It’s been a season of ups and downs for the Little Women: LA cast. We’ve had it all: newbies who like to stir the pot, Little Boss behavior on fleek, gynecologist appointments that left us visually traumatized, and secret marriages to questionable men. And now it’s time to rehash it all on part one of the 2-part LWLA reunion! Tracey Edmonds hosts the show and asks the ladies the tough questions we’ve wanted answers to for months. Plus, a special guest makes an appearance to clear things up about Matt’s proclivity for sexting nude pics to women who are not his wife.

First of all, the production value of this reunion versus last year’s is much improved. The teams seem to be seated according to alliances, reminiscent of Housewives reunion arrangements. On couch left of screen, we have Elena Gant, Tonya Banks, Christy McGinity, and Terra Jole. To Tracey’s right, we have Briana MansonJasmine Sorge, and a blue-wigged Brittney Guzman. After they watch a montage clip of the season’s most dramatic highlights, Tracey asks what it’s been like watching this season back. Terra says she noticed it wasn’t her who started most of the drama this season. Tonya admits she saw herself saying things she didn’t realize she’d said. (Like “heifer” 1,000 times?) 


Newcomer Jasmine reveals it was a tough start to the season, given Tonya’s immediate hatred of her. She claims she’s the nicest person in the world until someone crosses her. Tonya argues that Jasmine is actually “counterfeit.” Breaking down what happened with Jasmine way-back-when (that Tonya’s been alluding to all season), Tonya explains Jasmine’s social media posts. Allegedly, Jasmine was posting with Tonya’s ex-man (Trevore, we assume?) saying things about “giving Terra and Elena a run for their money” if she got cast on LWLA season 3. Then at a Beverly Hills event, Jasmine came up to Tonya, while Tonya was mid-conversation with someone else, and gave her a hug. So…that’s it?


 The host doesn’t understand the problem here. Elena jumps in to call Jasmine out for texting her personally trying to horn in on gigs they’re all fighting for. She doesn’t see Jasmine as authentic either. Jasmine maintains that she was just looking for new friends, and comes from a warm “big family” background, so she was expecting a warmer welcome from the group. She doesn’t work in the entertainment industry, she claims, but the group attacks her for this lie immediately. Jasmine backtracks, then admits that, okay yeah – maybe she’s pursuing singing. But, but, but! She just wanted girlfriends here! She finally confesses, “Everyone here’s trying to get somewhere in life.” Hear that explosion? Looks like Jasmine’s end game is blowing up all over this white couch. 

Tracey turns up the heat on Brittney next. Clips of Brittney claiming Elena dated her dad, David, roll, followed by her “break up” on the beach with Terra. Terra calls Brittney a liar, just like Jasmine. After the screaming dies down, Brittney says she doesn’t regret anything she said, but what she said about Elena was taken out of context. Elena says Brittney may not have understood what was going on back then (when she, David, and Brittney hung out) because she was so young. But Brittney frankly admits she might have made the gossip sound jucier than it was just to get “in” with the group (i.e.: Terra). Elena asks if Brittney’s apology to her about the comment was genuine, and Brittney says yes. Terra tries to twist the words again, but Elena defends Brittney’s original statement; it wasn’t nearly as damaging as Terra tried to make it sound. 


Since David is the man of the moment right now, he’s invited out to the couches to give his side of the story. He dated Briana and Christy in the past, and met Elena via Facebook, then at the Little People’s Convention in 2011. He and Elena just “hung out” after that as friends. Elena concurs that they were only platonic, but David admits he did once have romantic feelings for her. David also knew about Preston from the beginning, says Elena.


Terra tries to stir up the sh*t again, but Elena is not having it. She doesn’t think Brittney or David tried to blow up her marriage, but says Terra made it sound like Brittney insinuated she and David had an affair. Yes, she and Preston went through tough times at the very beginning of their marriage, but David was only there for her as a friend. “I’m gonna finish that right now!” yells Elena, in reference to this mess. She did think David had feelings for her, but he never hit on her, asked her to leave her husband, or break up her marriage in any way. David regrets that their friendship has grown distant, but seems to be at peace with where they are now. And just like that, he’s out! He survived his segment (and having dated both Briana and Christy). Your medal of valor is in the mail, David!

Attention turns to Christy and her endless fertility storyline this season. Christy said she cried watching her segments back on TV, but doesn’t want anyone to feel sorry for her. It was rougher than she thought it would be, and it took a big toll on her marriage. To weigh in on that, Todd joins the ladies on the couch. Todd says the hardest moment was the watching actual insemination (it was for us too, Todd! #TMI), especially considering it was all for naught in the end. They were so focused on having a baby, they lost sight of their relationship, says Todd. Christy notes that they’re both very goal-oriented, so they became consumed with the process. What’s their plan for the future? asks Tracey. “Stay tuned,” smiles Christy coquettishly.

We see lost Palm Springs footage of the ladies dishing about the craziest place they’ve made whoopie, before cutting back to the reunion. Christy thought Palm Springs was ruined by Briana’s lie, which was infamously outed on the trip. After having confided in Christy about the wedding she wanted, the support she needed, yadda yadda, Briana told the entire group she was already married to Matt. Briana says she never lied about being married, but Terra asked her at the Mexican restaurant if she was already married and Briana said no. “I’m not a child,” defends Briana. Tonya says maybe not, but her actions sure are childish. #littlebossburn Tonya doesn’t understand why Briana hid her marriage. It feels like Briana was ashamed of it, she says.


Elena defends Briana for not getting the support of her friends, though. Briana says in hindsight, she perhaps should have told Christy the news separately because she was receiving support from her, but it is what it is now. Terra still thinks the whole thing is sketchy, pointing out how Briana claimed she “couldn’t remember the date” of her marriage to Matt. “Bullsh*t!” yells Terra, “Everybody remembers when they get married, and EVERYBODY remembers their f**king birthday!” (Briana got married on her birthday, lest we forget.) Briana has felt under attack since last year’s reunion, when Matt’s sexting scandal came out. They argue about who knew what when, getting absolutely nowhere. 

Tracey jumps in to ask if they’re all still friends. Terra doesn’t feel like she and Briana have a friendship any more, and Christy is still white-hot with rage over it, so I’m guessing they’re still on the outs too. Tonya seems to be on team Terra/Christy. But since Elena is still defending Briana over being hurt, perhaps she hasn’t turned totally against her yet?


Because things aren’t turnt-up enough yet, Tracey now brings Matt out to the couches to join the fray. She asks Briana why she kept the secret for so long? Briana says she felt like no one cared anyway, so she just did what she wanted to do without their input. They got married in Vegas “after an argument” on the spur of the moment. Terra rolls her eyes at this, then points out that Briana totally reversed course with this move. Things were going badly last year after Matt “was cheating on her,” so Briana claimed she was going to take things slowly with him, says Terra. He was going to get his own apartment and a job first. But next thing you know, Bonnie and Clyde got hitched instead.


 Jasmine says Briana’s a grown woman, so she should be able to change her mind. Briana was sick of talking about Matt’s indiscretions every time the ladies were together, so she didn’t want to update them on how fast things were moving. A still-hurt Christy defends that she, of course, was concerned for Briana after Matt’s cheating scandal because she cared about Briana as a friend. That’s why Briana keeping a secret from her for four months shook her up so badly. “It hurts,” says Christy, then asks, “Do you have any guilt?” Briana deflects, just saying, “it doesn’t feel good.” 

Before Briana can squeak out much more of an answer, Matt predictably gets into it with Terra, who’s asking him about having a job again. “Excuse me, do I look your sh*t up, duma$$?” retorts the always poetic Matt. “Why do you call women dumba$$es, and why do you tell your wife to kick her [Terra] in the head?” yells Christy. Terra snarks it’s because he likes to inflict pain, which his record shows. Terra wants to protect Briana from “scumbags” like Matt, she states. 


Speaking of scumbags, let’s talk more about dudes who send d*ck pics to random chicks! Matt claims he was broken up with Briana when he sent them (there are multiple). And besides, he says he’s in good company! Jamie Foxx sent one, yo! Superstars do it, bro! “I did what I did,” says Matt, without an ounce of contrition. Briana lamely defends him, but Terra doesn’t understand how it’s remotely okay.

“I’m talking about you cheating on your WIFE!” screams Terra. Since they were on a break, neither Briana nor Matt seem to consider it a problem. But when Briana originally found out about it, she told her friends she and Matt were still together (according to Terra). While Terra vents, Matt does what he does best: mocks her from the sidelines. Tracey asks if Briana is just covering for Matt now? Briana says no. Matt tells Terra to butt out, calling her “princess” and “sweetheart” along the way before finally telling her to just “shut up.”


In the interest of getting totally ratchet to the bottom of this once and for all, Tracey brings out a special guest: McKayla (spelling?) the lucky recipient of Matt’s sexting photos. She’s got a lot to say about Matt’s private parts, according to next week’s previews. But, will Matt finally feel like he’s got some ‘splainin to do? Something tells me…probably not. 


Photo Credit: Lifetime

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