Kyle Richards Didn’t Want To Talk About Kim’s Arrest Because It Was Too New

In her weekly Real Housewives of Beverly Hills blog, Kyle Richards tries to explain why she wasn’t ready to talk about her sister Kim’s shoplifting arrest, why she left the hotel for quieter quarters, and to share her thoughts on Yolanda Foster’s health struggles. 

On the heartbreaking news of Kim’s second arrest, “When Lisa called me after hearing the news about my sister Kim I was in Idaho with my husband and children on vacation. Words can’t describe what I was feeling at the moment. It was SO new. I had just heard and clearly wasn’t ready to talk about it. I was still processing what had happened and thinking about how it would impact Kim and our family.”

Kyle continues, “Emotions were running even higher for me because Kim and I weren’t speaking at the time so I felt helpless.  I appreciated Lisa’s words in her interview about Kim and how the situation was mishandled. Clearly my sister was not herself and would never have done something like that if she was.”

Kyle explains in her Bravo blog why she didn’t stay at the hotel with Lisa Vanderpump.  Kyle needed sleep and lots of it.   “I was not in the best place emotionally and took the red eye in to be there which didn’t help. I didn’t sleep at all because I had so much on my mind. After making the drive to the Hamptons from NYC all I could think about was sleep. I was hoping to get to the hotel and sleep for a few hours so we could all go to Lisa’s event and support her. When I arrived they took me to my room and I was taken aback because they were setting up for the party and building stations to place the food and products. While the people were hammering (literally) five feet from my door, they were having fun and getting ready to party with the music on full blast. Like a night club…only at 9am. It was actually funny and at this point I was delirious. When Eileen and I spoke I was hoping her room was quieter and I could go crash with her for a few hours. After we realized sleeping wasn’t an option we would go the other route. Pump ourselves with caffeine! Except there wasn’t coffee or room service. At that point we were out. High maintenance? Maybe. But I go into meltdown mode like a toddler if I don’t sleep and knew I would end up sick. Eileen and Rinna obviously suffer from the same affliction. The hotel really is a fun hot spot and if I was 25 I would have loved every minute of it. But I’m not. Let’s leave it at that.” 


On not being in party mode nor wanting to discuss Kim’s latest arrest, “After resting we all made it to the party and Lisa looked beautiful on the cover. Yes, she was upset with us, but got over it pretty fast. I know very well she would have done the same thing if the Louboutin were on the other foot.  I was at the party, but not in party mode like I usually am. We all knew what had happened with Kim and it was weighing heavily on me. I didn’t want to talk about the exact circumstances because A) it was painful to talk about or even hear the words spoken B) I knew we would all have to relive this in six months and didn’t want Kim to have to go through that.  I guess I just wanted it to go away. I know nobody meant any harm. It was just too new, too upsetting and we were at a party. That’s the last thing I wanted to discuss.” 

On Lisa Rinna’s QVC gig, “I think Lisa Rinna is perfect for QVC. She enjoys it and makes it seems easy which it is not. That is why she is successful at it. Not to mention that she has a great line.”

Kyle says Yolanda’s explant surgery was scary to watch and a little sad to see her interactions with David.  “This week we follow Yolanda to have her explant surgery. We were all hoping that this was the answer. Each time Yolanda would do a procedure we would all bombard her with questions, “Are you better?” “Do you think this will be the answer?” I’m sure she was probably frustrated with all the questions, but we have all been watching her go through this journey and all want to see her better and back to her old self. Everyone’s fingers were crossed. Seeing the surgery was scary to me. Even without being sick that is a major surgery to put your body through. I can’t imagine doing that when you already feel weak. Another example of just how desperate Yolanda was to feel better. It’s sad watching David and Yolanda together knowing what we know now. Even more so because you can see the love there.”  I’m not sure about Kyle’s last line – David seemed to want to be anywhere but there, in my opinion.

Speaking of Yolanda’s explant surgery. She posted a photo of her removed implant on Instagram.  Click if you weren’t planning to have lunch anyway….


Photo Credit: Bravo TV