Below Deck Recap: Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen

below deck lee

“I’ve got to be free, free to face the life that’s ahead of me; on board, I’m the captain, so climb aboard. We’ll search for tomorrow on every shore.” If you’re not a fan of Styx, I’m not sure we can be friends. However, I’ll cut you some slack if you’re enjoying this season of Below Deck as much as I am!

Tonight’s episode begins with the crew socializing on land, and Emile Kotze is overcome with the feelings for Raquel “Rocky” Dakota Bartlow. She’s flirting up a storm, but she’s playing the field with both Emile and new guy Dane who immediately pushes his co-worker’s buttons by making fun of a bracelet gifted to Emile by his sister. Rocky stays a few steps ahead of Emile. He missed his golden ticket on their drunken first (and only) date. Eddie Lucas retires to call his girlfriend while Rocky mixes up some whipped cream to coat Connie Arias’ naked body. Chef Leon Walker is amused, to say the least. In his cabin, Eddie is having the same fight with girlfriend Amy who cheated on him last charter season. Amy Johnson is confused by the whipped cream bikini situation, and when Eddie returns to the main deck, he can’t believe the mess. It’s not a frat party! Kate Chastain is playing the role of silent by-stander as Eddie deposits Connie’s underwear on the floor of her room. Kids these days…what are you going to do? 


The following morning, Eddie is pissy (for Eddie, at least) due to the crew’s shenanigans. He needs to be a stricter bosun. Emile is disappointed to learn that he missed out on nudity due to passing out early. Captain Lee Rosbach reveals that the latest charter guests are sorority sisters (Rocky and Connie must have been practicing!) who enjoy any opportunity to let loose sans husbands and children. Rocky tells Amy and Kate that she’s getting annoyed with Emile’s advances. Kate manages to control her eye rolling and suggests that Rocky may need to tone down her flirting and draw a hard line of friendship. 

below deck rocky connie

Kate even recommends that Rocky spend some time working with Leon in the galley. Rocky asked for culinary time on the first charter, but Kate rebuffed her request because she needed Rocky’s help on her stew team. However, Kate has had plenty of time to realize that Rocky is actually no help to her at all. By pairing her with Leon, she gets both the flighty stew and egotistical chef out of her hair for a bit. Win-win! The women arrive on the Eros for the ultimate girls’ weekend with their token gay friend (um, where’s my wealthy sorority sister to make this happen for me?), and Kate gives them a tour of the yacht. As the boat clears the dock, Dane is feeling the pressure of doing a good job. As Dane and Emile channel their best Bill and Ted impressions, Eddie is convinced he needs to lead his guys with an iron fist. Can’t they do their tasks without being asked? I’m going to go with no…

The ladies enjoy some jet-skiing, and Kate breaks the news to Leon that the guests want easy finger foods. Maybe some quesadillas? Leon is super peeved at Kate as he’s prepared quite a feast. He chastises Kate for not providing him with this information earlier in the day and blasts her for questioning his skills. Kate remains calm and agrees that they need to work on communication and he needs to work on his temper. Leon may think he’s having a bad day, but Dane and Emile have allowed the jet skis to float away. Lee has no patience for stupid, and Eddie knows the blame is on him when his subordinates don’t perform. The three of them are treated to a heavy handed lecture courtesy of Alpha Lee. Eddie puts on his big boy pants and warns Emile to get his head in the game…or else. 

below deck emile eddie

Eddie gathers his team for a stern talking to, and Connie hates that he’s getting the brunt of Lee’s wrath for their mistakes. However, she mentions that Eddie is MIA a lot. He may want to try managing a little better. As Rocky makes herself comfortable in the kitchen, she and Amy discuss Leon’s rigidity and his aversion to change. Rocky is thrilled that she’s been tasked with cooking for the crew that night, and I am thrilled that I don’t have to hear her sing about ironing the Captain’s shorts. Eddie thinks that Rocky is five star crazy, but her silly conversation is just the distraction he needs from his dysfunctional personal life. 

As the charter guests debate the importance of daily shampooing, Kate corrals them for dinner. These women may be the most laid back guests to date on this show. I want to be their friends. Rocky has forgotten her promise to feed the troops by 6 PM sharp, and Connie has resorted to snacking. Eddie and Dane grab some of Rocky’s chicken that isn’t quite cooked (read: still very pink) as the guests request cream cheese brownies and cheeseburger sliders for late night snacking. Kate is the bearer of bad news, and Leon is seeing red. Aren’t they full from his amazing gazpacho? It’s not all doom and despair, thankfully. Lee has a bit of a sense of humor. In the commercial mini clip, he chuckles slightly about ordering Dane to don head to toe tin foil and stand on the bow as a human radar. Stupid is as stupid does. That Lee. He gets me every time. Every last time. 

below deck eddie dane

Leon and his manicured eyebrows are still seething that he has to come up with sliders and brownies. However, he isn’t going to give Kate the satisfaction of seeing him fail. Personally, I don’t think she wanted him to fail. She is always championing the guests’ requests, no matter how ridiculous. Even Amy wonders what’s up with Leon. These kind of demands are par for the course in yachting. Well, crap. Rocky is back to channeling her inner Disney princess with her ironing power ballads. She does know they have cruise ships where she can just be Elsa, right? Kate tries not to laugh, but she’s totally softening to the bunny boiler that is Rocky. I adore Kate. 

The following morning, one of the guests is extremely hungover, and Rocky treats her with ginger ale and maybe some cuddling not captured by Bravo’s cameras? Um, am I wrong? Kate questions whether the group would prefer to head straight to the dock instead of leisurely cruising. The charter’s mama bear makes the executive decision to get her super green friend off the Eros sooner rather than later. This was the most low maintenance group of guests, and Kate is sad to see them depart. Speaking of Kate, Eddie and Leon are, well, speaking of Kate. Leon feels disrespected by the chief stew, and both guys are grossed out by Rocky’s cooking. Leon plans to have a chat with her, and Eddie plans to lock his door. He doesn’t want to be murdered. The crew scores a nice tip, and the Captain praises the deckhands for coming back from their earlier debacles. He also stresses the importance of the interior crew and the chef having a relationship void of tension. That will happen…as soon as Ben returns!

below deck leon kate

Emile is totally smitten by Rocky given their sexually charged history, but she insists he view her as a sister. He brags about his sexual prowess, and Rocky escapes to the galley to complain about his advances. She writes a note praising Emile’s personality and warning him to back the flip off when it comes to flirting with her. She delivers the note much like I would have done in sixth grade, except my note would have included yes or no boxes to check. Geez Rocky!


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