Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Ray J Engaged To Woman Who Assaulted Him

love & hip hop reunion

R&B semi-bad boy Ray J, who also stars on the VH1 hit reality series, “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,” got engaged to co-star and longtime lady love, Princess Love.  The pair seemingly had a kind of dress rehearsal engagement on the final episode of the show.  In actuality however, Ray reportedly popped the question again and with more flair on Boxing Day last month, while down on one knee and in front of a private jet before they were scheduled to take off.

The romantic engagement was completely planned by Ray J, who wanted to orchestrate a memorable and romantic event Princess would never forget.  The crooner called his girl’s closest friends, as well as her parents to meet him at a heliport the day after Christmas.  When the group arrived on the scene, Ray J asked them to hide on the jet, then surprise Princess once the romantic deed was over.  According to the news outlet, Princess claims, she cried like a baby when Ray J presented her with a huge riveting yellow teardrop cut diamond framed by two rows of smaller ones. 

And speaking of crying like a baby, even though love is in the air right now for the pair, Ray J was doing some serious boo-hooing last February and all because Princess, allegedly landed some hurtful blows to his body.  The former stripper-turned-fashion-designer was cuffed and hauled off to a jail cell, after she attacked Ray J at a New Orleans hotel.  Hotel security found the former child actor running down a corridor, bleeding and distraught.  After being taken to a hospital and evaluated, Ray J was diagnosed with broken ribs, a split lip and torn ACL.  A witness later even testified that Princess was overheard at the hotel verbally threatening Ray J with, “I’m gonna kill you!”  Princess was charged with domestic abuse and battery but was released after, you guessed it…Ray J bailed her out! 

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On an episode that aired on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Princess is seen attacking Ray J after telling her he wanted to part ways.  Upon hearing what Ray J has to say, Princess seethingly throws a glass of champagne in his face, flings pieces of food at him, then refers to him as a “bitch.”  The young designer’s ruffian actions are then escalated, as she attempts to throw Ray J into a pool.  Instead, Ray J somehow manages to throw Princess into the pool and tries to walk away.  When Princess, who was also boxer Floyd Mayweather’s flame once-upon-a-time, manages to get out of the pool, then angrily lunges at her man while shouting, “I am going to f*ck him up right now!” but her efforts are thwarted by the show’s security.

Ray J and Princess have also broken up several times on their famed reality show and have managed to come back together again despite their volatile ups and downs.  Over the last few months however, there’s been a hush over this couple’s relationship which is a good thing, let’s hope it lasts….


(Photo credit:  VH1)