Lisa Vanderpump can't apologize

In Lisa Vanderpump’s blog this week she reveals her own abusive past, why Ken was at their dinner and more.  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star also tries to explain just what does keep them up at night. 

First, Lisa explains why Ken was present at “their” dinner, “The trip was initiated by the invitation presented to us by Bella Magazine, to Ken and I, a celebration of the cover, and things escalated from there, as I asked the other ladies to join us. That is why Ken was at the dinner.”

She continues, “And so the question arises, what keeps us awake at night? Then, when asked why I don’t share my problems, I proffered the experience of losing our best friend years ago, explained the devastation we felt as he slipped away from us, after weeks of fighting an insidious disease, but that was then, and this is now…Absolutely we have experienced losses, trials, and tribulations. I spoke in the first season of my anguish that gave me shingles when I sent my son off to school. I have always been transparent about my feelings, cried as I have been at a loss for words, and you have witnessed it.” 

Lisa also explained the many other things that keep her awake at night like animal abuse, her many businesses and more. 

LVP explains that she was shocked at Eileen Davidson’s admission of her past abuse at the hands of an ex-boyfriend since she seemed so uninterested in sharing anything personal.  “Eileen divulges a history of abuse, which surprised me as I was understanding that she was reserved in sharing her personal stories due to my experience with her. I am sorry she endured that…” 

Lisa then shares her own experiences with abuse, “I have encountered abuse myself at the hands of an ex-boyfriend many years ago. It would seem redundant for me, personally, to relive that traumatic time. For what benefit? Maybe I am that person that can compartmentalize, lock it in a box, and throw away the key….I am not judging others who are still haunted by their experiences. I was fortunate to realize once was a mistake, twice was a lesson, a lesson that taught me well as a young girl that I didn’t deserve that and had the strength to walk away. Many don’t have the resources or opportunity to leave, and I am thankful to be in a loving, secure relationship with a man who is my protector, rather than aggressor. A kind man who will step by my side, as we saw in Puerto Rico, when things become unbalanced, when strength is gathered in numbers, and backup is welcomed.” 

Lisa closes out her blog talking about the new addition of Kathryn, “We welcome the lovely Kathryn Edwards, who certainly endured an inappropriate inquisition and scrutiny that you might notice that I was reticent to engage in. Also, I was exhausted from the organization of my day.” 

If you want to read Lisa’s full blog and more on her animal charities, etc. go to Bravo.


Photo Credit: Bravo TV


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