Lisa Rinna & Yolanda Foster

Lisa Rinna And Yolanda Foster Erupt Into A Twitter Battle; Lisa Calls Yolanda Out For Lies And Manipulations!

Lisa Rinna has a big mouth and she is tired of keeping it closed! Yolanda Foster was caught implicating Lipsa in a lie about Lisa Vanderpump claiming Yolanda’s children Bella and Anwar do not have Lyme Disease. After seeing Yolanda manipulating her Real Housewives Of Bevelry Hills co-stars on last night’s episode, Lisa can stay quiet no more! 

Yolanda wants our sympathy, just not our questions, but according to Lipsa she can’t have it both ways. Agreed! 

Lisa and Yolanda erupted in a twitter battle over the contentious episode. Yolanda defended using Lipsa, then lectured her for confronting Erika Giradi to get the truth. Yolanda also believes her actions were justified because she was defending her children 

Lipsa goes IN on Yolanda and her questionable behavior. It is awesome. I am here for it. All day everyday and twice on Sundays! 


Upon watching the scene that proves Lipsa did not mention LVP or Bella and Anwar’s Lyme Disease Lipsa tweeted, “Oh hello bus that I was just thrown under. Good to see you again. #IDidntBringItUp #HellNo #BeHonest #RHOBH” 

Yolanda quickly replied: 

Yolanda Nonsense

“Actions speak louder than words,” Yolanda added. Oh yes, they do

Yes, they do YOLANDA, whose logic makes zero sense (per the usual). First of all, Lipsa NEVER said anything about Yolanda’s children and the Lyme at all. Not at Kyle Richards‘ BBQ, nor afterwards. Why is Yolanda not calling out Kyle? She is the one who brought up the conversation with LVP in the first place. Seems suspicious.

Someone tweeted at Lisa and Yolanda suggesting, “Lets put @YolandaHFoster’s illness aside to focus on content: she’s a manipulative person.” and Lipsa responded, “Yes let’s….. ” 

Yolanda then changed her story. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 2.08.26 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 2.10.08 PM

Kyle piped up to defend her right to ask LVP about Mohamed’s perspective by, “Yolanda already had told me (on camera )that her kids have Lyme. It wasn’t a secret.” 

Lipsa continued to fight back against Yolanda’s logic. “I was your scapegoat,” she tweeted in reply. “You already knew Erika had told on the beach about your kids. Why ask me? You knew the answer!” 

“Oh poor thing, u went from accusing someone of munchausen to playing d victim….? I think & ask bf I speak, do u?” Yolanda shaded Lisa. No, Yolanda, you don’t, but anyway. Sounds like DEFLECTION to me! When others ask Yolanda about her Lyme, she refuses to provide direct answers and pads them with BS about how no one understands her attention seeking marathon “health journey”. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 2.16.59 PM

Not backing down, Lipsa gave us a little Google Homework of our own! Oh goody! 

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 2.14.08 PM

And since Yolanda is so good at PROJECTING she accused Lisa of using “reverse psychology” to manipulate her. HA! 

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 2.18.44 PM

How is asking if someone’s children have a disease which you claim they have an insult? No one was being mean ever – merely curious. Maybe when Yolanda’s brain capacity allows her to read again she should get a dictionary… OH wait, I guess she can read again – she’s tweeting, blogging, and has read over a 1,000 books on Lyme Disease and co-infections. Silly me – maybe I have LymeBrain! 

Next Yolanda switched to calling out Lipsa for confronting Erika post performance. Yolanda did not say anything about Eileen Davidson questioning Erika. The blame, according to Yolanda, lay solely with Rinna. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 2.21.17 PM

How is something you put on a reality show a “private conversation”? “Performing a show like that, takes all you’ve got, after show time should b about the artist and complimenting her show @erikajayne #RHOBH,” Yolanda added

“All @erikajayne had to say was let’s not talk about this now I wanna party!,” replied Lipsa.

As for why Lisa finally decided to confront Yolanda’s Lyme Disease holding Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills hostage, she explained: 

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 2.25.29 PM

“My head is high and so is my middle finger!” Lisa concluded. 

So, Lisa owned up to the Munchausen covo, and apologized. I didn’t even think she needed to – friends talk and it happens, you say something you’re thinking about which might not be fair or nice or right, but Lisa apologized.

In response Yolanda blatantly lied about her and reuses to accept accountability for misrepresenting the information (accidentally or intentionally), and/or lying. Instead Yolanda is using her children as an excuse to get at LVP – she did this before with the painting pictures for Gigi’s dorm room or whatever.

Yolanda’s Lyme Brain hyperbole is ridiculous. We see you – and your nonsense. There I said it. And I won’t take it back. Call me Camille Grammer the Pernicious, smirking atop my hilltop Malibu mansion, casting aspersions against the fools who think we’re blinded by their fancy lemon groves and sparkling white pants. 

I’m Team Rinna on this one. 

Updated to add Lisa’s latest Tweet: “Takes a lot of energy to do this stupid Twitter shit. Yolanda must be exhausted.  Poor Thing.”



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