Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition Episode Recap: Road Rage

Last night on Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition the couples worked on teamwork. Honestly, with this pack of divas and divos, it should definitely be interesting seeing them attempt to share the spotlight.  Soulja Boy gets up in the morning, doing what he does best… getting on Nia Riley’s nerves. He complains because she didn’t bring him breakfast in bed. Sigh… it has to be hard dating a man child. She dutifully goes back downstairs to cook and bring him the food. We will see who makes the best duo and who is better off solo!

All the couples report to the Marriage Bootcamp room. There are gift bags with each couples’ names on them.  When they open the bags, they discover a pair of 7-XL sweat pants that look like they were borrowed from My 600 Pound LifeThe experts reveal that each couple has to fit inside and wear them together. Everyone is assigned a list of tasks they must complete while in their pants. I literally screamed laughing, watching them trying to navigate around. Obviously, I just like seeing people make fools of themselves. Naturally, everyone is annoyed and lashing out on one another. But I think Soulja Boy and Nia made this exercise the brutal.


Wacka Flocka and Tammy Rivera literally fall into the pool while trying to complete a task. Nia washes dishes while Soulja Boy antagonizes her and says her breath smells. She is pushed to her limit and starts yelling and throwing dishes. There is only so much someone can take. She quits the exercise and storms out. I don’t know how she can deal with his childish, bratty behavior. The experts decide to sit back and see how this plays out before they come to their rescue. I am silently praying they don’t kill with one another.

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In a surprising twist, Soulja Boy comes outside and asks Nia if she is okay. He wants to finish the assignment. Tiffany Campbell is upset with Lil Fizz. She feels like he only cares about sex. He already admitted that he didn’t want a relationship. So, why is he expecting her to fawn over him.

The next challenge is to run an obstacle course, which represents unpredictable situations in relationships. Each couple has a golf cart to navigate the course, while the driver is blindfolded.  The winning couple will receive a private dinner. Soulja Boy and Nia are first, she does more screaming than actually directing him.

Tammy drives as Waka Flocka directs her. She becomes totally irritated with him. Jessica Dime directs Shawne Williams and they actually do pretty well. Lil Mo drives while Karl Dargan calmly directs her. Lil Fizz doesn’t listen as Tiffany tries to give him directions. This drill really showed the power struggles within each relationship.

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The couple with the best time was Lil Fizz and Tiffany, but they learn there is a twist. The challenge was based on who could get through the exercise as a team. Lil Mo and Karl actually won because they worked together well. The experts deem Lil Fizz and Tiffany as the losers because there was no teamwork.  Is anyone else ready for them to just leave? I don’t understand why they are on the show.

They didn’t seem to ever be a real couple and he doesn’t want to be one in the future. As a punishment, Lil Fizz and Tiffany have to serve the winners dinner. The rest of the house is forced to eat peanut butter and jelly.


Tammy opens up to Nia about her separation from Waka Flocka. Her heart was broken when she discovered he was cheating on her. She reveals they got back together twice, but the first time he was still being unfaithful. They have come a long way in their relationship, but clearly, need additional help. I hope he has truly decided to be monogamous with his wife. I don’t understand how famous men think there is no risk to sleeping with all of these different women.


To their delight, Lil Mo and Karl get a bell to ring for service. Clearly, they get a kick out of having Lil Fizz and Tiffany run back and forth from the house. As revenge, they put hot peppers in their mashed potatoes and even throw the bell in the pool. Frankly, I wouldn’t have wanted them to bring me anything for that very reason. Lil Fizz is definitely a sore loser

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Judge Lynn Toler shows up to give her judgments to the couples. She has a heart to heart with Tammy, letting her know that she comes off as angry. Tammy cries when she realizes that Judge Toler isn’t attacking her but trying to tell her the truth in a loving way.

The judge also questions what Lil Fizz and Tiffany are doing. I’ve been asking the same question since episode one. Judge Lynn Toler gets serious with Soulja Boy about how he treated Nia that morning. As a punishment, she wants him to make breakfast for everyone the next morning. He laughs and says nobody will want to eat anything he cooks. I BELIEVE HIM! Seems like more of a punishment for everyone else. You can tell he is accustomed to always getting his way.

Lil Fizz has a conversation with Dr. Ish about how he feels like he is just going through a revolving door with women. Dr. Ish thinks he is seeking the perfection in women he wants from himself. He may need to look deeper and break the cycle. No one is perfect. He just seems so withdrawn from his emotions. I doubt the show will end with him being with Tiffany, but maybe he will grow so he can enter into a real relationship.


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