Brandi Glanville No Longer Dating Theo Von; Has “Crushes” On Three Other Men

Just because Brandi Glanville is no longer a cast member on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills does not mean that the show’s fans have lost an interest in her life. In fact, I feel like it means that people are even more curious about what she’s been up to. Love her or hate her, you have to admit that Brandi has always been entertaining on RHOBH

A part of Brandi‘s presence on the show had to do with her navigating life as a single mom and navigating the dating scene. Lately there have been rumors that she has been dating fellow reality star Theo Von, from Road Rules, The Challenge, and Last Comic Standing, but Brandi has set the record straight. She is not tied down down and is crushing on three different dudes these days.


In an interview with Daily Mail, Brandi made it clear that she is not with Theo! The former Housewife said, “The Theo thing got so intense so quickly and all of a sudden everyone’s calling us a ‘couple’ so we just decided to cool it off a little.” That’s all she shared, so I am going to assume that there was something going on, but that the media jumped on the story and elevated the seriousness of their interaction.

So who is Brandi seeing these days? In that same interview, Brandi admitted, “I have three crushes right now. I don’t see anything serious happening with them, but I’m having a good time. Whatever happens, happens.” Good for her. There’s nothing wrong with playing the field and trying to narrow down what you do and don’t want in a partner.

But seriously though, who are these guys? Brandi has the uncanny ability to be both coy and and open book. She would not name names, but revealed that one of the men she’s into is an Uber driver and former model.

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I had a great date last night with my Uber driver,” shared Brandi. “He took me out. It was awesome. He’s French and very cute. He’s a proper gentleman. He opens doors for me and speaks with an accent. He’s an ex-model. That’s always good.” Brandi did not say how she met this man, but I think it would be a great story if she was a passenger during one of his Uber trips. And in fact, I’m hoping that’s how they connected.

Who else is Brandi seeing these days? She won’t say, but she did reveal, “I’m also having fun with another guy who’s on a TV show.” She didn’t make it clear if she is referring to an actor or a reality star, but maybe she will reveal more if things end up getting serious between the two of them.

The only man Brandi did mention by name is someone that she is not dating or hanging out with. Brandi has a thing for Lenny Kravitz and she would be down to date him if the opportunity arises. Brandi admitted, “If Lenny Kravitz wants to date me, I’m open for it.”

I’m not sure if Brandi counts fanning out over Lenny Kravitz as her third crush, or if there’s another man in the mix that she did not mention in the interview, but it seems like she enjoys being single and is looking to mingle. And this all fits in perfectly with her next reality TV venture, a show called Famously Single!


Photo Credit: Michael Tran/FilmMagic/Getty Images