Little Women: Atlanta Relationship REboot

Last night on Little Women: Atlanta Miss Minnie Ross celebrated her birthday and decided to turn over a new leaf. Meanwhile Andrea and Amanda Salinas struggled with loser boyfriends and missing home.

First of all, what are the twins even doing in Atlanta? They moved from Texas, Andrea leaving behind her toddler son, to make it as a twerking tiny twin act? Really? Thankfully Andrea and Amanda’s parents seem extremely unimpressed by their career goals. 

One thing the twins have accomplished is wreaking havoc on The Cheeks friend group. After Bri Barlup and Emily Fernandez learned that Minnie got the twins an interview at the club they twerk at, they decided to distance themselves. Since it’s Minnie’s birthday she wants to start fresh and invites Emily and Bri to lunch.


Minnie also invites the ladies to her birthday party, which she is throwing for herself to help her move on from Pastor Troy

Emily, who looks exhausted and over-it (first trimester troubles), doesn’t even bother to spare Minnie’s feelings by calling her out over the twins, and points out how quickly they turned on Minnie, by blaming her for getting them the interview. Minnie claims she was only trying to help them since they need money. Bri is distracted by priorities other than Cheek-iness. She’s been attending relationship seminars hosted by a husband/wife team, and has made some important realizations about why she’s with Wooda.

Inspired, Bri invites Minnie and Emily to attend Relationship REbootcamp, a seminar with the pastor and his wife. Emily is skeptical, but Minnie, who recognizes that her father’s abandonment has caused her to choose the wrong men, is eager to make changes. New year, new habits!  

Monie Cashette is also finally taking steps towards a better future. After getting fired from the salon, she decided to enroll in a Voice Over school. Monie takes Morlin out to lunch to break the news that she was fired. Predictably Morlin is furious. He can’t believe she quit her well-paying job, with no stability lined up, in order to pursue her ‘future’ goals, and is now sticking him with all the bills to pay. Monie’s part-time salon job was supposed to provide her with spending money, while Morlin covered the bills. Why is Morlin the only decent guy on this show?! Why doesn’t Monie appreciate him more?! Monie complains that they’re “supposed to be a couple” yet Morlin never supports her… what exactly is paying all her bills while she does VO school called, then? 

Andrea Salinas is frustrated with boyfriend

Andrea and Amanda have the opposite problems – their men don’t have jobs and loaf around the house all day while they twerk to pay the bills, plus send money for care of Andre, Andrea and Chris‘ son. Andrea and Chris have been fighting non-stop, especially because he doesn’t want her twerking in the club, showing her ass for money, which is currently their ONLY income. Chris gets resentful whenever he’s pressed to get a job. 

After a huge blow-up Andrea demands Chris move out, then Andrea and Amanda call their mommy. Andrea cries over missing her son and her mom, who once did everything for them. The twins lived with their parents until moving to Atlanta, and basically their parents took care of them. Oh boo hoo, now they have to semi-grow up. If it’s possible to be a grownup while your parents raise your kid so you can twerk on television. The twins beg their parents to visit and they agree. 

Emily at RElationship Reboot

Minnie, Bri, and Emily attend the ReBootcamp, which involves dismantling why you choose the wrong partners, breaking down barriers, and then letting go. On a nature trail there are numbered signs posted to trees that say things like “I don’t feel I’m worth anyone better.” “I don’t think I’m pretty.” “I’m happy.” If one of the feelings applies, you take a number. Back at the ‘home base’ the ladies are dotted with face paint and forced to bare their souls to a mirror while the pastor counsels them through their negative thoughts. Bri, and especially Minnie, really responded. Minnie cried over her father’s abandonment and eventually confessed that she was once engaged, but her fiance cheated and got another woman pregnant. Bri still struggles to deal with her father’s death, particularly that he is not here to see her life today, and believes she puts up with Wooda’s refusal to commit because she’s afraid of Malik losing his father like she did. 

After the seminar all the ladies feel empowered. 

Monie Voice Over school

Monie attends her first VO class, and brings Minnie along for support since Morlin is still mad. Minnie is always there for Monie, unlike Morlin, who has actual expectations of adulthood from his girlfriend. Imagine that! Monie actually impressed me in the class – she was eager to learn and engaged, but didn’t she get defensive when the teacher made corrections. After several tries she got it right and seemed really proud of herself. I was glad to actually see Monie take something seriously – for once – and act like grown-up. She should impart some of those grown-up feelings onto Andrea and Amanda

The twins parents arrive and OMG Andre is so adorable! They are overjoyed to see their parents, who are less than thrilled about what the twins have going on in Atlanta, from the unstable relationships with lazy men to the ‘career’ of club twerking. Their mother grills them about whether or not more is happening than twerking – meaning are the twins also stripping? They deny it, but their mother pushes them about long-term goals and careers. I love their parents! 

The twins father is less than ecstatic by the boys’ job prospects and grills both boyfriends over dinner. He is also disappointed by the lack of respect shown to his daughters. Later that night Amanda and Andrea’s parents admit to being over-protective, because they are little people, but now they want the girls to be independent. 

The twins with their mom

Before Minnie’s birthday party Bri and Emily meet Juicy for lunch. This spells trouble! They were surprised Juicy reached out to them, but went to avoid bad blood. Yeah, right, they went to get revenge on Minnie for meddling with the twins. Juicy is determined to make Minnie admit her so-called relationship with Pastor Troy was a fraud. Then Emily lets it ‘slip’ that Minnie is having a birthday party, which Juicy hints at inviting herself to. Emily is really hopeful Juicy won’t appear to cause drama. Yeah right. 

Everything is going great at Minnie’s party – all the ladies are getting along, dancing, drinking, and laughing, until Juicy unexpectedly waltzes through the door swinging a purse full of drama. Minnie is not happy to see her, but has decided this will be a no-drama night, so she’s going to play nice to avoid her party being ruined. Minnie doesn’t even take the bait when Juicy shades her about being a big enough person to apologize for their fight – unlike MINNIE. 

Juicy crashes Minnie's party

Minnie may not take the bait, but Monie sure does! Monie is furious that Juicy invited herself to the party, then started making snide comments about Minnie. Since Monie isn’t Juicy’s friend – never was, never will be – she has no qualms about calling Juicy out. Minnie tries to shush Monie and calm her down, asking her to not start anything, but Monie is already amped up. 

The argument escalates quickly with Monie standing up to confront Juicy, but when Juicy engages, Monie snaps and flings a drink in her face, then demands the DJ turn up the music while she berates Juicy for being a “wet puppy”! Minnie is mortified and shocked – she has no idea what has gotten into Monie, and even though she’s angry at Juicy, Minnie meant it when she said she wanted no drama at her birthday. She certainly didn’t expect her bestie to start all kinds of trouble and fling a drink in Juicy’s face. 


Minnie expresses her anger with Monie, who is angry that Minnie didn’t appreciate her display of loyalty. Then Monie storms out. Apparently she was taking her anger over the situation with Morlin out on Juicy. Either that or because the drinks were free, and girl is broke, she indulged too damn much and got crazy!


[Photo Credits: Lifetime]

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