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Bethenny Frankel Is A Businesswoman, Not A “TV Person”; Launches Skinnygirl Candy! – Photos

Bethenny Frankel is determined to have Skinnygirl take over the world. The Real Housewives Of New York star brags that she’s a businesswoman, not a reality star, however she won’t hesitate to slavishly use reality TV to promote her never-ending barrage of products. The latest Skinnygirl offering? Candy. 

We’ll talk about Skinnygirl candy a bit later – first let’s talk about Real Housewives Of New York and Bethenny’s legal wranglings with Sonja Morgan! You know – our version of candy. 

As for the Bravo influence on her business success, Bethenny dismisses it. “To be honest, at this point it has not as much as you’d imagine to do with being on television.” If that is the case, then why was 3/4 of last season’s RHONY dedicated to Skinnygirl shill? Moving on… 


“I’m a businessperson more than a TV person,” the failed talk show host tells People. “I work really hard. I’m very, very invested; I’m very, very involved. I know everything about my business.”

Bethenny believes her involvement separates her from the other reality stars simply putting their name on an established product. “That’s a mistake that a lot of reality stars make, they just put something on television and they think that’s enough.” 

Other reality stars, like Sonja and Ramona Singer? Recently Bethenny took Sonja to court for an attempted trademark infringement after Sonja and  a partner released a line of alcoholic beverages named “Tipsy Girl”. Bethenny is adamant that she isn’t competitive, however. 

“I don’t really worry that much about what other people are doing,” Bethenny insists. “Look, Ramona has a brand of wine and I support her and I support what she’s doing.” 

It’s the lack of ingenuity from Sonja which Bethenny resents. “Anybody who has a real business and a real original idea,” she shades. 

Sonja has had so many businesses,” Bethenny dismisses. “[She’s] been a caburlesque dancer, an event planner, she had a toaster, she had a fashion line, I think she had a jewelry line, I think she had a bathing suit line…and I think she is doing something with the Nigerian football team also.” Apparently Bethenny took Sonja’s “very busy” business empire seriously enough to take her to court. 

Bethenny adds, “I welcome and I promote other women and I want to pay it forward.” Yeah – she was just trying to help Erika Girardi

Oh, and speaking of originality, Bethenny’s latest Skinnygirl venture is low-cal chocolate! ‘Cause Snackwells hasn’t existed since the Dark Ages of the 90s? Bless you Bethenny for saving us from heathenism! 

“I think I saw a void [in the market],” says Bethenny. “I don’t think there’s really anything else out there like that — especially with such quality. There’s a lot of chocolate, but it feels like junk food.” 

Wait – Bethenny seriously believes there’s a shortage of good chocolate available? 

“I don’t believe in fake; I believe in good quality ingredients,” continues Bethenny, who preaches portion control. “I’d rather have less of something really good than a lot of something fake.” As for the low-calorie junk food competition, Bethenny dismisses   “those little portioned packets” as “very female.” But something labeled SkinnyGIRL isn’t “female”? The delusion — it’s overpowering here! Maybe Bethenny needs to eat something to get her brain right?

Bethenny claims people are “obsessed” with her “delicious” low-calorie Skinnygirl candy, which will include 100 calorie truffles, bars, chocolate-covered almonds, mints, and gummies. 

As for the future of Skinnygirl, Bethenny isn’t slowing down anytime soon. “People think I think I’ve cracked the code,” she asserts. “I’m at the beginning stages of a business — we haven’t even hit the tipping point.” Her future plans include energy drinks, school lunches, and frozen desserts. Yay?

Check out photos below from Bethenny’s launch – her RHONY co-star Carole Radziwill stopped by. 


Photo Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Skinnygirl Candy