Little Women: LA Reunion Part 2; Plus, Lila Call Blasts Terra Jole For Photoshopping Little Women: NY Poster

It’s a bittersweet night for Little Women fans! Little Women: LA gives its final farewell with the second part of their reunion tonight and Little Women: NY kicks off with an all new season! To tie the shows together, Little Women: NY star Dawn Lang will be making an appearance on the reunion couch and we’ll see Little Women: LA star Terra Jole on the premiere episode of LWNY.

Dawn gives a little insight as to why she’s on tonight’s reunion episode: it’s to defend her friend, Christy McGinty.  Dawn shared on Instagram, “Watch tomorrow night while I defend Christy’s decision to press charges on Hall & Oats on #LittleWomenLA Reunion part 2. It’s not the question who threw the first glass; it’s the question, who INITIATED the fight? Answer: Terra. Look at the plastic face of guilt! We are Little People! We have enough medical obstacles to endure we do not need to intentionally cause more. #ViolenceIsntTheAnswer #LittleWomenNY #PlasticNotFantastic.”

The drama between the two casts doesn’t end there. Yesterday Terra shared the LWNY season 2 promo poster – with a little photoshopping added to the show’s star Lila Call. (see the Instagram pic below).  As you can imagine, Lila wasn’t too impressed. These two have some history where Joe Gnoffo is concerned and apparently it’s not all in the past as we see in the teaser trailer for the season when Lila is screaming at Terra.

She took to her own Instagram to blast Terra, “The last I heard from this chick I was walking off a reunion stage and vowed never to subject myself to her bad juju ever again. My home is my safe zone and in my eyes, she was an emotional intruder. In self defense, they teach you to know your opponent. I know you can’t reason with her so I just had to do the equivalent of a rape whistle. Draw attention to shock and disarm. I’ll be curious to hear how you would’ve handled it! #littlewomenny #getoutofmyapartment #leavemealone.”

TELL US – Are you anxious to see why Lila is screaming at Terra to get out of her apartment? Are you ready for tonight’s reunion of LWLA? What do you think of Terra’s photoshop job on Lila?

Main Photo: Lifetime TV