Yolanda Foster

Update: Random Tea Tidbit: Andy Cohen Spills That Michael Jackson Died In Yolanda Foster’s Bed

Here’s your random tea tidbit for the day! Michael Jackson died in Yolanda Foster’s bed! Sounds insane, right? But it’s apparently true! Yolanda Foster was a guest on WWHL last week and after the airing was over, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star dropped this amazing bombshell on Andy Cohen

This morning on Radio Andy, Cohen revealed that Yolanda and Mohamed Hadid  used to own the house Michael rented at the time of his death and the bed he passed away in was actually Yolanda’s bed – her bedding and all, she told him. Andy wasn’t 100% sure if he was supposed to share that or not… but there it is!

Update: We got this Tweet: “Wrong. It was (EdHardy’s) Hubert and Roxanne Guez’s home, located at 100 North CAROLWOOD Dr.”  So, who knows. Maybe Yolanda meant that they owned it in the past? We’ll have to see if she clarifies

Another update: several of you have emailed to say that Mohamed sold the house in 2004. So perhaps Yolanda just meant that it was a house owned by her ex and Andy misunderstood. Hopefully Andy clears it up on WWHL tonight or Yolanda gives an explanation…

Update 3: The archived show is up today if you have Sirius XM. Go to Radio Andy’s channel and then yesterday’s “on demand” show and skip to the Rebecca Romijn section and then skip to about the 1:12 mark.  Although the entire Rebecca section is a fun listen. She and her husband Jerry O’Connell are huge Housewives fans and made their own voiceover of Cynthia Bailey’s eyewear commercial and sent it to Andy. She also dishes on what celebs she sees out and about in her neighborhood.

Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo