Tyga and Kylie

Tyga and Kylie Jenner are very-much together after once keeping their illicit love a secret relationship due to Kylie’s age.  Even now that the couple is legal, the backlash is still there. In fact, much like Blac Chyna, the media and public scrutiny is the third wheel of the Ty-Ky koupledom!

Tyga complains that people just don’t understand his love for Kylie, which defies all things, and possibly the devil is making us all criticize their love. Luckily Tyga relies on his faith to keep him strong enough to withstand the criticism over his love of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star! 

Tyga admits “it’s kind of hard” to discuss dating Kylie before she turned 18, because, “people are gonna bash.” 


“So I don’t really know how to speak on that because it’s just something that I have to deal with,” Tyga continued. “A lot of things in life, you just gotta deal with it as it come, that’s what I learned.”

Although Tyga really does not get why all us prudes had a problem. The devil apparently made us do it! 

“I didn’t understand it though ’cause I’m like, ‘This person is a really good person,’ Tyga continues. “And it’s almost like, the devil keeps trying to tell me something, to not follow God and not just let God do what he wanna do.” Is anyone else completely confused by this statement? Is Kris Jenner the devil? 

“I just keep my faith strong,” Tyga explained to KMEL’s Shay Diddy. 

“People just read headlines. People don’t actually look into stuff, or break down people’s character…,” Tyga adds. “I think now it’s so much being fed to people they don’t know what’s good, or bad. After a while you just get to a point, where you’re like, ‘Well, it’s not affecting my real life.’ The public perception might bother you a bit… but you gotta pick and choose you’re battles.” 

“I didn’t start making music to be on reality TV. Or wake up to address TMZ, or see stuff from my lawyer everyday from TMZ, and it’s like I don’t care about that shit.” So what I’m nearing is that the Kardashians have ruined Tyga’s life?! #OopsTheyDidItAgain 

You can see Tyga’s talk with KMEL below! 


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