Little Women: LA Reunion Recap: Part 2


It’s time for part two of the Little Women: LA reunion! And I, for one, could not be happier about the choice of hosts for this big ole mess. Last week, Kevin Frazier ran this show like a BOSS, and tonight he’s taking things one step further by insisting that Matt Ericson sit down, put his big boy pants (as opposed to his Peter Pan Pants) on, and listen up as his disgusting texts to other women are read aloud in front of the entire cast. Let us take a moment of silence to thank the reality gods for putting Kevin Frazier in our lives. Amen. 

Okay, here we go! Part one of the season 4 reunion ended on a stage break, during which Christy McGinity asked Briana Renee if she “okay’d” the sexts the entire cast was about to hear? No, says Briana. But it doesn’t look like she has much control. And let’s face it: not having control over anything happening around her, to her, or near her seems to be Briana’s ultimate character flaw. Or at least she believes it to be. I’d argue that she has plenty of control over this mess she’s in, but chooses to hide her head in the sand instead. Suddenly, Matt takes issue with the texts too, claiming they’re “grotesque” and he doesn’t want to stick around to hear them repeated. Uh, wait up homie! We thought you went into some sort of fugue state and didn’t recall anything about what you wrote? #RememberTHAT? 


Showing his true colors (which are not blue, but black like his soul), Matt then lashes out at Terra Jole, et al, by calling them “little oomps,” in reference to oompa loompas, I assume. Which is possibly the most degrading thing he’s said on camera thus far to anyone – and that’s saying A LOT – considering he is married to a little person, is the stepfather of a beautiful girl who is also a little person, and may have a little person as a baby on the way. This guy needs to be sterilized. And beaten hard with a shoe. Not necessarily in that order. 

Elena Gant looks like she can’t believe her ears. Oh, believe it, Elena! The depths of Matt’s deplorable behavior know no bounds! Kevin, thank heavens, steps in to basically force Matt back into his seat, telling him he’s going to listen to these texts, like it or not. Here are a sampling of a few of them:

“…my relationship is already dead,” writes Matt, in referencing his marriage to Briana.

“But you do got that Clyde tattoo for life,” writes some rando woman to Matt, to which he replies, “Naw cover it up.”

In another text, it looks like Matt is reaching out repeatedly to some other woman to “chat” during a time (end of January) when he and Briana were planning their wedding and already knew the baby was coming. Briana naively thought things were “fine” at this time in their relationship. Errrmmm…no. 

These texts aren’t the graphic ones, says Kevin, which are too lewd to share on this platform. But they’re enough to make Matt squirm, so we’ll have to take what we can get! Matt defends himself as an abuse victim yet again, as that’s his strategy and he’s sticking to it. Kevin calls bullsh*t on this, asking why he led his wife to believe everything was fine, yet continued to pursue other women behind her back? “Because I b*tched out,” Matt lamely replies.


So, what does Briana think of these texts – and the even worse ones? She doesn’t understand why Matt is with her if he’s still out there doing this disgusting dirt. It makes her wonder what she’s worth. Jasmine Sorge tells Briana she’s worth much more than this, and for her baby to be raised by this sorry excuse of a man is not good. Terra wonders how many times Matt has to show Briana who he is before she believes him. Briana has no answer, but I fear the number is somewhere approaching infinity…and beyond.

Kevin asks Matt if he’s scared Briana will leave him over this mess? Of course he’s not! But he plays up his fake contrition, claiming yes, it’s a “real fear.” He hopes to be a father to this baby, no matter whether they break up or not. I’m a great father, but a sh*tty husband, says Matt. But when is Matt going to be this better person he claims he wants to be? asks Kevin. Because he’s a 13-year  old girl in a blue blazer, Matt snarks that we’ll all see! Either Terra’s going to be right about him or HE is! So THERE! Oh.My.God. Really?

Kevin transitions to Matt and Briana’s upcoming 2-hour Lifetime special, of which we see a sneak peek. Cameras kept rolling after LWLA season 4 wrapped because, well, the sexting scandal broke right at the bitter end, and the network couldn’t let this storyline go! In preview clips, we see Briana reacting to the news by questioning her whole relationship, wondering who Matt is and why she’s with him. Yeah, Briana – all GOOD questions! Matt of course begs her to stay with him because he’s not a bad person…he’s just “sick.”


Back on the reunion couches, Jasmine responds to the preview. “I am so pissed off that I gave you a chance and you’re hurting her!” she screams. As for Briana, she just doesn’t want to hurt anymore. She’s hurting, this is her life, her marriage, her baby – and she thought it was all completely different. She wants her friends to back off with the judgment and recognize she’s in real pain here.

Terra is about to argue with Briana over this point until Kevin the Kaped Krusader of Rational Thought shuts her down. “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” he stops Terra. “You’re about to argue with her and she’s in pain right now.” Terra is muzzled a bit by this Jedi mind trick, admitting she doesn’t want Briana to be in pain. She feels like they were trying to warn Briana about this, but Briana feels like they’re just saying “I told you so.”


Tonya Banks, crying, says when Briana is hurting, they’re all hurting for her. She wants Briana to be happy and safe. But she, for one, can’t be in the presence of this anymore. It’s just too toxic. Elena takes a softer approach, admitting she and Preston had problems at the beginning of their marriage too, but worked through them. She retains a small amount of hope that Briana and Matt can do the same. Well, that was certainly sweet of Elena to say, but let’s be clear: Matt is NO Preston – not by a long shot. #PrestonLove! #SaintPreston! #BestRealityTVHubsEvah! 

Briana says no one is there for her now as a friend, except Christy. Oh, pleeeeeez! Jasmine takes exception to this, as she’s been loyal (to a fault) to Briana more consistently than anyone on this stage. Kevin shuts this conversation down though, because none of this is going to help Briana through this crisis right here, right now.


Elena reiterates that this gang needs to cool their jets with Briana and let her make her own decisions. But does Briana feel that Matt is actually capable of being faithful to her? “I want to believe it,” says Briana. As for Matt, he claims to “appreciate” Elena’s honesty, apologizes to Jasmine for basically duping her, says Christy has “some good points,” but has nothing to say to Terra and Tonya. Who have had his number since day one. And with that, Kevin wishes him good luck in fixing this garbage heap of a rotting mess he’s made, and Matt exits the stage. Then gets sniper shot by Preston, who is disguised as a set plant. (Juuuuust kidding! But, really, would that be great or what???)


Moving on to other messy business, we revisit the frenemyship of Terra and Christy, which started out on a positive note this season, then burst into flames at the bar fight. Jasmine’s exaggeration that Christy “forced” Terra and Tonya to come to Briana’s bachelorette party started this entire fiasco, but instead of discussing that VERY KEY point, we move straight into discussion of who threw what at whom at the bar. Kevin says it looked like Terra threw a drink at Christy, Christy threw a plastic cup, then a glass at Terra – which hit her arm, then Terra threw the “infamous glass” at Christy, which hit her in her cowboy hat. Exactly. And this all resulted in brain injuries…HOW? Thank you again, Kevin Frazier, for letting the events speak for themselves. MVP Hosting Award!


Terra says she regrets taking things to that level. But when she heard Christy was talking about her behind her back, she went crazy. Christy defends that the reason Terra got mad is because Jasmine said she “forced” her and Tonya to go to Mexico, but Terra says it doesn’t matter whether she said “forced” or “convinced.” It’s all the same in her book. Interesting!

Elena says the drink throwing occurred because of all the names and accusations flying in the moment – it went way beyond the Mexico issue. Of course, Terra and Christy calling each other “fat” played a part…and still does for Terra, as she calls Christy “fat troll” again right now on stage. Ugggggh!


Christy lets Terra, then Tonya rant for a moment before Kevin plays a 3-angle video showing exactly how the the glass-throwing incident went down. And we see clearly how the glass Terra threw did nothing more than graze/bump Christy’s hat before she hopped off the chair to leave. Kevin asks Christy how she can blame Terra for the incident when she threw the first glass? Even if it only hit Terra’s arm, wasn’t the intent the same? Christy squirms, claiming she told the police EXACTLY what happened. But she didn’t give them the full story, did she? Short answer: No. Did Christy truly have a concussion? wonders Kevin. Yes! Christy vehemently defends. Terra says that after this incident, Christy will never be her friend again.  

To muddy the waters more, Kevin invites Dawn Lang from Little Women: New York to come out on the stage next. What, is her paralegal status supposed to help Christy out in some way, shape, or form? This is more likely a transparent attempt at a crossover between franchises, but oh well. Dawn apparently “played a pivotal role” in Christy deciding to file charges. She claims that acts of violence causing physical harm to someone equals assault. Mmmmmkay. Christy had “acute concussion syndrome,” yo! And she had a mesh hat! The hat was squishy! Terra is all: What.Ever. She screams at Christy, Christy screams at her. Dawn tries to scream to make herself remotely relevant. But Kevin, the voice of reason, again says to let the video simply speak for itself. Roll tape, take 1,432. Dawn still isn’t convinced. She’s #TeamChristy all the way. This is going, and will go, nowhere. 

As the women continue to scream mere inches from Kevin’s ears, he nearly has to physically restrain them both from puddle jumping him in order to strangle each other. “Ladies, nobody can get anything solved with you guys acting like this!” he shouts in vain. Dawn gets all finger-pointy at Terra, telling her that she “of all people” should understand the ramifications of her actions. In LWNY (on the premiere episode…how poignant!), Terra chucks a beer bottle into a door at Lila Call’s house. Guess we’ll be treated to this footage too! Yip. There it is. Terra admits her behavior is sometimes out of control, but she hasn’t “assaulted” anyone. 


But the fight at the bar between Christy and Terra didn’t end at the bar, which is the issue here. Christy still claims the paparazzi “just found her” at the hospital. Mmmm-hmmm. Terra doesn’t believe this. Nor did she ever comment on the situation publicly. So, Christy is Deep Throat. Obvi. Where do the charges stand now though? Dawn screeches something unintelligible, then Kevin explains that the charges went to the DA’s office, where they were finally dropped. It’s over. And so is Dawn’s 5 minutes of LWLA fame, because she’s dismissed. 

The men have come out to join the ladies – all but Joe Gnoffo, that is, who Terra claims had to leave so he didn’t continue to embarrass her on screen to watch Penny. Todd weighs in on the bar fight. He doesn’t know if the police report was necessary, but confesses that Christy did have a medical concussion diagnosis. Terra calls Christy a liar. They argue inanely over whether Christy even has a peanut allergy, with Christy actually pulling an epi-pen from her purse as proof. My God. These women are exhausting, if nothing else. But Terra feels no remorse, jumping into the toilet bowl of insults again as she calls Christy, “crusty,” and of course, fat. (Not that Christy hasn’t done her own fair share of name calling, mind you.)

Jasmine’s hubby Chris says they’re working on having another baby, but don’t seem to be in any rush. Preston is sweetly excited about his baby boys on the way. But the hot topic here is – of COURSE – Matt, and how he reached out to several of the men on stage about his sexting. Huh? We know he did this with Joe, which was bizarre enough, but why rope these other dudes into his dirty confessions? Oh, Lord – Chris says Matt told him all about his past abuse. WHY? Preston admits Matt has “issues” that need to be addressed, but clearly doesn’t feel that helping him fix them is one of his #LifeGoals.


Kevin asks the men straight up if they think Matt and Briana should stay together. Bottom line: No one knows. (Or cares?) And until a restraining order is placed, these guys are not making an enemy of Matt Ericson. Preston, like Elena, is the only one who leans toward Matt and Briana making it through this. He’s rooting for them, despite their toxic and insane issues. The other guys just hope he gets help. Because god knows he needs it. 

Next, we see another sneak peek of next week’s Matt and Briana 2-hour special, which reveals Briana struggling to process what’s happened (is that her step mom in one clip!?!?) while Matt looks like a certified nut in every. single. scene. Kevin asks why Briana is doing this special? She says she has to face these issues either way, so why not continue to keep her relationship in the spotlight. It’s better than letting people make judgments and assumptions based on rumor. Well, that’s a convenient answer, but doesn’t tell the whole story, does it?

Although Briana swears Matt is not living at home at the time of this reunion, we do know he was in the hospital last week during her pre-term pregnancy scare (she’s been released from the hospital since). We also know that Briana’s father recently spoke out against Matt’s continued controlling and “wacko” behavior, telling the press that Matt doesn’t even let Briana call or text on her own phone; all communication goes through him. And Briana hasn’t spoken with her family in a year, according to her dad.

So, it seems Bonnie and Clyde are still likely together. The special next week will reveal more, to be sure, but how will it change the reality that Briana seems to accept as her fate? We’ll be recapping the special here, so weigh in on your take on this sad, sad situation. Until then, that’s a wrap for season 4 of Little Women: LA! We laughed, we cried. We threw things at the TV when Matt was on screen. I know one thing for sure: it sucked me in! How about you?    


Photo Credit: Lifetime