Erika Girardi Defends Yolanda Foster’s Lyme Disease Struggle; Dishes On Her Co-Stars

Even though Real Housewives of Beverly HillsErika Girardi is the new kid on the reality series’ block, she is already turning out to be a fave among the series’ watchers.  Erika might have bimbo looks but don’t get it twisted, the doll is likable–smart, tough and definitely, a straight shooter.  A Beverly Hills lawyer’s wife by day, then club queen, Erika Jayne, when the sun goes down, she recently chatted with Celebuzz about life with her series co-stars, and in particular, bff  Yolanda Foster, who is still struggling with Lyme disease battle.

When it comes to forming close bonds with the RHOBH crew, Erika does not discriminate, she’s an equal opportunity friend to all despite their shade and shenanigans, “I think that we’re all friends and I talk, text, and visit all of them.”   Erika’s bond with Yolanda however goes way beyond the surface as evidenced on a recent show, where the mega wealthy performer privately jetted her ailing friend from the hospital and back to her home.   As far as the scuttlebutt among the RHOBH ladies with regards to Yolanda’s health, Erika is not adding any fuel to their fire.  In true blue friend fashion, Erika has proven herself to be a ‘ride or die’ friend to Yolanda, supporting her during her roller coaster Lyme disease ride.  She brought Celebuzz up-to-date on her girl’s health struggles, “She’s having her good days and not so good days. I think there are more good days than bad days though. I think she’s doing better now than when we shot the show, but she’s certainly not out of the woods yet.  As to why Erika have formed such a tight bond with Yolanda, the answer is simple their relationship is just simpatico, she explains, “I think Yolanda and I are just compatible, loving people that just kind of like the same things. When you find that kind of connection, you keep it.”

There have been some tense moments on the show but so far, the most uncomfortable moment for Erika had to be the scene when reality series star, Bethenny Frankel threw her unsolicited two cents in and berated one of Erika’s music videos.  As ‘B**chenny’ ripped into Erika’s work, many viewers swore the scene was an intense moment for the singer but she revealed to Celebuzz, there is even more diva drama coming down the pike for her.  “The most uncomfortable situation hasn’t been aired yet. I’m not going to give it away,” she teased.

Erika, who has been married to her much older gent but extremely successful attorney hubby, Thomas Girardi for 16 years now, has a 23-year-old son who is a police officer.  Inquiring minds are wondering, if whether her son will make an appearance on the series, she tells Celebuzz, “No. I’m not going to speak for my son. He’s an adult and I’m not going to speak for him.

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Meanwhile, as Erika continuously tries to shimmy into a sane spot on RHOBH, she has her recording career to help keep her balanced.  What’s next for the seemingly level-headed diva, “I’m recording new music. I just shot a video in December and we’re doing shows. You never know, I may be performing in your town!


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