Tamra Judge Talks Baptism, Giving Son Ryan Money, and Vicki’s Blowup at Briana

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Tamra Judge hasn’t written her musings down in a while because she says, “to be honest I hate writing my blogs. It just doesn’t come easy to me.” But she’s back this week to rehash the main themes of this week’s Real Housewives of Orange County, which basically were (for Tamra): Baptisms, Enabling of Man-Children, and Sticking by Vicki No Matter What. Although Tamra does question the level of Vicki Gunvalson’s epic freak out on daughter Briana Culberson, so it’s not all blind allegiance in the end, perhaps. 

Plugging her “sex tape” right out of the gate Tamra claims, “we thought about doing an intro video that would get everyone’s attention. I think we did just that with our fake sex tape, so far over 10 million people have viewed it on YouTube. We get a lot of viewers from around the world asking for fitness tips. We are working on providing free videos on fitness & nutrition. So please subscribe for updated videos.” Well, make that 10 million and one, cuz I just clicked on that YouTube link, and spoiler alert: it’s the same exact clip we watched on RHOC! A sucker is born everyday I guess. And today, that sucker is me. #lowpoint


Knowing she should have told Eddie about her, um, “loan” to son Ryan for his OC house rental, Tamra admits, “I know I should have told Eddie about giving Ryan and Sarah eight thousand dollars to relocate. I just wanted my new granddaughter close to me and I didn’t want anything to stand in the way.” Tamra blames possible “grandma postpartum” for her decision. She justifies, “I really wasn’t afraid that Eddie would say NO, well maybe. Honestly, I am just used to making my own decisions. I understand what Eddie is saying about enabling and I agree I have been known to do that with all my kids. But I have a rule, if you’re not helping yourselves, then I’m not helping you. It’s not like Ryan wasn’t working, in fact he found a job in Orange County before he moved back. I’m just helping out with the extra expense of moving a family. It’s so nice having them so close.”

Moving on to God, Tamra explains her reasons for wanting to get baptized in the church. After a tough year of custody battles and endless conflict with “friends,” Tamra reflects, “Going to church really helped me, it gave me the strength I needed and made me feel like I had more purpose in my life. I started to get this overwhelming feeling that God was talking to me. I can’t explain it, but if you’ve gone thought it you know exactly what I am talking about. I had never been baptized as a kid and knew it was something that I wanted to do. I just didn’t know enough about it.”

So, Tamra enlisted Pastor Mike to help a sista out! After meeting him at CUT fitness (where I meet all my pastors), Tamra reveals, “I decided to call Pastor Mike to answer my questions about baptism as an adult. As you can see it was very emotional for me. I had not really told many people about going to church and what I was feeling. Eddie had gone to church with me a few times, but he usually rides on Sunday mornings so I would take the kids. Pastor Mike is amazing and answered so many of my questions. I felt like a big hypocrite going to see him the day after our YouTube launch party. Like he was going to judge me or tell me that I’m not good enough to get baptized. But he did just the opposite.”

With her new non-judgmental role model to guide her, Tamra reserves judgment about her good friend Vicki’s decision to buy Briana a car, no matter what her motives may be. “I guess I am not the only Mommy that likes her kids to have nice things. Wow, three different SUV’s to choose from! Briana was so gracious and you could tell she was not comfortable taking such an expensive gift from her mother.”

But Briana’s discomfort (along with a good portion of the viewing audience’s!) grew when Vicki exploded on her after learning that Briana would be staying in a hotel upon her visit to the OC, rather than bumping elbows with Brooks Ayers. Tamra confesses in her blog, “Vicki and Briana’s argument was pretty intense and I almost feel like I’m missing something? Vicki seemed to get mad for no reason. I thought Briana was trying to be nice by saying that she would stay in a hotel. I think there is more to come on this issue.” More to come, indeed. Like Tamra publicly calling out Brooks in an upcoming episode, reminiscent of messy backyard parties past! 


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