Teen Mom 2 recap

A new episode of Teen Mom 2 aired at a special time last night before the MTV Movie Awards. It was a relatively uneventful episode, but Kailyn Lowry finally gets news on Javi Marroquin’s deployment, Barbara Evans questions whether Jace is safe at Jenelle Evans’ house, Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer decide to take a big step in their relationship, and Leah Messer makes it through the first week under the new custody arrangement.

Leah can’t believe Corey Simms won primary custody of Ali and Aleeah because apparently she doesn’t reflect on her behavior and the impact it has on her kids.

At Corey’s house, he gets the girls up for school and has their breakfast made. Then he makes them brush their teeth and he brushes their hair. They’re out the door by 6:30, fed and presumably on time. It must be Friday because Leah picks the girls up from school. Of course, she’s texting while driving AGAIN! Aleeah had a tough week and breaks down into tears because she missed her momma. I guess that’s her excuse for ratting out her sister who told daddy he gets them to school on time but mommy doesn’t. Leah lectures the girls to not talk about it when they get to school; it’s none of their business. All they have to worry about is going to school, and mommy and daddy will worry about when they get there. Um okay. Ali, repeat after momma: “Mommy gets me to school on time. I have a healthy breakfast every day. I’m always buckled into a car seat. Lunchables are stocked.” Atta girl!



Because she only has three days with the girls, Leah wants to spend quality time with them, so she takes them to a pumpkin patch. It’s refreshing to see her off the sofa and lucid. Meanwhile, Corey tells his dad that the first week under the new arrangement went great and the girls were at school on time every day. Corey had explained to the girls that they’re staying at his house because it’s closer to school. I applaud his tact and maturity.

In contrast, while getting the girls ready for bed on their last night with Leah, she asks them, “Would you be happy if mommy got it to where mommy had the same amount of days as daddy?” These kids have gone through enough; they don’t need to be dragged into discussions of their own custody. Ali says she doesn’t like the change and Aleeah whines that she doesn’t want to do this. I sense the girls are probably telling Leah what she wants to hear to ensure she doesn’t get “sad” again. They need to keep her off the couch and in the kitchen!

The next morning, Leah wakes the girls up with only 15 minutes to get ready. Despite the rush, it looks like Leah his helping Aleeah with her homework! They manage to get out the door by 6:30. Even though this is the one day of the week she has to take the girls to school, she still looks like she’s struggling to stay awake at the wheel. At least she wasn’t texting. After school, Corey drops Aleeah off with Miranda and brings Ali to choir practice, where Leah meets them. The awkwardness is palpable and Corey and Leah don’t exchange a word. But while Leah watches Ali sing, Corey plays peek-a-boo with Addy. “Take me home with you!” she begs.


Chelsea filed court documents to raise Adam Lind’s child support and now she’s home relaxing with Aubree and Cole. Even though Aubree calls him Coley daddy, Cole refers to himself as Chelsea’s second child. Blegh. The next day Chelsea, friend Chelsey, and Aubree go grocery shopping. As Aubree pulls the typical “I want this. Let’s get that. Daddy gets that one,” Chelsea and Chelsey discuss how Adam has probably never taken Aubree grocery shopping nor taken on any other parental responsibilities. You know, the same thing everyone has said for the past 6 seasons.

Later, Chelsea, Cole, and Aubree are driving around when Cole drops a huge bomb: he ate a bunch of Aubree’s Cap’n Crunch! Gripping! Chelsea spots a house for sale and tells Cole to pull over. It’s not their dream house (it would need 15 more acres), but they’re, like, totally ready to move in together. High-fives all around. “I love you, poopie,” Chelsea gushes. “I love you, too,” says Cole, who thinks hard before adding, “…poop.”

Chelsea and Cole find their dream house almost immediately afterward and put in an offer because storyline. Just wondering, what’s the Teen Mom record for longest time living in one house? While hanging out with her mom and Pete the Pig, Chelsea finds out that someone else got the house. She’s bummed, but Cole is confident something better will come along.


Kail is getting ready for Lincoln’s second birthday when Jo Rivera drops off Isaac. It’s pretty awkward. Jo doesn’t come inside the house or say a word to Kailyn. She gives Jo his bag, but he just grabs it and quickly leaves. Kail thinks it’s weird he didn’t say anything to her, but she also doesn’t care. Silence is better than yelling or pointless small-talk. And also because she’s devoid of emotion. She’s also not worried about Javi leaving, but supposedly her apathy stems from belief that it won’t happen.

Kail has put together a really nice party for Lincoln and it looks like the boys are having a blast. Meanwhile, Kail and Javi tell their friends about the potential deployment. Javi can’t say where he would be going, but it would only be for six months. Kail can handle it; he was gone for 7 months last time. Plus, she could use a break.

Later, Javi finally breaks the news that he’s being deployed while Lincoln repeatedly shouts “puta!” Apparently he learned that word from Javi’s dad but Javi encourages it. Well, as long as his clothes look fresh…. Even with confirmation, Kail seems unmoved. Javi doesn’t look fazed either, but I attribute that to his resting smirk face. Kail sees the silver lining: Javi will meet new people, see new places, and have something else to add to his resume. Oh, and Kail will get to live her life without Javi interfering or sulking. They decide to tell Isaac right away. Kail explains that Javi is going away for work and not to be nervous, because she knows he gets nervous when Javi leaves. Don’t worry, Isaac, mommy’s not giving Javi the boot! Yet! Isaac gives Javi a hug and cries, “I’ll miss you.”


Jenelle told Barbara that she doesn’t want to go to Asheville for Christmas, and Babs was “surprisingly cool” with it, even offering to leave Jace with her. But this was coming from Jenelle, so take that for what it’s worth. Jenelle has a busted-up chin from falling after getting out of a taxi. Likely story. When Kaiser starts crying, Jenelle whines to Barbara that she can’t deal with this.

While Jenelle and David Eason were out drinking to dinner last night, David’s sister was supervising a sleepover with Jace, Kaiser, David’s daughter, and David’s nephew. Jace got hopped up on caffeine and all the kids were up until 2 am, so poor Jenelle only got 4 hours of sleep (boo-hoo). “When Jace comes, you’ve GOT to HIDE the Coke!” Babs exclaims. The double entendre will never get old to me. Kaiser takes advantage of the short time he has in Jenelle’s arms to hit her in the chin.

Babs buckles a tired, cranky Jace in the car, yelling at him for messing up her paperwork. As he kicks his legs and puts on his best pouty face, Babs wonders why he’s always so mean to her after being at mommy’s house. Let me offer some answers: 1) Jenelle is a horrible influence, 2) he stays up on Coke all night, and 3) he’s mentally exhausted from trying to process the s–tshow he’s just witnessed.  


Back at Barbara’s house, Jace is under deposition, but he’s completely indifferent and really just wants to get back to playing with his airplane. “Do you know how special you are to me?” “Yeah.” “How was your weekend at mommy’s house?” “Good.” “How do you like mommy’s new boyfriend?” “Good.” “Do you think that mommy gets a lot of boyfriends really fast.” (LOL) “Yeah.” “I’m getting kind of worried about you going there? Does it worry you?” “No.” “Do you like having all those people at mommy’s house?” “No.” “Would you rather it just be you and mommy?” “Yeah.” “Would it bother you if you didn’t go over there for a bit?” (Uh-oh) “Yeah.” “Well I’ll have to make that decision.” (Foreshadowing).

Meanwhile, Jenelle has been trying to reach Barbara, but she’s not answering her calls. Meathead-of-the-Month, David, sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong, saying he doesn’t see any reason Jace needs to live with Barbara. Of course he doesn’t, he’s probably a terrible parent, too! David tries calling Barbara, but still no answer. Jenelle doesn’t give up. Apparently, this has happened in the past and Barbara answered after the 25th call. Jenelle, put down the phone and spend some time with Kaiser while you still have him! Finally, Barbara calls back and says she didn’t answer because she was busy, like most people who have jobs and raise kids. In typical fashion, Jenelle starts screaming at Barbara while Kaiser is ignored, yet again.


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Author: Hollie