand gesture and hopes their relationship is now on the right track. Rasheeda laughs when she learns that Erica is going to be in Dee’s wedding. She wonders how Erica and Bambi will survive the day. Erica isn’t too sure either. At the White House, Stevie won’t fall for Joseline’s seductress routine after what he heard on the fishing trip. He confronts her about working with his friends. She tries to lie until he reminds her of the photographic evidence. Joseline changes her tune and tries to appease Stevie, saying she makes music because he inspires her. She hopes he’ll come to her performance. 

Dee is having a tough time planning her wedding thanks to Scrappy’s demands. She goes to Erica to uninvite her to the wedding, but she explains that Bambi is in his ear trying to create drama. Dee is between a rock and a hard place because Scrappy won’t walk her down the aisle if Erica is standing up at the alter as well. Erica graciously backs out of her role…she didn’t want to be in the wedding anyway! Dee laments her children’s disapproval. They are such joy killers. Never did Dee think she’d see the day when her son’s ex was her most supportive friend. Speaking of friends, Jessica and Karlie Redd are bonding over shoe shopping when Jessica reveals her plan to invite Margeaux to the showcase Mimi scheduled. Karlie knows the drama is going to be in full force…this isn’t a pot she’s willing to stir. 

lhhatl jessica margeaux

On the evening of the fateful performance, Mimi are Ariane are front and center to watch Jessica sing. Mimi is convinced that tonight is the night Dime will finally sign on to MF Management. Stevie joins them. Sure, he’s seen Jessica up close and personal, but he’s never heard her perform. Jessica takes the stage wearing an outfit that requires blurring. Classy. When Margeaux takes the stage, Mimi is floored, but all she can do is laugh. 


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