Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season Finale Recap: Roses Are Red…Upside Redd’s Head

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All good things must come to an end, and such is the case with this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Last night was the finale episode and like a timeless classic, Joseline Hernandez unleashed her inner wackadoo (we’ve been waiting), and Stevie J. revisited the age-old love triangle that has made this franchise great. Is he revisiting a reconciliation with Mimi Faust? Lil’ Scrappy made an appearance at the Royal Wedding, and, oh yeah, Rasheeda and Kirk Frost were there too. 

The episode begins with Jessica Dime insulting Mimi Faust at the showcase Mimi planned with an impromptu performance by Margeaux. After the song, a passive aggressive Mimi compliments Jessica’s song and dismisses Stevie. When Stevie takes offense to Jessica’s diss, Mimi starts to go off on her performer. Security circles in the event that Stevie loses his temper yet again, but luckily he just spews stripper insults. After meeting with a counselor, Kalenna is back in the studio, writing music to help her get through her post-partum depression. Her husband Tony Vick is proud to see his wife working through her struggles, and he hopes she’ll allow him to manage her career again. She’s more excited than when he actually proposed. 


The following day, Stevie is visiting daughter Eva at Mimi’s house. Now that his wife has taken to working without him, he wants to see if Mimi’s up for getting their family back together. Stevie has an announcement and Mimi asks if it’s Eva friendly. Of course, although she totally has to earmuff her daughter when he talks about getting clean from drugs and partying. Stevie invites Mimi and Eva to move with him to Los Angeles, and Eva is thrilled. Mimi is unsure what his proposition entails and she dismisses Eva so they can discuss his intentions. Mimi believes the move would be great for her new management company (that’s still a thing?), she doesn’t want to put up with Stevie and Joseline’s drama on the West Coast.

After admitting to Nikko that she was in a new relationship, Margeaux still feels a bit guilty for not giving him the whole truth. She goes to visit him at the gym, revealing that her current situation is complicated as it’s not another guy. She’s seeing a girl. Nikko is stunned by this news and interrogates her sexuality and is upset that she came to Atlanta already with this woman when he thought they were trying to make things work. Margeaux claims that they weren’t serious when she came to Atlanta and tearfully shares that many of her family members are shunning her because of the news. Nikko makes the decision to support his soon-to-be-ex-wife…she may have left him for a girl, but he did make a sex tape with Mimi that caused a bit of a stir on the Interwebs. They’re even. 

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Well that was fast! Rasheeda and Kirk are celebrating her store’s grand opening with Erica Dixon, Kandi Burruss, Bambi, Yung Joc, and Khadiyah. It’s been a while since Joc has seen his lady love, and he’s smitten yet again. He misses her. Mimi and Ariane are also in attendance, as is Karlie Redd, although Rasheeda is hoping she won’t be regretting that last invitation. After Rasheeda turned up at Karlie’s boutique opening, Karlie returns the favor by bringing gift bags supporting her store and brands. Ariane is suspect of Karlie’s intentions. Mimi changes the subject, telling her friends that Stevie has invited her to move to LA. Ariane hopes her friend isn’t falling back into Stevie’s clutches. Karlie approaches her hostess and throws some shade, but Rasheeda isn’t going to let Karlie get under her skin. The women make up and laugh over their pettiness. 

It’s finally time for the Royal Wedding. Momma Dee is remarrying Ernest, but Scrappy and her daughter are nowhere to be seen. The queen is up at arms, and Bambi left Scrap at home as he wasn’t making much of an effort to get ready. Dee can’t deal with the whispers when folks learn her children aren’t in attendance. A few minutes before she’s set to walk down the aisle, Dee’s daughter arrives, pledging her support. Bambi vows to call him and kick his arse if he doesn’t make it to his mother’s big day. As one marriage is beginning (again), one is falling apart. Stevie has decided not to go to the Gayborhood performance that Joseline procured without him, and he’s writing her a note that has all the makings of a Dear John letter. At the event, Joseline puts on her normal abrasive front, telling anyone who will listen that she doesn’t care whether her husband attends. She just wants to entertain her fans. Surely all of Stevie’s belongings don’t just fit in that rolling carry-on and backpack!

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Joc and Khadiyah have reconciled after Rasheeda’s opening. After all, he’s cut ties with Sina and filed for divorce from his wife. Dee is all ready to go except for that no good missing princenighzee of hers. In Scrappy’s absence, Joc is pulled from the chapel to fill in as Dee’s escort. Thankfully, as the doors are about to open revealing Dee and Joc to the congregation giant purple and white penguin interrupts to take his rightful place. Oh wait, that’s just Scrappy in his oversized tuxedo. Dee is over the moon (totally shocked because this wasn’t at all scripted!) and waltzes down the aisle on her son’s arm to marry the man of her dreams…once again. Can we just laugh about those horn players for a second? Look at Deb Atney all decked out in the audience. I am glad to see that all of the guests adhered to the royal color scheme of purple weave. When Scrappy gives Ernest his mother’s hand in marriage, he makes him vow to keep his mother’s nose out of his business. I wish this wedding had gotten its own live special!

Across town, Joseline is focusing on giving the performance of her career. She doesn’t even notice her husband’s absence. After she rocks out on stage (her words, not mine) she tearfully thanks the members of the gay community, who for these thirty seconds are her community, because she’s maybe a lesbian, but at least bisexual. In her dressing room post-show, she’s thrilled to have received flowers from several admirers. Karlie barges in to congratulate her friend as Joseline opens Stevie’s letter. She decides to wait to read it later as Karlie reveals that Stevie has invited Mimi to move to LA. What? Does Stevie need a maid? Joseline doesn’t believe her friend is trying to have her back, but instead she thinks Karlie is trying to hurt her by stirring the pot. As Karlie wonders if Joseline is taking her anger on Stevie out on her, Joseline beats her out of the room with her bouquet of roses. A shocked Karlie screams that this is why Joseline has no friends. During the commercial break, Subway sponsors some real talk between Dee’s daughter and Ernest. Priceless. Can they replace Jared

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As the finale draws to a close, Queen Dee and her King celebrate their union. Margeaux has miraculously gone from shaved head to Crystal Gayle while introducing her girlfriend Merica, and the Frosts are back on track with their relationship and their business ventures. Mimi is shopping her autobiography to New York City publishers before maybe (yeah, right “maybe”) moving to Los Angeles. Also moving? Bambi has finally decided to permanently play house with Scrappy, who is still mildly feuding with Erica over Imani’s child support. Karlie is doing a test shoot for Playboy (Lord help us), and Kalenna’s music career is front and center. As for Joseline, she doesn’t need Stevie when she’s got the Puerto Rican Princess. Look out Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, here comes Stevie J!


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