Is Kim Richards Out Of Rehab?

Kim Richards and Monty Brinson

Last week, I assumed Monty Brinson visited Kim Richards in rehab when he shared the picture above with the caption, “A beautiful day with Kim Richards on this summer day.” But.. is the fired Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star out of rehab?

Kim and Monty spent July 4th together, too, so what gives? Did Monty return to the rehab (with his ex-wife Terri Lynn Doss and his daughter Madelyn in tow) to celebrate the holiday with Kim? Or did someone of questionable intelligence approve yet another “leave rehab to party” pass for Kim? Check out Monty’s photos and captions (all rainbows and butterflies) below and let us know where you think Kim is.


As for the photo above, Monty added, “I’m so proud of you for all your strength and determination. Everyone in your family is so proud of yourself, you’re proving everyone wrong and when everyone sees you they will see the beauty inside and out that you possess. You’re a fighter and you stay on this path and live a healthy clean life and find the happiness you deserve. Love you.”

Kim Richards on July 4th

Monty shared, “First of all Happy 4th of July to everyone, wishing everyone a beautiful evening. As for myself I couldn’t have had a better 4th of July with both my ex’s Kim Richards and Terri Lynn Doss and my my daughter Madelyn. Love to everyone and happiness. #holiday #family #love #friends #rhobh #life #blessed #feelinggreat”

Monty and Kim on July 4th

Monty posted the picture above, adding, “The fireworks started early.” He went on to tease the people wondering if he and Kim are an item – um, really? who are these people? – “What makes me laugh is people wondering are we or are we not. All I can say is I’m so proud of Kim.”

Addressing Kim, he added, “Can’t wait till the premier of your movie this month and for the world to see how beautiful and great you are doing and committed you are for yourself in finding the happiness you deserve and staying on track with your life. I wish I could tell everyone all the things that you have lined up in your life to fulfill your happiness inside. Everyone loves a comeback and you will be seen in a positive light. Anybody who would ever meet you would see what I saw in you many years ago. There are so many people out there pulling for you and just remember you are loved by many. Always stay strong and don’t let people walk over you or take advantage of you anymore. Spread the love. I’m proud of you and blessed to know you. Your friend always, Monty. We are all in this together and you are never alone and your family loves you so much. #family #rhobh #friends #love #heart #special”

I don’t know what’s more delusional, that Monty claims everyone in Kim‘s family is proud of her or that he thinks Sharknado 3 is a feel-good comeback story.


Photo Credit: Instagram