Kenya Moore: “It’s So Ignorant And So Laughable How These Girls Dig So Dirty And So Low To Try And Take Me Down”

Kenya Moore was a guest on AfterBuzz TV this week. On the show, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star talks Glen Rice Jr, the lengths her co-stars will go to vilify her, Porsha Williams, and more.

Kenya says “of course” she influenced Beyonce‘s “twirl on them haters” lyrics.

“She quotes me and my ‘gone with the wind fabulous’ after she came off of the Super Bowl when she did it a few years back,” continues Kenya. “I was just like, ‘My life is complete. I can die now. Beyonce used my signature phrase.’ I live for her. She can do no wrong. It is an honor to see that our show reaches such a vast audience including superstars and icons.”


On staying true to yourself on reality TV, Kenya shares, “I think anyone who watches me knows that about me. It may not be the popular thing to say or to do or to behave but I’m always living my own truth. And I don’t back down from, ‘Yeah, I said that’ or ‘Yeah, I did that,’ and I can apologize if I’m wrong. I guess for me it’s easy because I feel like I’m a truthful person.”

“You can’t know everything about a person in 45 minutes or in shooting in a four to five month period,” adds Kenya. “That’s kind of impossible. Is it honest? It’s honest at times; at times, it’s not. When you have other people on the show, other castmates, that are being narrators to your story, that is what changes what you actually see. You could see something and go, ‘Yeah, she was right in that.’ But then you see the confessionals – ‘oh, she’s a villain’ or ‘oh, this is Mike Brown’ – and you’re like what?! Some people fall into that trap, and other people that are thinking go, ‘No, that’s not what I saw.’ Then there’s editing involved too. You can’t see everything.”

Kenya uses Miami as an example and stresses that there was A LOT more to Glen‘s behavior than we saw on the show. “I did the right thing,” she adds about asking him to leave. “I protected everyone that was there. Again, it was so much you didn’t see. I was very uncomfortable and I felt like it was going to get worse.”

On why her co-stars said after-the-fact that Glen‘s behavior wasn’t a big deal, Kenya surmises, “It was them trying to vilify me. Had it been anyone else, they would have been in full support of my decision to ask him to leave. But they try so hard to make me the scapegoat or make people or viewers not like me.”

Kenya addresses the “one-eyed African preacher” nonsense Porsha Williams brought to the reunion. Laughing at the absurdity of the description, “I mean…really?!” On a more serious note, she says, “When you just try to make up a rumor in order to slander someone, it’s malicious.”

When the AfterBuzz host calls it “malicious shade,” Kenya argues, “That’s not shade. I’m sorry. You can’t qualify that as shade. That is a lie. That is slander. That speaks to someone’s character. When you sit and you profess yourself to be the Queen of Thotland, proudly, and when you admit that your car was purchased by some man and it was gifts and you qualify them as gifts, then why would you be sitting here talking about rumors about anybody else. Look at your own life. Your own life says what you are. The rumors about the escorting and the money and the bags and all that stuff, we all know what that is about. I don’t have to say it.”

Does Kenya have any Celebrity Apprentice advice for Porsha? “I don’t think she was chosen for her business acumen. <laughs>  I think she was chosen for an entertainment factor, so just play up the entertainment factor.”

Kenya wishes she and Porsha were friends, so she could say to her, “When you have the history that you have – it’s like being a Kennedy – then you are part of somebody else’s legacy. Or your family, which stood for non-violence and civil rights, and you don’t simply admit that you did something wrong and that you didn’t make the right choice and you’ve embarrassed your family and that you will do better and you apologize for what you’ve done. I don’t understand why you can’t see that that is what is required of you. Why can’t you get that you, at the very least, should be apologizing? Regardless of the how, your actions are the why. You can make a choice. Regardless of what someone does – I mean, Martin Luther King, he would get spat on and slapped – you turn the other cheek. That whole platform was about non-violence.”

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“Attacking someone, now three times, there’s something wrong with that,” adds Kenya. “Before, it was an isolated incident and everybody said, ‘Kenya’s crazy – this is isolated – and she caused it.’ Now we are at three incidents, where we know of, that has involved violence. In two, she attacked someone. It’s sad.”

On her drama with Kim Fields and the commercial, Kenya claims, “I have far better ideas. Now, I respect her for having more experience as a director than me, but the commercial looked like an iPhone YouTube commercial. Let’s be clear: it looked horrible and it had nothing to do with luxury…beauty…it was so off-brand. It was a let down.”

Kenya blames Phaedra Parks for getting in Kim‘s ear and turning her against Kenya.

“If you really look at the footage, Kim said – in Miami with Kandi – ‘Oh wow, it could have gone left with that guy.’ Then, at the reunion, she said she wasn’t threatened. She’s the most inconsistent person on the show. She would talk about everybody being indecent, showing too much boobage, but Phaedra‘s slapping her ass in the camera. But, see, that’s her friend so she didn’t speak up about that.”

Kenya continues, “Porsha came for her husband twice. Not only did she do it when we were all as a group and she said something about him being delicate but then on the last episode she said he let his hair down with Phaedra. But did Kim come for her? No. That’s what I’m saying. It’s the gangs. It’s all these layers. You have to be a thinking person to get through them. Some people just refuse it. Like, ‘Oh we don’t like her, so we’re just going to take Kim’s side.'”

Phaedra has come for me all season for no reason. At least give me that. This woman is not innocent. She’s gone on national talk shows… she went on Arsenio Hall and said I had asked her husband to give him fellatio. She had no facts, no proof, nothing. She didn’t even make a phone call to me. She went on national TV to happily report the story and never apologized for that. She never apologized for believing it and not even allowing me to prove to her that I never called her husband. It’s just so ignorant and so laughable how these girls dig so dirty and so low to try and take me down.”

Is there any unity within the group? “You feel that there is, but then you see the behavior and what people will go through to trash you. Then you lose your faith in those women.”

On the thought of NeNe Leakes returning to the show full time, Kenya says, “I think NeNe brings a lot to the show. She’s funny. She’s capable of breaking down. She’s capable of being emotional. She’s capable of really showing her life. So, yeah, I think she’s a great addition to the show. She’s the last OG. You can’t take away the fact that she helped to build this platform. Even as angry as I have been with her in the past and I felt like she really had betrayed me in the past, I feel like you cannot take away the fact that she helped to build the Real Housewives to where it is now.”

You can listen to Kenya‘s interview in its entirety on YouTube. She talks about her mother, the positive side to reality TV, her businesses, and more.


Photo Credit: AfterBuzz TV on YouTube