Kenya Moore Shades Her Co-Stars; Says Real Housewives Of Atlanta Has A New Queen And Is Fine Without NeNe Leakes

Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore stopped by New York Live earlier this week to dish on her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars. Unsurprisingly, Kenya did not hold back, sharing what she thinks about Kim Fields, NeNe Leakes, Sheree Whitfield, Cynthia Bailey, and the peachiest of them all, Peter Thomas.

Kenya acknowledged that Kim threw her “a lot of shady looks” when she asked her to help direct Life Twirls On. “I wasn’t expecting that,” she admitted. “In the coming weeks, you’ll see if it’s a good fit or not.”

It’s hardly a mystery, as Kenya‘s opinion of Kim turned sour, “You know, some people are made for reality TV and some people aren’t. I mean, you have to be kind of interesting, right? I don’t [find her interesting].” OUCH!!


When asked if NeNe‘s absence changed the dynamics of the show, Kenya said, “It didn’t. We opened to 3.7 million viewers, so clearly we’re doing just fine without her. Listen, you can’t deny the fact that she is one of the originals, and she helped to build a platform that we have now, but times change. There might just be a new queen as a ruler now.”

NeNe is gone, though sadly not forever, but Sheree, another original, is back and not about to let Kenya appoint herself Queen. On New York Live, Kenya claimed she was taken aback by Sheree’s attitude towards her when she asked a few innocent <bats eyelashes> questions about Chateau Sheree.

“It was a little strange, you know, because Sheree and I, we are neighbors now, we live 500 feet from each other, we literally can walk to each other’s homes,” said Kenya. “I was kind of excited, and then you know, when we met, it seemed like she was upset, because of what was already known about her house not being completed after four years of being under construction. I didn’t think I was saying anything that was out of line. It was just, well, those were the facts.”

Kenya snarked, “I was just making conversation, like, ‘Girl, it’s been four years. You still haven’t finished that house. It’s an eye sore. You got all these fines.’ I offered to start a Kickstarter for her, to finish it. I don’t think that went over well.”

Moving on to everyone’s favorite Kenya topic, her dating life, Kenya said she hesitated to allow that part of her life be filmed again.”Honestly, I did, because that’s where I think people think I’m most vulnerable,” she said. “I’ve always had boyfriends. I’ve had a boyfriend the entire time, various ones, while I’ve been on the show. But, let them tell, I can’t get a man, they’re imaginary, I have to pay for one. I just let them talk. Bringing my love life back to the screen sort of takes that power away from them. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. I am just going to be me.”

When asked about Cynthia and Peter‘s marriage woes, Kenya shared, “I said to Peter, I wasn’t happy with the way he made light of their situation, joking about it. She was in a lot of pain. She called me in pieces, and I remember that conversation, and I don’t like to see my friends hurting. So for her husband, who was the cause of it, to make it seem like it was a joke… I thought it was just in very poor taste and very insensitive.”

Kenya continued, “My advice will always be the same… you have to do what makes you happy. It’s not about what makes me happy or anyone else. If you’re no longer happy, then you need to make a change. And you might just see that coming up.”


Photo Credit: Marcus Ingram/Getty Images