Yolanda Foster Shocked Lisa Vanderpump is Doubting Her Illness; Plus Defends Reasons for Divorce!

Yolanda Foster calls WWHL

Yolanda Foster’s (extremely confusing) health struggles are front and center on this season’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. While some castmates are rallying around Yolanda with words of support and encouragement, others are questioning the extent  – and even the validity – of Yolanda’s many symptoms. Alliances are indeed being formed. And despite her “Lyme Brain,” Yo seems very clear about who’s on her team!

After thanking fans for their “unwavering support,” Yolanda expresses compassion for Eileen Davidson’s recent loss. “A big hug to Eileen and Vinnie for their loss of the amazing Dick Van Patten. I know how much they both loved him. Having lost my father at an early age, I have great empathy. The loss of a parent is profound at any age.”


Glossing over Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards’ scenes in Italy, Yolanda focuses next on Lisa Rinna and Eileen’s super depressing visit with her at her condo. She shares, ‘It made me smile to see Lisa and Eileen’s visit back in April, and it made me even happier to see how much progress I’ve made since then. It gives me so much strength to feel supported by my fellow ‘Wives!”

One Wife whose support Yolanda wasn’t feeling? Lisa V. Yolanda blogs, “I want to address Lisa VDP’s statement on tonight’s show. I was surprised to hear her say I have any doubt about my Lyme diagnosis, because I don’t. The fact is my challenges are multi-faceted. So far, we’ve treated my Lyme disease, co-infections, heavy metal toxicity, silicone ruptures, parasites, and viral, bacterial and fungal infections. I don’t expect anyone to understand a disease so complex. I’ve been immersed in discovery 101–finding my way back to health.”

Well, that’s cleared up! Um, err. Maybe not – but Yolanda goes on to explain, “Removing my metal-based crowns was gnarly, but in hindsight, it has brought clarity to my case. I was highly allergic to the materials and metals that they were made of, so through chelation, we have been able [to] bring down my heavy metal toxicity significantly.”

Also, apparently Yolanda’s new sidekick/nurse, Daisy, “has been an angel” sent to her from Heaven. Yolanda says Daisy has made it “her life mission to be a nurse/health advocate for patients like me.”

Moving on to her divorce from David Foster, Yolanda asserts, “It’s important to me that I share some words about the news of my separation. It is true that David and I have chosen to go our separate ways. There is nothing easy about this process as it is a loss no matter how you look at it. We should all know by now that rumors and what might seem like ‘sensational drama’ will always trail behind news like this.”

Despite rumors to the contrary, Yolanda plainly argues, “I can say that the sale of our Malibu home, financial matters, nor infidelity played a role in our decision. I accept that speculation is part of what comes with the public lifestyle I have chosen, but I am human just like the rest of you. My wish is to get through this time with the great respect we’ve always had for each other. I want to honor the joy we’ve shared and focus my strength on my children and my well being.”


Photo Credit: Jim Spellman/WireImage