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It’s nice to know that even though they’re broken up Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith can still keep having drama together. Honestly at this point they’re having a menage-a-trios with the sheriff’s department

Yesterday Nathan was arrested on a warrant for larceny stemming from a CITIZEN’S ARREST sought by Jenelle! What is the world coming to?! Apocalypse now!  

The drama all started when Jenelle and her boyfriend David Eason returned from their vacation only to find her car missing from long-term parking. Instead of calling the cops, the Teen Mom 2 star went to them claiming Nathan stole the vehicle. Here’s the catch: the car is registered in both Nathan AND Jenelle’s names, so she couldn’t press charges against him for that, only for the merchandise inside the car which belongs to her, which included a car seat, clothing, an iPad, tanning lotion, and jewelry valued at around $1000. Who leaves all that in their car then goes on vacation? #Idiot!


Apparently NC is one of the few states where a private citizen can issue a warrant against another. “Ms. Evans, after speaking to law enforcement, then went to the New Hanover County Magistrate’s office and swore out a warrant,” says Nathan’s attorney. “What that means is that law enforcement did not issue this warrant.” 

Ahhh, yes, Jenelle Evans: This Is Life

Yesterday Nathan turned himself in.  “He’s not being held. He didn’t get a bond. Technically he was taken into custody to go in front of the magistrate, but the magistrate just made him sign a promissory note,” Lt Jerry Brewer of the New Hanover County Sheriffs Office confirmed to Radar Online

A source connected to the couple says the animosity between Jenelle and Nathan escalated over custody of Kaiser  – Nathan isn’t allowed to have Kaiser at his house since JENELLE doesn’t think he provides a safe environment for a toddler. At a recent visit, David refused to leave while Nathan was spending time with Kaiser.  Now Nathan is threatening to take Jenelle to court, so she is trying to make him look unfit. 

Didn’t these two promise to co-parent and supposedly enroll in parenting classes? Oh HAHAHA. 

Also Jenelle and Nathan are still arguing about their car – which Nathan has returned. Nathan is pissed that he makes the payment, yet Jenelle and David drive it. Jenelle has promised to trade it in and buy her own car.

#FreeKaiser that’s all.


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Its all good, I’ll live.

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