Barbie-in-training, Brielle Biermann (pictured top) has now joined the ranks of those seeking to whittle away inches from their waist.  The teen took to her Instagram page to display herself in a blue waist trainer, a corset-like contraption that is worn to cinch the core with a goal to mold the bod into a slimmer figure.  She touts the corset as being “comfy” and encourages her followers to be sure to follow suit by getting the much-coveted item at a website:

“yes! #waisttraing with the #[email protected]@waistgangsociety wow it’s so comfy and my frame feels and looks amazing already ❤️ make sure you get yours at bringing in the new year right!!”


Brielle is obviously following in the footsteps of her mom, Kim Zolciak, who has also sung the corset’s praises via social media.  Only last June, Kim took a selfie of herself sporting the waist trainer, she told her Instagram followers that it took four inches off her already tiny waist.  The mom of six. who now resembles a comical blond bombshell caricature, instructed her followers to get the corset from a particular site and even supplied them with a promo code to boot.

The Biermann girls are not the only ones who have jumped into the spreading craze of weight trainers, A-listers like Kim Kardashian West, Amber Rose and Jessica Alba have used it to slim down their middles.  But medical experts say that these 500-year-old spot reducing devices can be hazardous for your health.  Even though Brielle touts the corset as being “comfy,” the device can decrease core strength, contribute to heartburn, and push against your lungs and ribs, making it hard to breathe.  There have actually been cases where a few women have passed out from wearing the waist trainer for too long.  Extended use of these trainers can reportedly lead to compressed lungs and fractured ribs.

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So even though Brielle is touting the waist trainer as a ‘fashion do,’ her followers might want to make it a ‘fashion don’t!’


(Photo credits for both:  Instagram)

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