James Kennedy – also known (to no one) as the white Kanye West – said his CD, PUMP Sessions, is the single greatest thing he has ever done in his life. So it should come as no surprise that the Vanderpump Rules star is very serious about his first music video, Don’t Look Down, which dropped this week.

James says his inspiration for the album was “the ocean” and “the deep waters planet Earth has to offer.” Don’t Look Down follows James, joined by Max Todd, through his day. Apparently, his days start with a shot of tequila before he even gets out of bed… “to make the start of the day as rockstar as possible.”



James says he “wanted to seem lost in a world of confusion,” adding, “I wanted to create something that was super indie, something that looked different and somewhat abstract. I’m letting people come up with the storyline because I want things to be different.”


“Well Max is my best friend and we do everything together. Also, he is featured on my album PUMP Sessions, that I wrote and produced myself which will be coming out this month. Max is featured on a couple songs on the album ‘You Can’t Wait’ and ‘Sevii.’ Our group together is called Lifeguard. We have a lot of fun making music together.”


James says the blue paint is “an abstract take on emotion,” sharing, “And how the average person is scared to be themselves, look messy, and do something weird. I wanted to make something of art. Something nobody has seen. Sounds of the music behind the footage create pure madness.”

Photo Credit: YouTube

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