NeNe Leakes Stops By The View – Talks Broadway, Marriage and The Real Housewives of Atlanta


NeNe Leakes is gearing up to start her second Broadway turn next week in “Chicago,” playing Matron “Mama” Morton.  Since she’s in NYC, rehearsing for her new gig, she stopped by The View this morning to dish on everything from marriage to Gregg, starring on Broadway and being grateful for The Real Housewives of Atlanta

The ladies bring up the fact that NeNe remarried Gregg and she says that love is definitely better the second time around.  She says she loves having a husband, “I love companionship, love being married.”  When Joy asks why they split to begin with, NeNe evades answering with specifics and just says she “had to teach him lesson – never to cross me.” 

The ladies ask her why she didn’t return to RHOA for season 8.  “I felt like season 7 was really hard.  I felt like there was times I felt really ganged up on.”  She added,  “I can handle myself.  It’s not cool, it’s not fair for everybody to come at you at once and everybody trying to make you appear to be something that you’re not.”

She’s asked about her cameo this season on the show and if it’s a strategy to ease her back in for a possible return in season 9.  “Maybe.  Maybe not.  Housewives has been very good to me. The platform has been amazing. It’s opened up many doors and opportunities for me, as you can see.  And lots of girls would like to imitate the NeNe Leakes brand.”

Joy jokes with her about Donald TrumpNeNe admits that she likes him but says it doesn’t mean she’s voting for him.  

NeNe brings photos of her new house – empty.  Joy gives her shit about not having any furniture and NeNe says it’s a security measure to not show her furniture to the audience.  “But you’re showing the house?,” Joy says.   NeNe says they have many gates for security, and other measures.  Joy is still confused about why the furniture would be a security issue but she gives up trying to figure it out.  

NeNe admits that they’ve had stalkers, but they do have security and live behind gates now.

She says she’s having a good time right now.   “I felt like stepping away from housewives, I was getting back to me.  Getting back to doing some of the things I enjoy doing and just having a good time.”  She says being an actor was always her dream.

NeNe’s loving her second time on Broadway. “I love Broadway.  The schedule is tough, but I love it.”  She’s asked to sing a little somethin’ and I assumed she’d decline, but she busted out a tune and it was good!  


Photo Credit: Twitter