Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Cynthia Bailey Joins The Cast Of Sharknado 4 And Gets Candid About Her Marriage To Peter Thomas!

So, that Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, huh? Kim Fields finally found her voice (although it’s likely too late for any hopes of a sophomore season for her–more on that in a second!), and Kenya Moore seems oblivious to the notion of hypocrisy. It was entertaining, to say the least, and Andy Cohen shared and received his fair share of shade.

Of course, one of the co-stars stayed above the fray (at least so far), but it’s probably because she’s got bigger fish to fry…literally. Move over, Kim Richards! There is a new housewife joining the most epic movie franchise in the history of mankind! After remaining relatively mum on the first installment of last night’s RHOA reunion, Cynthia Bailey is apparently saving her acting chops for more serious projects…like Sharknado 4. Yes, you read that correctly!


According to the Wrap, Cynthia will be joining the most amazing trifecta of actors when she stars alongside Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, and David Hasselhoff on Syfy’s film brilliance. She will play a top-notch astrophysicist who works for Astro-X where the lead scientist is none other than Gary Busey. This just keeps getting better and better…

Cynthia recently stopped by Good Day LA to talk about the show, her marriage, and, of course, her eye wear. Sadly, there was no mention of Sharknado, but she probably wants to discuss that major milestone in prime time. Instead, she addressed the craziness that seems to follow around her RHOA counterparts. When asked if fighting ever occurred on the show (I’m still trying to figure out if he had never seen the show or was just making a joke), Cynthia replies, “We usually try to stay away from any physical altercations…but we haven’t been very good at that lately,” adding, “We’re talking about personal space.There’s a fine line. If you’re having a heated argument and someone decides to straddle over you, you know…you have to defend yourself.”

Responding to whether she gets along with everyone on the cast, Cynthia asserts, “This is an ensemble cast. There’s always drama. There’s always things we don’t want to talk about with things going on in our lives. There are definitely ladies I connect with more than others, and some of them I actually don’t like.”

One of the anchors who is proficient in Google questions whether there is truth to the rumors that Kim has already been fired and will be replaced by Stacy Dash of Clueless fame. Cynthia seems legitimately surprised by this piece of gossip and admits that Stacy would be an interesting addition given her very vocal political views. 

As for Kim, Cynthia cites there is no manual for a newbie cast member, stating, “Reality TV isn’t for everyone…Everyone isn’t built for it.”

Discussing her tumultuous marriage to Peter Thomas, Cynthia doesn’t sugarcoat things. She admits, “When it comes to my marriage, right now today, in this moment, I don’t know what’s going to happen. Some days I feel like, you know, maybe we should move on, and other days, you know what, I think we should work on this,” revealing, “Today is a maybe we should move on day, to be honest. Tomorrow I may feel differently.”

Please. Who needs Peter when you could have the Hoff


[Photo Credit: Instagram; Bravo]