Jax Taylor And Brittany Cartwright Talk Brittany’s Boobs, Lala Kent, Kristen Doute, Jax’s Constant Lies, And More On WWHL

Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor were Andy Cohen‘s guests on Watch What Happens Live last night. The couple dished on their relationship and their Vanderpump Rules co-stars.

Andy has a little fun at James Kennedy‘s expense (and I’m not mad at him for it). About James calling himself the white Kanye West and saying the Pump CD is the single greatest thing he has ever done in his life, Brittany says, “That’s embarrassing.” Jax just says, “I don’t even have to say anything. He just kind of buries himself. It’s almost too easy.”


In a round of quick questions, Brittany admits that she does not know Jax‘s number (and she doesn’t want to), she moved to L.A. solely to be with Jax, she is still figuring out her career goals, and out of all the women on Vanderpump Rules, she is closest to Scheana Marie.

How much did Jax pay for Brittany‘s boob job? Jax claims between $5,000 and $10,000, adding, “It was a lot, but I got a nice friends and family discount.”

Brittany defends the D-cup, which Jax seemingly pressured her into, “It’s the size I wanted. I had talked to my mom and a couple other people and they were saying don’t go too small or you’ll regret it later. I think that they look great and I love them. If I’m happy, that’s all that matters.”

A viewers asks Brittany why she’s with Jax. “Because I love him. He makes me laugh. He treats me right. We just fit.”

Did Brittany apologize to Lala Kent after it was revealed on the show that she told the truth about Jax? “No, I have not apologized to Lala,” she admits. “What reason would I have to apologize to Lala? I was the only one who did nothing wrong in this situation.” Did Jax apologize to Lala? “Yes,” says Jax. “I did. At the reunion.”

Let me repeat, Jax says he apologized to Lala at the reunion, which was taped last Friday. Let me point out, when Jax was on Watch What Happens Live on January 18, he said he had already apologized to Lala.

Does Brittany regret dating Jax now that she knows he lied and tried to hook up with Lala? Jax butts in to say, “But she knew all the reasons why I did that.” Brittany shares, “I don’t regret dating him, but I was very disappointed and very upset and we got into it bad.” Jax adds, “I’ve said this a million times, if I wanted to go down that road, I would have. I did it to piss off James. It’s really easy to piss him off. I knew she would run and tell him. If I wanted to hook up with Lala, I would have.”


Will Jax and James ever be friends? “I don’t really see myself ever being friends with him. You’re going to have to see the reunion. I hate him. I really do. I literally hate him.”

A caller asks Brittany if it’s weird being around Kristen Doute knowing she slept with Jax. “Actually, whenever I first met Kristen, I was kind of worried about that. But what’s in the past is in the past. That’s not anything that has to do with me. It was before me. She’s nice to me, she’s one of my very good friends, and I care about her a lot. I like Kristen.” 

Andy points out that Kristen is just the beginning of the women who have slept with Jax. “Yes,” says Brittany. “It’s all the time. I’m a very strong girl.”

Why does Jax constantly lie when he knows the truth will be aired later? “I don’t think I constantly lie.” Delusional, table for one.

Why does Jax think he is the #1 guy? “I’m not,” he admits. “I had a lot to drink. We started off at a party, then we did a little after party at Scheana’s and we were drinking and drinking. I was really upset about Tom. There was a situation going on. I was just really frustrated and I kind of just blurted that out. You guys don’t see it, but I apologized right after.”

A caller asks Jax and Brittany how they feel about Stassi Schroeder‘s return. They both say they are fine with it, but Jax adds, “I gotta get rid of James and Lala. That’s what I’m trying to do.”

Is Brittany bothered by Jax‘s dirty foot fetish? “It feels okay, so I don’t care.”

Poll – Who is most serious about sketch comedy – Ariana or Kristen?

Ariana – 61%

Kristen – 39%

Jax defends Kristen, “She’s not a professional comic. She’s doing it for fun.”


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