Andy Cohen Names Lala Kent And James Kennedy The Jackholes Of The Day; James Says Jax Taylor Has Herpes

Lala and James on WWHL

Vanderpump Rules couple Lala Kent and James Kennedy were guests on Watch What Happens Live last night – an invitation that I am guessing Andy Cohen regrets this morning.

About his emotional talk with his mom, James said, “It was a difficult time for me. I made a lot of mistakes this summer. I feel like what I was going through with my family was definitely a part of that – it took me into a little bit of a whirlwind. With everything going on at SUR and with my parents, it was just a lot to handle.”

James said insinuating that he used Kristen Doute to get more screen time is “preposterous,” adding, “It’s not like I was banging her for four months and became a primary. We were together for a year and a half. We had a Christmas tree together last year. I don’t understand…” <silence> Because, swearing.


A viewer asked Lala, Why James? “Why not James?” she asked. “I just see his soul and his core and who he really is.” Needless to say, she was a little tipsy.

Does James regret the things he said and did to Kristen? “It was disturbing for me to watch back. Obviously, I’m getting a lot of hate right now. It is hard for me to even think back, but I do regret everything I said. I hate retaliating with words but, you know, when you’re in love with someone and you get hurt, stupid things come out.”

A caller said it’s hypocritical of James to give Kristen a hard time for cheating when he, too, cheated. James rolled his eyes. “Not everything is completely captured on camera,” he shared. “When Kristen was cheating on me, it was before we started filming for season four. I may have forgave her a little quickly knowing we were filming a little bit in the future.”

Kristen tweeted:

kristen-doute-twitter-wwhl (3)


James stayed with Kristen because he knew filming was about to begin… hmm. That sounds a lot like using his relationship to stay relevant on the show.

How does Lala feel about Jax Taylor comparing her to a sports car (he doesn’t want to buy it, just take it for a test drive) and saying he would like to “destroy” her in bed? “That doesn’t make any sense,” slurred Lala. “Whatever. I am like a sports car. Who doesn’t want a sports car?” <facepalm>

Lala said she’s not friends with Kristen.

How can James be so respectful to his mom and such a pompous ass to other women? “Listen, I can’t be respectful to somebody that is not going to respect me back, whether you’re a woman or not. Kristen did not do that. Me and Lala, now I respect her. I love this girl so much. Quite frankly, she’s shown me a lot of respect and we’ve grown our relationship a lot. As for Kristen, I don’t remember the last time she has ever respected anybody.”

James had a few words to say about Stassi Schroeder but every single word was bleeped out. Andy whined, “You’re KILLING me!”

What’s Lala‘s relationship with Lauren today? “I don’t trust anybody unless you are my family,” stated Lala. “But we’re cool. I like the girls. She’s a homie.”

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Andy asks Lala if she trusts James. “Really?” she snapped, annoyed by being put on the spot, I guess. “I mean, I would not put anything past him. Unless you are my mom or my dad, it ain’t happening.”

James insulted Jax but we have no idea what he said because he swore again and it got bleeped out.

Jax tweeted:


jax-taylor-twitter-wwhl (2)

A caller asked Lala if she ever hooked up with Jax. “No,” insisted Lala. “Ewww. I know a little secret. After hearing what he just tweeted, I know your secret, Jax. You would never ever in your life have a chance with <clicks tongue> me. And if anyone else knew about your little secret, they wouldn’t either.”

James called Jax a “dirty dirty boy,” adding, “It’s called herpes.”

Poll – After seeing a softer side of James in the scene he shared with his mom, would you date him now?

No – 83%

Yes – 17%

James said, “To that 17%, I love you guys! Love you!”

Andy named James and Lala the “Jackholes of the Day” for disrupting the live show with their constant swearing.

Final thoughts from Jax and Kristen:

jax-taylor-twitter-wwhl (3)

kristen-doute-twitter-wwhl (2)


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