Oy. We finally witnessed someone call Vicki Gunvalson a bitter old woman to her face, and that someone was Real Housewives of Orange County’s newbie, Meghan King Edmonds. Meghan reflects on what led up to the tense (dare we say, psychotic?) moment with Vicki, her regret about calling Shannon Beador “consistently inconsistent,” and – of course – her warm fuzzies for Tamra Judge

The episode started out on a light note with their trip to the NASCAR race, which Meghan says was a “blast” and “beyond amazing!” But the drama of Brooks’ cancer and the psychic incident followed them to the racetrack anyway. Meghan explains, “When I told Heather [Dubrow] at the racetrack that Shannon was ‘consistently inconsistent’, I didn’t know that she DIDN’T tell Vicki what I said, but instead Tamra told Vicki. Until I spoke to Tamra and Shannon, I was under the impression the whole time that Shannon told Vicki. I’m so glad she didn’t and that she (kind of) kept her word of not bringing up the psychic to Vicki at the birthday dinner. I felt bad when I watched myself say that about Shannon. It wasn’t nice and I regret it.”


Gushing about Tamra’s real estate help, Meghan shares, “I was happy to have Tamra take me on a tour of the beautiful home in Coto de Caza. I told Tamra that I was nervous to be looking at a house with her because I knew she would pick out an amazing house for me to see and I would fall in love with it – no matter the price or location! She sure knows how to show a home!” She also knows how to calculate a commission. 

As for Heather’s new multiplex cinema and indoor mall home, Meghan jokes, “Can you believe the size of this place?! The elevator looks like it’s industrial-sized! And for the record I think a luggage closet is a fantastic idea, especially for my family because we carry a lot of baggage…wink, wink.” 

But Heather’s home had more in store for Meghan than 2,500-foot closets and obnoxiously sized elevators. It had a fightin’ mad, snake-bit, wonky-eyed Vicki Gunvalson housed within, ready to strike! Meghan admits, “I was shocked at Vicki’s response to me when I brought up the psychic and Brooks’ treatment. Vicki immediately went on the attack and I couldn’t get a word in edgewise. Watching this made me ask myself if her style of arguing by throwing jabs is simply a personality flaw and/or a defense mechanism to hide a deeper issue?”

Meghan wonders why Vicki attacks rather than bonds with women who share similar experiences as her. (Wait – Is Meghan new here? Ah, yes, she is.) She complains, “It still remains strange to me that people (Vicki) who have similar struggles (like cancer) don’t band together. I’ve never experienced the kind of hatred that Vicki spews at me regarding a devastating illness. Any single one of you reading this blog who has been directly affected by cancer (either through a close friend, yourself, or a caregiver) knows that it consumes you.”

Meghan also takes issue in her blog with Shannon’s claim that Meghan is stirring the pot just because she’s bored. Meghan defends, “‘Too much time on my hands’ says Shannon, no, it is an all-consuming thirst for knowledge, a cure, a support group – anything to help you cope! So yes, of course when I heard about this alternative to chemo that Brooks was trying called ‘resveratrol’ I researched it. If he is onto something that can cure cancer and I don’t know about it, I can damn well promise you I will be doing some thorough research.”  

“But guess what,” Meghan snarks, “resveratrol doesn’t cure cancer. Add another strange tidbit to the pile of doubt surrounding Brooks’ [Ayers] story…” The Brooks story, as Meghan dubs it, has unwittingly become the central plot arc of this season’s RHOC for sure, whether we like it or not. And somehow, yet again, Tamra Judge has wiggled her way right out of the big ole’ mess she created! 


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