UPDATE: Rocky Dakota Admits She Lied About Relationships With Below Deck Castmates!

Below Deck - Season 3

Rocky Dakota recently gushed about how close she’s grown to all her castmates since Eros docked. Obviously Below Deck watchers were like, uhhhh… something’s fishy because everybody HATED Rocky’s guts about 5 minutes ago. It turns out Rocky’s ‘fake’ interview was just the latest installment in the Rocky Horror Boat Show and Rocky admitted she lied! 

In the cast update, Rocky who has been in a bubble of Dom and Yoga, while flinging her mermaid tail from Paris to Hawaii to Captain Aleksarms yacht, gave a long quote about the friendships she’s formed with several members of the Eros crew, even cooking dinner with Captain Lee and calling Connie Arias to talk bikini tips. Oh yeah, Rocky also claimed Eddie loved her! 


Immediately hearing of such comments, Captain Lee and Kate Chastain tweeted to set the record straight. Rocky issued a retraction and insists it was all a “JOKE.” She was being yoga-zen sarcastic, you guys! 

First, a furious Captain Lee did not mince words. “no she lied, she has never been to my home, that would take an invitation and that simply didn’t happen,” he said plainly. Rocky responded in agreement, “YA, IT WAS A JOKE! no capt. Lee, hates me and he would never invite me over for dinner!” 

Kate took the most offense to Rocky’s statements – even though Rocky never claimed to have formed a friendship with Kate post-Eros. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 12.29.20 AM

Kate enclosed a text from Connie. “I don’t even have her number! She called me today for the first time ever hysterically laughing about her answers so I went and read them. She’s nuts,” read Connie’s text to Kate. 

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“Working w/ Rocky was like having Adobe flash Player as a 3rd stew. Always needing attention & shutting idown for no good reason #BelowDeck,” Kate added. 

Rocky argued against Kate’s treatment of her both on and off Eros. She also bashed Captain Lee for allowing Kate to be so mean. 

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One person standing up for Rocky is her new boss, Below Deck season 1 alum Aleks Taldykin. He owns his own private yacht charter and Rocky has worked with him a few times. 

“she’s actually a great stewardess and entertains my clients so I don’t have to. Don’t believe all you see on tv,” Aleks tweeted in defense of Rocky

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Well, there you go – Rocky is still on the precipice of insanity and we’re all still taking the bait. Here fishy, fishy… 


[Photo Credit: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo]