Jenelle Evans Charged With Criminal Domestic Violence; Nathan Griffith Wants A Restraining Order!

jenelle evans and nathan griffith get engaged during st. thomas vacation

Jenelle Evans racks up another police charge – call Dustin Sullivan! With her volatile, on-again-off-again relationship with Nathan Griffith spent more often in the police station, than out of it, Jenelle was again accused of assaulting her former fiancé. However, Jenelle claims it was the opposite way around, and Nathan actually assaulted her! I guess he got to the police first…

Jenelle and Nathan called off their engagement after previous domestic violence incidents (and cheating allegations), however the Teen Mom 2 star recently suggested they were headed down the path of reconciliation. Guess not! Oh, what am I saying – with these two assault is like foreplay. In this latest incident, Myrtle Beach Police have sought arrest warrants for Jenelle based on a claim from Nathan, who says Jenelle came over to his house Tuesday night and assaulted him while drunk. 

The most shocking part of the story is that Kaiser was in Nathan’s custody at the time, and their one-year-old son was apparently left inside the apartment – alone – while Jenelle and Nathan were squalling and brawling outside. #CPS


Nathan went to the police department at 12:30 am this morning, to file a report related to the altercation, which he says occurred around 11pm on Tuesday night. Nathan also wants a restraining order against Jenelle and police charged her with criminal domestic violence. 

According to Nathan’s police report Jenelle called him from a blocked number and demanded he come outside his apartment or else she would damage his vehicle (he can legally drive?! What became of all those DUIs?!). The intent of this visit was to apparently threaten Nathan by informing him that she knows where he is living. 

Nathan complied with her request to come outside, out of concern for his car (while leaving his toddler unattended), and describes that Jenelle “smelled of alcohol” and they started arguing. Nathan claims Jenelle punched, slapped, and tried to kick him down the stairs, she also scratched and clawed his back and neck. Nathan appeared at the police station in a ripped shirt and “scratches consistent with an assault” were noted in the police report.  

Nathan maintains he managed to close his door on Jenelle, who continued yelling outside, accusing him of stealing her cellphone and refusing to return Kaiser to her. 

Jenelle tells a different story. On twitter, using her “Jenelle Evans PR” account, she claims Nathan attempted to run her over with his truck before this incident occurred, and she too is filing charges with the police. She also says it was the neighbors who called the police after witnessing that incident. 

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Jenelle’s PR account also claims the only reason she was at Nathan’s was to pick up Kaiser for scheduled visitation. At 11PM at night?! He’s 1!

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Interestingly, over the weekend Jenelle and Nathan were on a trip to NYC together (!!) and partying at the Electric Daisy Carnival music festival! Jenelle shared pics of them on instagram wearing masks and looking scarier than usual!

Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith party in NYC before arrest

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Jenelle and Nathan were both previously arrested on DV charges on March 4th, and Jenelle was also arrested on Feb 25 for driving with out a license. Nathan also has a slew of previous arrests. 

According to MyrtleBeachOnline, as of 1o am, this morning Jenelle was not yet in police custody. She is on twitter, however. Winning. 


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