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On last night’s Little Women: Atlanta, the twins decided Emily Fernandez couldn’t possibly be pregnant because she didn’t show everyone her peed on pregnancy test. 

Emily is still upset Lontel left her after finding out she was knocked up, so she decides to do something which makes her happy. That happy is horse back riding. Emily spent her childhood riding, but since moving to Atlanta to become a Cheek she’s left horses behind in Texas along with her daughter. Bri Barlup comes along for moral support. Emily explains that most little people can’t ride very well since they lack the leg span to grip the horses. 


Since it’s such a special experience Emily decides to introduce the other ladies to riding by inviting them to the corral – yes, even Andrea and Amanda Salinas are included, since they were supportive of Emily’s pregnancy news

I’d hold my horses on reaching out to the twins, Emily, because over pedicures with Minnie Ross the twins reveal that they believe Emily is lying about being pregnant!

Andrea and Amanda seem exceedingly immature: they don’t have their licenses, have never gotten pedicures, and act really unprepared for adulthood. Minnie’s mom, who is average sized, comes along for the pedicures, but she is ignored while Minnie gossips with the twins about the possibly of Emily making up her pregnancy to penis fly trap Lontel. Minnie’s mom observes that when Minnie gets a pedicure it’s like “standing in a wading pool” for her – and true, it doesn’t look very relaxing since the ladies have to perch on the very edge of the seat uncomfortably. 

Emily and Bri go shopping for maternity clothes, which poses an enormous challenge. Even more challenging than getting boyfriends who commit!  They get into a semi-argument about whose boyfriend (or not really boyfriend, but friend with benefits) is worse. It’s a toss-up! Lontel is an apparition at this point, so at least Wooda is like kinda in the picture?

Bri tries to be a good friend by reminding Emily she deserves better than Lontel, but Emily loves Lontel and gets defensive. Instead of realizing Bri is being supportive, Emily points out all the ways Wooda has done Bri wrong – like refusing to be her boyfriend and skipping their son’s ear appointment. Basically Wooda is a woody of convenience but Bri wants more – way more. So Bri takes Emily’s advice to heart and decides to approach Wooda about becoming a “real family.” 

Andrea and Amanda visit Emily to further inspect her for baby bumps or other proof that she’s pregnant. They show up under the pretense of bringing a baby gift, but Emily is savvy enough to know something is up even though she plays along. The twins grill Emily about her future as a Cheek – surely she won’t still be dancing while knocked up.

Amber & Andrea Twerking

Emily recognizes the twins are trying to encroach about Cheekdom, and she will not be having that so she makes it very plain that she will be remaining on the scene while preggers. Despite the passive-aggressive turf war, Andrea and Amanda accept Emily’s invite to go horseback riding, but that’s another massive red flag for them – pregnant women don’t ride horses! They leave more determined than ever to prove Emily is faking her pregnancy. 

Monie Cashette finally agreed to let Morlin move in because “Monie wants money!” Before Morlin’s stuff is even unpacked she’s nagging him about giving her an allowance, but Morlin pushes back by demanding to know if Monie has made progress furthering her voice over career goals. Morlin is not going to be paying all the bills while Monie sits around spending his money, eating bon-bons and acting like lady of the condo! 

Monie argues with him that she is at least working part-time at Minnie’s salon. Yeah, about that… Monie is actually hardly working. After a week on the job, Minnie shows up for work and sees that her station isn’t set up. Minnie’s boss informs her that Monie has been on the clock for 30 minutes, just sitting around. Minnie reminds Monie that she has to be more responsible. Right on cue the salon owner comes over to give Monie a review after her first week. 

During the review Monie slips that she has no interest in doing hair and is only treating this like a part-time job while she pursues her passion. The salon owner seems surprised to learn this and is not at all interested in training someone whose goal isn’t to actually work as a stylist. Plus, Monie is lazy as all hell! Monie gets fired, but instead of departing graciously she gets sassy with the owner, who tells her to leave immediately. Minnie is embarrassed – and worse when she confronts Monie about acting foolish where she works and to her boss after Minnie went out on a limb to get Monie the job (and it sounds like Minnie LIED to her boss about Monie’s true intentions!) – Monie doesn’t even seem to care. “She’s supposed to be my best friend,” bemoans Minnie. 

This seems to be a pattern with Minnie: she meddles and tries to mother everyone but it ends up biting her in the ass! 

However getting fired is also a wakeup call for Monie, who realizes that yes, she has a goal of getting into voice over, but she’s a also a mother with responsibilities and furthermore she’ll have to spend money investing in her goals, so she better get serious about Monie making money! And not from Morlin. Uh welcome to adulthood, Monie Of The Mythical Money. Seriously, Morlin is more like his girlfriend’s parent, than boyfriend. Time for a reality check! 

In other wake-up calls, with new courage Bri confronts Wooda about their relationship. Wooda is perfectly content with the way things are: he and Bri live and raise their son together, are friends with benefits, but he can see other girls. Bri’s dream of being a couple is not gonna be happening. Instead Wooda taunts Bri, daring her to mess with other guys because he doesn’t believe she’ll ever leave him. Basically Wooda wants to eat his cake and have his Bri too. And Bri is usually more than happy to be the few bites of dessert. However after Wooda dismissed her feelings Bri decides it’s time to accept the reality of their relationship. Still Bri worries about how one of them potentially moving out could affect their son. 

Bri decides to try life as a single lady by hitting the club with Minnie and Emily. Emily is shocked Bri left Wooda’s side for a minute – and Minnie is shocked Wooda let her out of the house. The girls lament how hard it is to meet men because you have to weed out the weirdos with “little people fetishes” (GROSS). Also, according to Bri, every guy in Atlanta has “Baby mama drama,” which you also have to weed through. But the ladies wind-up meeting some cute professional and classy guys – who the ladies don’t like because they look too professional and classy. They hit the dance floor where Bri ends up dancing with a guy named Andre, who gets her number and invites her on a date. At 23, Bri has never been on a date before! 

However on their date, a ride on a giant Ferris wheel, Bri has the personally of a rock, gives one-word answers, and thinks about Wooda. Andre was nice – and figured out right away that Emily’s headspace was lost in the Wooda, Coulda, Shoulda with her baby daddy. Bri realizes since losing her father at aged 9 she has a hard time getting close to men. 

Afterwards, Andre gives Bri some advice about letting go of the past and embracing the future, which makes Bri realize she doesn’t need to be in a relationship with anyone – she needs to work on herself. Amen, sister! 

Andrea and Amanda continue their scheming with Minnie steering the wheel. Minnie got them a job interview, coincidentally at a club where the Cheeks dance and promote. Naturally Minnie drives them to the interview, since the twins have the maturity of toddlers. During the interview they shade the Cheeks by bragging about how they’re prettier, better twerkers, REAL twins, and should replace them. After the twins show off a sample of their goods, they leave believing the Cheeks are one Cheek out the door and the Twins are in. 

Minnie Ross Horseback Riding

But the promoter called Emily to let her know about the twins and how they slammed the Cheeks in their interview. Emily is furious that the twins are, once again, being duplicitous. The ladies manage to put aside their differences – momentarily – to ride horses however. It was really cool – none of the women ever imagined they’d be able to ride and were all very appreciative and embraced the experience. Unfortunately, instead of thanking Emily afterwards, the twins immediately got up to antics.  

After riding the ladies have a picnic where Andrea and Amanda reveal they got a job in the club where The Cheeks work. The twins start throwing shade, but, Emily, to her credit, just reminds them there are TONS of clubs in ATL so why that one? Which is when one of the twins slips that MINNIE arranged the interview and drove them. Emily doesn’t get the opportunity to confront Minnie about her sleaziness, however, because that’s when Amanda yanks a pregnancy test out of her purse – like not even in a box, just a loose pee stick – and tells Emily they don’t believe she’s pregnant. They demand she prove it. 

The Twins don't believe Emily is pregnant

First of all, gross and unsanitary. Second of all, WTF. Shockingly Emily instantly agrees and yanks Amanda along with her to a nearby outhouse to supervise her peeing pee on the stick – just to confirm that Emily didn’t smuggle any other urine in there. Low and behold the results come back positive. “BOOM!” snaps Emily throwing the positive test down on the picnic blanket while the shocked twins don’t even bother to cover up their disappointment. Nor do they apologize. 

Well, that blew up in their faces. Stick to twerking Andrea and Amanda


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