After Briana Manson dropped a stink bomb on the group last week that she and Matt are already married, this week’s Little Women: LA finds the ladies trying to shift focus back to Elena Gant’s upcoming vow renewal. 

We begin at Christy McGinty’s home, where she shares with hubby Todd that Briana spilled her big news. Todd calls the situation “one of the most f*ked up situations I’ve ever heard in my life.” Yep. Even more f*ked up is the fact that Matt (according to Terra Jole’s sources) sent photos of his…uh, Matt Junior…to some random chic a few months back. Which Briana now flippantly writes off as a “mistake.” Todd wants to look up evidence of Briana and Matt’s marriage, so he employs his best googling skills to check out the actual wedding date: 4/19. This means, at the time of filming, Briana has been married FOUR MONTHS already without telling anyone. Does this also mean the d*ck pics in question were sent during a state of wedded bliss? Hmmm. Christy just feels betrayed that this lie has gone on so long right under her nose.



Speaking of the happy couple, Briana and Matt are out shopping and talking about their upcoming trip to Hawaii. Matt is not interested in being with Briana’s friends, but he is excited to wear his wedding ring in public now. Briana tells Matt that Elena was pretty nonplussed to hear the big news, and especially miffed that Briana chose her bachelorette party to make the tacky announcement. Because they have the combined maturity of a 12-year old Justin Bieber superfan, Briana and Matt brush off Elena’s bad juju and instead gaze at their wedding rings, commenting that Matt’s is like “the dark knight” and Briana’s is “the glamorous queen.” Ugh. #bonnieandclyde2.0

Elena is visiting Terra to debrief about her bachelorette party and Briana’s news. Terra thinks the reason she brought it up is because she wants attention. Elena calls out everyone’s reaction as fake, which….yeah, it was. Terra claims she’s happy for Briana, but she’s not worth her oxygen anymore. She’s said her piece, but any deep friendship she had with Briana is gone. Elena is unsure about Briana even coming to her vow renewal, but just hopes she keeps herself in line for the big day. Also suspect is Brittney Guzman, who formerly accused Elena of having an affair with her father (no matter how much she denies saying it now). But Elena has forgiven her because she understands Brittney is young and basically stupid when she’s running her mouth. Terra’s not so sure Brittney should be trusted though. 

Over at Jasmine Sorge’s house, she’s hanging out with her toddler son and mother, who has agreed to watch Jasmine’s son so she can travel to Hawaii. Jasmine is her parents’ last child, and only little person in the family. Jasmine’s mother admits she was worried about her daughter’s future when she got the news that Jasmine had dwarfism. Jasmine wants another baby, but her mom is concerned that it’s already a struggle raising an average sized son who’s growing bigger by the day. Jasmine has also struggled infiltrating the group of little women she’s been brought into (through Briana) and who might now resent the fact that she knew Briana’s secret well before they did. 

Brittney and Briana meet up for drinks to chat about – what else!? – THE BIG SECRET!!! Brittney thought it was a punk move for Briana to announce her marriage at Elena’s event, but she loved the fact that it rendered Terra speechless. Terra’s been rubbing Brittney the wrong way lately with her HBIC behavior. Brittney and Terra used to be friends when they both danced for Miley Cyrus on tour, but now Brittney sees Terra as an untrustworthy friend who runs and tells classified information to whoever will listen. Briana advises Brittney to tell Terra how she’s feeling, but admits it’s exhausting dealing with Terra. So, good luck Freakabritt!


Elena only has 3 days before her family arrives and is ready for her two dress fittings – one for the ceremony, one for the reception. Tonya Banks and Terra have joined her and are both glad to hear Elena’s sister and parents have gotten approved for their visa to come to the wedding. Elena tries on dress #1, a lacy, see-through body-hugging number that looks gorgeous on her, but shocks Tonya. For good reason! It’s a lot of skin and pretty risque for the bride to be (again), and even Elena admits Preston was shocked at the dress when he first saw the photo. Hopefully Elena’s family will keep their Russian composure when they see Elena sashaying down the aisle in little more than a few well-placed doilies. 

Christy’s neck is still hurting, and she knows the only option is surgery. She wishes she would have never started this whole insemination project, considering the hormones exacerbated her neck issues. And Christy’s daughter, Autumn, also has upcoming leg surgery, which will have a long rehabilitation road afterward. Christy knows Autumn needs her, so she’s pretty much done thinking about another baby for now. Todd thinks they’ve spent more time in doctor’s offices than doctors do (and, yes, we viewers would soundly agree!), so he’s on board with hitting the pause button on all of this baby-making stress too.

Whoa! Look who’s visiting Jasmine’s house: it’s Little Boss, herself! Jasmine asks Tonya for advice on raising an average sized child, which Tonya has successfully done (as a single mom, to boot). Jasmine’s worried her son will be embarrassed by her because she is a little person, but Tonya assures her that if Jasmine is assertive in protecting her son against bullies and if she relies on the love of her family for support, things will be just fine. Awwww! I am loving this sisterly moment between this unlikely duo! Conversation turns to Briana’s news, which Tonya can’t believe Jasmine knew before the rest of the group. It wasn’t Jasmine’s secret to tell, though. Jasmine encourages Tonya to reach out to Briana to assure her that her friends are on her side. What both ladies can agree on is that Briana is broken. #TRUTH

In another unlikely pairing, Terra and Joe meet up for a double date with Christy and Todd, who fill them in on their insemination and surgery struggles. Christy confesses the hormones have made her crazy, and that she’d feeling sad about their lack of success in the baby making department. They of course change the subject to Briana, who everyone suspects is probably pregnant too. Because, at this point…why not!?!? Christy spills the beans that Briana has been married four months, which again renders Terra momentarily speechless.

Terra thinks that Matt has turned Briana into a liar. Christy asks the question on all of our minds: did Matt send those d*ck pics when they were married? Terra posits that Matt probably asked Briana to marry him after he was caught, in a sweeping apology/commitment gesture. Damn! That actually sounds right on the money, Terra. They all feel like the craziest part of this whole situation is the fact that Matt just left his two previous children behind with his ex to move down to LA with Briana on a moment’s notice. The lunch tribunal has spoken! And, at least among this group, Matt has been found guilty.

In a far happier marriage, Preston and Elena are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Elena’s family, who she hasn’t seen in years. Preston has never met them and is nervous, but he shouldn’t be because he is possibly the sweetest husband to ever grace a reality show screen. The family arrives and long-awaited hugs and tears are had. Yay!!!! They all sit down to chat and are giddy with the excitement of being reunited. Even though Preston never got to ask her family’s permission to marry Elena the first time around, Elena’s mother assures him that she’s already said “yes” in her heart.


Brittney pays a visit to Terra to catch up, and to tell her how she’s been feeling about their friendship lately. Which is not good. Brittney is glad she’s been introduced to the group, but admits she sometimes feels like Terra wants to one-up everyone. “It’s always about you,” accuses Brittney, claiming that Terra is always the main person who starts drama. Terra says she’s sad Brittney feels that way, but doesn’t feel like she’s the problem. To Terra, Brittney is the sh*t starter, considering she began the rumor about Elena.

Terra breaks down in tears, telling Brittney she doesn’t want Elena’s wedding to be ruined by Brittney’s drama. Brittney thinks Terra was the one who started the mess, though, as she’s the one who brought it up to Elena at Tonya’s event just to fan the flames of resentment. Because nothing can be resolved here, Terra takes it to the next level, telling Brittney she doesn’t think she should even come to Hawaii. Then, in true Terra fashion, she promptly kicks her out.

Brittney exits stage left rather than continue down this road, with Terra yelling at her the whole way out. But until Elena tells Brittney herself that she doesn’t want her at her wedding, Brittney is still catchin’ that plane. 


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