Below Deck Cast Updates On What They’re Doing Now; Does Anyone Speak To Rocky Dakota?

Below Deck season 3 cast

Since Eros docked, where is the cast of Below Deck now? Are they sailing paradise on a new boat, or are they relaxing beach-side until Bravo picks them up for another voyage? 

After a ROCKY season, it seems most of the cast is on a much-needed hiatus form each other and reality TV cameras. I cannot imagine being crammed on a boat, with cameras, and crew, and Captain Lee‘s moods (I love Captain Lee), or Kate Chastain‘s lectures. But alas – they all remain friendly with each other, yes, even with Rocky Dakota!

Below the crew shares on what they’re up to now and will they board another Boat by Bravo to continue sailing the high seas!


One crazy castMATE – Connie Arias – actually remained on the Eros for more fun (less Bravo cameras). “I actually ended up staying on the boat and doing the crossing where we ended up chartering throughout the whole Mediterranean. I spent months traveling throughout Italy, France, Ibiza, and the Balearic Islands.”

Now that “The Med” season has ended she is back home in Florida, where she keeps in touch with Captain Lee, Eddie, and Amy and spends a lot of time with Kate! “We live close and became closer friends after the show,” shares Connie. “We have been having a blast.” According to her instagram, Connie continues to keep it naked and wasted. 

Connie Arias and Kate ChastainConnie and Kate. [Credit: Instagram]

Kate may have left the yachting life behind – and is looking skyward! “I’ve recently started working for a private jet charter company based out of Bermuda, which I am very excited about.”

“The best part of this new position is that it allows me to still work freelance on yachts if I choose while integrating private jets into my schedule, although it seems that the skies may keep me quite busy,” shares Kate. “According to my upcoming flight itinerary, next month I’ll be visiting Trinidad, St.Kitts, and Anguilla to name a few… ” Bravo’s next reality series???

Kate is still in touch with several of her crewmates. “I basically still talk to everyone from Eros except for Rocky, Leon, and Dane.” She is especially close with Captain Lee and his wife. “They are just so lovely and hospitable and have become to feel like my family away from home.” Kate is also “very close” to Amy and considers last season’s deckhand, Jennice one of her “dearest friends.” As for Kat Held, who also hung up her life preserver this season, surprisingly she and Kate “try to keep in touch.”

After taking “a couple months off for some travel and much needed rest and relaxation” Amy Johnson has returned to the yachty life – on a much smaller scale. “I am now currently working on a boat where I’m the cook/solo stew,” she tells Bravo

Amy reports that she is in “regular contact” with Captain Lee, Kate, and Connie. “Since I live in Fort Lauderdale (the ‘yachting capitol’), I enjoy catching up with crew members when they are in town!” she adds. 

Ben Robinson continues to be awesome no matter where he goes. “I jumped on another boat and spent a season in Greece” for some “culture shocked” adventures.

“Since then I have been busy at home in South Florida with my catering company,” says Ben. Ben remains quite close with Kate, Eddie Lucas, Amy and Captain Lee. “Emil actually crashed at my pad for a little bit after the filming, he’s hysterical!” 

Other than couch-surfing at Ben’s house Emile Kotze has been traveling “across South America (Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru)” where his passport got stolen. Oops. After embarking in South Africa to renew his passport, he returned to the US to “try out on a new boat” but admits to missing Eros, the cast crew, and his “mentor” Captain Lee

Obviously Emile and Ben are close friends. “He is like a brother to me, has good advice, and always helps out. We keep in touch a lot; he is just a legend,” he says. “I try texting and calling everybody regularly, but everyone is busy with their own lives like me. I have met some crew members from previous seasons, and it seems everybody is great.” 

Below Deck's EmileEmile in Brazil this summer. [Credit: Instagram]

Finally, Rocky. Oh Rocky.

Rocky has been keeping it wild, of course. “After the show, I went on a big blow out vacation trip, with no rules and no regulations! I linked up with my hot model girlfriends in Paris and just crushed Europe! One night we had a $50,000 budget that a friend of ours paid for, it was a wild night… We had 14 bottles of Dom Perignon.” 

After living on Dom like a Puff Daddy wannabe, Rocky moved to an Ashram in the Netherlands for a moth where she became a vegan. I kid you not. “I just meditated every day. I am happy to say that I have earned my Yoga teacher training certification!”

After discovering Yoga was her “savior” Rocky moved back to Hawaii, where she considered being a bikini-wearing food truck chef. “I had a vision of me cooking in my bikini and just surfing every day,” she reports. (Ok, but seriously, her instagram makes me insanely jealous of her life. Sigh.) 

“However as time went on I realized that I wasn’t actually ready to settle down, chill out, and start a business in Hawaii,” adds Rocky. “So I switched gears and started doing freelance yacht work again. I also started working for this photographer and I go on trips with him as a model/camera assistant to help make yacht brochures to sell private charters. It’s great, he basically just shoots me diving off the yacht and on all the water equipment!” 

Rocky currently calls LA home base where she’s made a surprising past Below Deck connection – Aleks! He sure likes dem crazies… Rocky is “doing freelance work with Capt. Aleks.”

Rocky and AleksRocky and Aleks. “HIGHER VIBRATION LIVING! I’m still freelance yachting, I love my job, and I love working for @captaleks!! life’s too short, surround yourself by good people & people who believe in you… come charter w us!” [Credit: Instagram]

“I’ve learned and grown a lot since my first third stew experience,” insists Rocky. “But one thing hasn’t changed…I’m still in love with the water and having fun with my mermaid tail!” 

As for her castmates, Rocky has a typically scattered and delusional idea of their friendships. “Dave has become a really good friend, I just love his energy. Amy Jo and I linked up for dinner in Fort Lauderdale and she let me stay at her cute little apartment.” 

Rocky is also “still friends” with Emile who visited her in Cali and talks to Connie. “Eddie and I were texting a bit before the show aired, he actually really loves me! Whenever I’m in Florida, I go over to Capt. Lee‘s house and cook him and his wife a beautiful dinner.”

Rocky Dakota in HawaiiRocky in Hawaii [Credit: Instagram]

Oh and in case you’re wondering, of course Rocky would return to Below Deck next season. “And who knows maybe Kate and I will be best friends next charter season…look at her and Amy! #teameros,” she concludes. #TeamNONO


[Main Photo Credit: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo]