Kim Zolciak Shares Weight Loss Tips & Insists She Doesn’t Photoshop Selfies; Shows Off Bikini Body!

Kim Zolciak black dress

Kim Zolciak thinks we’re all as obsessed with her appearance as she is! The mom of six is going overboard trying to showoff her weight loss and prove to haters that she’s still got it. 

The Don’t Be Tardy star posted a series of videos and photos on instagram to flaunt her weight loss and insists she isn’t photoshopping her photos – she’s just naturally svelte. Kim does remember we’ve been watching her wig out on TV for years, right? Hopefully Dancing With The Stars will help Kim tone up even more so she can quit slimmerizing her selfies! 


In a recent video which can only be dubbed the Blair Witch Project of strutting, Kim preens around a magazine office with the camera zoned in on her crotch thighs. Save it for Kroy, Wigs-N-Cigs. 

Also Kim must believe everyone is blind because we can see her shoving her butt out to make her legs look thinner. 

In a recent bikini photo Kim shared her diet secrets: they include not eating pork (we’ve seen her eat pepperoni pizza about 3 zillion times), nutrition shakes, portion control, and genetics. 

Kim Zolciak latest bikini photo

“I had Kj in 2011, Kash in 2012 and Kane&Kaia in 2013! In between them I was breastfeeding too! My twins are 20 months old now crazy and I’m finally feeling like Kim again! I don’t like to eat breakfast I never have ….but the last year every morning I do my @310nutrition it keeps your metabolism going! I have been the same size since I was 18 even after 6 kids I eat everything in moderation but you guys know I’m a HUGE sweets eater! I don’t eat red meat or pork I never have (maybe that helps) #GeneticsToo #ILoveMeItStartsThere” [Credit: Instagram]


“At People Magazine a couple weeks ago!! I get this all the time that I look heavier on TV than in my pics, For those of you who don’t know the TV adds 10lbs, I’m so flattered you think I photoshop my pics #SkinnyBitch #ILikeToEat #MoreCushionForThePushion” 

Kim also shared some behind-the-scenes progress of her Dancing With The Stars practice and gushed that she is loving working with Tony Dovolani. Kroy also visited her on set.  

Kim, Kroy, and Tony Dovolani backstage at DWTS“kimzolciakbiermann: Group hug!!! My hubby is too sweet he watched me practice Friday, yesterday AND today on his days off I’m so lucky my hubby and kiddos are my biggest fans and I got the BEST dance partner @tonydovolani now all I need is your help with a Team name for Tony and I using Kim or Biermann for me only…. Let’s hear your suggestions” [Credit: Instagram]”


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