Teen Mom 2 Recap: Family Matters

On last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2, the peace between Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera fell apart. After months of getting along, the two got in a heated argument, recorded on Kail’s phone. Unfortunately, Isaac witnesses the whole thing. Chelsea Houska reaches another breaking point with Adam Lind when she sees an inappropriate picture of Aubree on his Instagram. Jenelle Evans has a new family complete with a girl Jace’s age who looks just old enough to feed Kaiser. And Leah Messer finally gets the news about the girls’ custody.  

Chelsea considers stuffing a few puppies in her ridiculous over-sized lumberjack hat, but posts a few selfies on Instagram instead, where she finds Adam has posted a picture of Aubree in the bathtub. Chelsea is livid. She and her friend agree that the picture is inappropriate and a violation of Aubree’s privacy. Hasn’t she lost enough of that already in the past six years? Chelsea texts Adam asking him to take down the picture and he predictably responds in the negative.


Teen Mom 2 recap - Aubree

Later, we see the baby Adam has been spending all his money on. No, not Aubree, not Paislee, but his flashy, hideous truck. Adam has taken Aubree to some sort of indoor jungle gym/bounce house where she can play and quietly eat pizza while he’s busy on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Chelsea jokes how Cole DeBoer always eats Aubree’s snacks. “They’re mine, too!” Cole declares. This is what happens when you baby talk a grown man. Chelsea tells Cole she’s calling her dad and orders him not to be “jumping loud.” Personally, I want to see the jumping loud side of Cole. But Cole obeys and stares ahead blankly the entire time Chelsea is on the phone. Gold star for Cole!

Aubree comes home after spending the weekend at Adam’s parents’ house. Chelsea asks how many times she saw her dad. Once, shrugs Aubree. After hellos, hugs, and I-missed-yous, Chelsea tells Aubree to brush her teeth, which quickly escalates into a crying fit. I assume this was shown because Chelsea has previously claimed that Aubree acts out when she comes home from Adam’s house, but it feels a lot like pointless filler.


Isaac has a bring-your-parent-to-lunch day and Isaac brings Javi Marroquin. Javi shows Kail a picture from lunch and she notices that Isaac is wearing a pajama shirt. Apparently he was also scratching his head and Kail assumes he didn’t get a bath. She’s indignant because she thinks how Isaac is dressed is a reflection of how she and Javi are as parents, as opposed to the reality of dressing a 6-year-old. Kail believes she’s already judged for being a teen mom, when in fact, she’s judged for being *on* Teen Mom. She texts Jo, who gets defensive and snaps that Javi should worry about his own kid. Kail calls Jo to talk about it, but the conversation goes nowhere. On a positive note, the call ends without any yelling. That comes later.

Things have clearly escalated when we see Kail and Jo fighting on a video recorded on Kail’s phone. Kail claims Jo was pissed that she and Javi picked Isaac up a half hour early. Apparently Jo had told Kail to get the f–k out of his house after she was rude to him about his appearance. “I figured at 4:30 on a Sunday afternoon you would have your life together,” Kail says referring to Jo’s sweatpants and t-shirt ensemble. What a ridiculous criticism. If I’m inside my house and it’s not a holiday, I’m wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. Maybe that’s a reflection of my parents…. Speaking of parents, Isaac is watching out the window while Jo and Kail fight and eventually hears Javi yell at Jo to take care of his s–t. Jo replies, “take care of your own kid,” which is the second time in this episode that he has implied Isaac is not Javi’s kid. Jo needs to knock this off. Javi is one of Isaac’s parents, just like Vee Torres is.


Concerned that Isaac heard the fight, Kail talks to him and makes sure to paint a one-sided picture that makes Jo look pretty bad. “Did you hear daddy yelling at mommy?” Kail assures Isaac that Daddy loves him very much and sometimes people are just cranky and say things they don’t mean. “I just don’t want you to talk to people the way daddy talked to me.” Of course, Kail doesn’t take any responsibility for her own actions or address the fact that Javi yelled at Jo.

Later, Vee distracts Jo from his daydream about Dunkin’ Donuts so we can get Jo’s side of the story. According to Jo, Kail showed up to the house 40 minutes early and asked why Isaac wasn’t ready yet. Kail expected him to at least be changed out of his pajamas. Kail and Javi think the minute Isaac wakes up, he should be changed into presentable clothes that reflect favorably on a Teen Mom. They think wearing pajamas is a reflection of Jo, who has nothing going for him – he doesn’t work, go to school, or take care of his house. And there goes the co-parenting triad Jo, Kail, and Vee had worked so hard to build. Javi must be relieved that ended before his deployment.


Jenelle is finally feeling good. She met a new man and Kaiser’s in his pen but not screaming. Jenelle tells her friend about David Eason, who she met on Tinder. He has two kids and Janelle can tell he’s a family  man. And we all know how good Jenelle’s judgement is.

Jenelle has Jace for the night and David has his daughter, Maryssa, so they all go shopping for a Christmas tree. Jenelle seems to believe you can whip up a family in a few short weeks with just about anyone, but Jace knows this is just another guy in the revolving door of his mom’s love life. “He lets me have coke,” is the nicest thing Jace can think of to say about David. “He lets you have Coca-Cola?” Jenelle clarifies, because only Janelle would think a 6-year-old knows what coke is. Then again, this is her kid, so who knows the horrors he’s witnessed. Like Jenelle and David practically making out while David’s driving. Gross and borderline reckless. Even more disgusting is Jenelle forcing this insta-family on Jace.


The crew heads over to Barbara Evans’ house where Babs is vaping. I don’t know why, but I love this. David gives Babs a hug because they’re practically family now. Babs explains to David that Jenelle is a generous person and very caring to everyone except her. “You break my heart all the time,” she pouts to Jenelle. I love Babs, but these little jabs are unnecessary and always rile up Jenelle. Babs is planning a trip to Asheville for Christmas with Jace to see Jenelle’s brother and wants Jenelle to go with them. Sounds like a nice family holiday trip. But Jenelle would rather spend Christmas with her new family of, what, two, three weeks? Barbara is pretty insistent that Jace go, so Jenelle drags him into it, “Do you want to go to Asheville for Christmas or stay with us?” Jace looks around trying to find the “right” answer before wrongly guessing “your house.” Babs comes up with a plan where everyone can still spend Christmas together before heading to Asheville and Jenelle reluctantly agrees.

On the way home, Jenelle confesses she feels bullied into going and David isn’t crazy about the idea either. “How is it not fair that Jace gets to spend Christmas with his mother?” David asks. Jenelle explains that Babs is just protective of him because she raised him “or whatever.” Yeah, no big deal, Jenelle.

Teen Mom 2 recap - Leah

Leah hasn’t heard about the custody order yet, but she is meeting with her lawyer the next day to discuss it in person. She’s dropping the girls off with Corey Simms and has a bad feeling that something’s not right. Aleeah announces she buried a hamster today; perhaps this was an omen. When I paused the screen, the closed captioning read “my nerves are [bleep] shot,” and my husband asked whether Aleeah or Leah had said that. Really, it fits either way. Leah drops the girls off with Corey and barely a word is exchanged between them.

Back at Corey’s house, he tells his friend that he’s not sure if Leah knows about the custody order. If she knew anything, she would have said something. Meanwhile, Leah meets with her lawyer and finally gets the news. Leah is heartbroken. The lawyer plans on filing a motion to reconsider but advises Leah try to work out an agreement with Corey. Leah doesn’t believe they’ll be able to work things out. She also doesn’t believe in the power of a court order. “It’s not the right order. I don’t agree with that order,” Leah bemoans. As vacuous as her friend Chastity seems, the girl gives great advice: “You don’t have a choice but to agree with it right now. Focus on you and get your A-game up.” Preach.


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