From Yolanda Foster‘s awkward dinner to Kathryn Edwards‘ emotional talk, Lisa Rinna gives a short and sweet rundown of this week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in her blog.

Lisa describes the mood at dinner and explains why she did not want to talk to Eileen Davidson about Lisa Vanderpump.

“It was nice of Yolanda to reach out and invite us. Quite a lot has gone on in this group, so people are feeling awkward and unsettled for sure. Eileen is not happy with me, because I don’t want to engage in this LVP web conversation, and I know Eileen is upset with me for not backing her up, but at this moment it doesn’t feel right. I wasn’t at Frida’s or LVP’s for dinner, and I am now here with my husband, and frankly I don’t want to go there or get into it. But, just wait, we will soon,” teases Lisa Rinna.


“Thank goodness for the amazing performance from the magnificent Andrea Bocelli. What an amazing profound experience to hear him sing Ave Maria. It was so moving,” shares Lisa. “His voice is a gift from God. Thank you to David and Yolanda for sharing this very special moment with us.”

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Lisa calls Kyle Richards‘ daughter, Portia, her spirit animal, “I love that Portia. What can I say? She’s my spirit animal. I also crack up every time I see Kyle, her girls and Mauricio, and their family dynamic, because I can so relate to it!”

“Loved seeing Kathryn and her sisters,” continues Lisa, who lovvves everyone and everything when she’s not on Twitter. “Wow they are so beautiful and seem like such amazing women. Growing up as an only child, I so appreciate seeing the love and bond of sisters, and it’s very clear that Kathryn has a deep special relationship with her own sisters. I love that.”

Lisa circles back to the drama surrounding Lisa Vanderpump, “I think we are beginning to see some definitive lines being drawn in the sand now, don’t you? Sides are being taken… and oh boy, am I feeling caught between a rock and a hard place…”

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Lisa has no one but herself to blame for being caught in the middle. This week, Lisa disagrees that LVP is manipulative. Next week, Lisa tells Eileen that Lisa controls and manipulates her. “I got a call from Vanderpump,” she reveals in the clip below. “She knew I had engaged in a conversation with someone who said, ‘I think Yolanda has Munchausen,’ and Lisa encouraged me to express it.”


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