Don’t Be Tardy Recap: E!nough Already!

dont be tardy brielle guiliana

We are one episode away from the Don’t Be Tardy finale. Are y’all as stoked as I am? That said, after next week, I’ll spend months wondering if Brielle is really trying navigate Los Angeles all by her lonesome, as well as what curse words KJ has added to his vocabulary! Let’s get started with the recap, shall we? 

On the eve of their trip to Los Angeles, Shun swings by the Zolciak-Biermann abode to help style Brielle for her big break. Kim reveals that not only will the mother-daughter duo be visiting E! News, they will also be apartment hunting. Kim divides her time between fawning over Brielle’s fashion and hounding Slade about he’ll survive if his lady love moves permanently to the West Coast. Gloria is taking some time off from being Kim’s bitch assistant so that she can get married. While it’s the most inopportune time for Kim, she’s happy for Gloria. Chef Tracy goad Gloria about how easy her job is, and she offers to do it ten times better in Gloria’s absence. Gloria wishes her luck with an eye roll. Who thinks this chick will make it another season? Wait, why do I expect there to be another season?


Sharing some alone time, Brielle wonders what will happen with Slade if she’s offered “something” (a job? drugs? something?) while in LA. She pressures him to move with her, but Slade reminds her that her parents forbid them from living together. Plus, Slade has a life and goals of his own that don’t involve Hollywood. He wants to stay in Atlanta. Brielle pouts and accuses him of taking the easy way out…he promised her he’d follow her anywhere. The next day, Kim, Kroy, and Brielle arrive in Los Angeles, and Kim snapchats her new face while waxing poetic about the weather and Rodeo Drive. Seriously, how does she not think we believe she hasn’t had more surgery on her face? Back in Atlanta, Gloria is leaving her extensive list of duties for Tracy, which include weekly pictures of Kim’s wigs. Gloria worries that Tracy isn’t writing down her instructions, but Tracy has this gig in the bag. 

Kim, Kroy, and Brielle head straight to E! studios where they meet with a producer. Kim introduces her daughter to her old friend (does he say that?) Jason Kennedy before being subjected to all the boring details that have to happen before they can tape a show. In rehearsal, Jason invites Brielle come deliver the news with him, and he coaches her on how to read the teleprompter. Brielle reading? This should be entertaining! I kid, I kid. She can read. Jason praises her first time as Kim tears up behind her iPhone. Even Kroy is impressed. Am I the only one who thought she read super fast in a monotone voice? Don’t get me wrong, I could NEVER do that, and her second try is better. Guiliana Rancic arrives and jokes that Brielle can have her job. Brielle starts crying at meeting her idol. Kim is beside herself. Her baby is a star!

Guiliana asks about Brielle’s relationship status, and Brielle reveals that she has a boyfriend who will stay in Atlanta. He’s in college, Kim scoffs, as if he was serving time in prison. Kim has some good advice. She informs Guiliana that she hopes her daughter will choose to follow her dreams instead of following her man. Of course, we all know at this point in the show (pre-Brielle/Slade breakup), Kim is secretly hoping that Brielle’s man will follow Brielle to LaLa Land. Guilana gives sage advice about long distance relationships, priorities and things working out how they should. Meanwhile, back in the ATL, Tracy hopes to rile up Gloria by sending her the selfies she’s taking with Kim’s wig collection with claims she’s posting the pictures on Instagram. 

Speaking of Tracy, she forgot to give the nannies their schedules so she’s stuck being beaten up by KJ and Kash. Gloria calls amidst the chaos (what a coincidence), and she’s a tad smug that Tracy is struggling a bit with Gloria’s “easy” job. Meanwhile, Brielle, Kim, and Kroy go apartment hunting. The place Kim deems perfect for one person is bigger than where I live. I keep expecting Lauren Conrad to jump out of a closet and invite Brielle to guest spot on a reboot of The Hills. After their big day, Kim ponders the what-ifs and excitement that come with Brielle’s hypothetical move to California. Kroy reminds Kim that it won’t be summer camp…it’s the real world. However, after the trip, he feels much better about the prospect of Brielle’s potential move.


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