Little Women: LA reuion

Briana Renee’s Father Speaks Out: “I Haven’t Talked To Her In A Year”

The tragic tale of Briana Renee continues. Last week, the Little Women: LA star was hospitalized for going into premature labor at only six months pregnant – a frightening prospect for any expecting mother, but even more so for a little person. Since then, doctors have kept Briana under their care, halting her labor with medication and continued observation.

Allegedly, Briana’s husband Matt Ericson (aka: Matthew Aaric Grundhoffer) drove her to the hospital and has been by her side since the incident, thus revealing that the couple is still likely together. But after part one of the LWLA Reunion aired last Wednesday, many people are asking: Why? The slew of concerned parties – for Briana’s physical, mental, and emotional health – include close family members, who Briana’s father claims have been summarily cut out of her life by Matt, who he outright calls “controlling.” 


In a disturbing revelation to Radar Online, Briana’s father Robert Kealiher divulges the level of control that Matt exerts over Briana, claiming, “Matt doesn’t let us speak to her. This guy has control of her phone and he answers her texts.” Robert admits he doesn’t even know for sure if Briana is still in the hospital, as no one in their family has direct contact with her. All communication goes through Matt. 

Explaining how Matt “has isolated everyone around” Briana, Robert laments, “I haven’t talked to her in a year.”

Briana’s parents do take care of her daughter, Leiana, at least once a week. How drop off/pick up of Briana’s daughter takes place is anyone’s guess, although Matt has vaguely referenced “trying to reach out” to the parents on more than one childcare hand-off. How much credence to place in Matt’s dubious claims is up for debate. 

Briana’s father agrees that everyone’s low opinions of Matt as “not a nice guy” are indeed well founded. His opinion on the matter goes one step further: “He’s a wacko!” claims Robert

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So, why is Briana standing by her man despite being cut off from family and friends? Perhaps she’s under Matt’s spell. He is Clyde to her Bonnie, after all, and Briana has dug her heels deeply, perhaps in opposition to all those just itching to say “I told you so.” At last week’s reunion, Briana even scolded her friends when they dared chuckle at Matt’s incredibly lame excuses for sending lewd photos to multiple women behind his pregnant wife’s back. 

As for Briana‘s father, he suspects that Matt is in it “for his gain.” Robert reveals that Briana “is very gullible,” thereby making her a perfect target for a master manipulator. 

I don’t know, guys. I feel like this whole Bonnie and Clyde situation is unraveling in a uniquely tragic way. There’s reality TV, then there’s reality. If Briana‘s reality is as dark as it appears, I hope someone steps in soon to help her – if not for her sake, then at least for Leiana‘sand on behalf of the innocent baby on the way.  

In the mean time, Briana is posting cryptic platitudes on her Instagram: “A new day… New view on life ~ you never know what tomorrow may bring.” But Briana’s father notes that whatever happens next, it’s up to his daughter to make the first move. “The ball is in her court,” states Robert


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