Little Women: NY recap - Lila and Terra argue

Little Women: NY Season 2 Premiere Recap: Pajamas On, Gloves Off!

Little Women: NY recap

This season on Little Women: NY, we see that while some things have changed (new cast members and living situations), some things remain the same. Lila Call is still working on her sobriety after a bumpy first season and Dawn Lang remains as self-righteous as ever. On the season premiere, we get to see both of those issues play out in full force, thanks in part to Terra Jole from Little Women: LA making an very unwelcome appearance.

Lila’s life seems to be on track for now – she’s sober, happy, and has a new roommate. Turns out it’s none other than Jason Perez. He finally managed to cut the cord and move out of his parent’s house and has even been seeing someone special for a few months. Jason is so happy, he’s ready to celebrate with a Pajama Jam party, where his mystery love interest will be making an appearance. Lila acknowledges that living with a boy can be hard and she has to set some ground rules – no walking around naked, no leaving the toilet seat up, and Jason better make himself scarce when Lila has a gentleman caller. Apparently the walls are very thin. 


Jason tells Lila that he is going to have alcohol for the rest of the guests at the party and Lila objects, which is reasonable, given that it’s her apartment and her sobriety. Jason doesn’t seem to care because Lila is being her usual dramatic self. I guess there is no time to support your friend’s sobriety when we have a Pajama Jam looming.

Little Women: NY recap

Jazmin Lang is working out in the park and introduces us to her new friend Jessica Capri, who she met while going on some auditions. Jessica goes by the name “Jersey Jess” in the wrestling arena (because she is from Jersey, how clever) and is proud of it! She has travelled around with Hulk Hogan’s wrestling show and is known for her boobs, smile, and big mouth. She is pursuing acting and PR and is also single, ready to mingle.

Jazmin starts to give Jess the rundown of her strained relationship with sister-in-law and moral-compass-for-all-things-little-people, Dawn. Jazmin is bringing Jess to the Pajama Jam tonight and worries how she will be received, given her past in little people wrestling. She isn’t wrong to be worried!

Dawn Lang updates us on where she is at, and of course, it’s standing on the moral high ground. She may have broken up with her long-term boyfriend but she is focused on her career of being a paralegal and professional judge of everyone’s lifestyle. Dawn is a bona fide working girl (in case you didn’t catch that point she is desperate to make) but doesn’t mind trading her suit for some jammies and a party. Lila immediately starts gossiping about the new friend that Jazmin is bringing and Dawn snipes about Jazmin having poor judgement in people. I’m assuming Dawn is hiding a long black robe and gavel in her LV tote.

Little Women: NY recap

Jazmin, her husband, David, and Jersey Jess arrive, much to Dawn’s dismay. She already knows who Jess is and doesn’t like any of it, including her pajama look that is akin to a “cheap Victoria’s Secret model that is lacking height.” Dawn is so busy being shocked at the sight of another little person in – GASP!!! – pink stilettos, that she can’t recover and clutches her imaginary pearls with her mouth agape. Lila is busy checking Jess’s LP card by examining her thigh gap and the rest of the crew is unsure she’s even allowed to be called a little person. Way to make a gal feel welcome!

Dawn proclaims that, as Jazmin’s sister-in-law, it’s her “responsibility” to let her know when she is a jealous hater has concerns and pulls Jazmin and David aside to preach to them. She doesn’t like that Jess is in wrestling and needs that to be known RIGHT NOW. Dawn doesn’t really have a point outside of being judge-y and mean and it doesn’t go over well with David, who sticks up for his wife. Dawn agrees to drop it for now but clams it is not over. Turns out, those walls are pretty thin because Jess heard all of what happened.

Little Women: NY recap

Jason makes a big reveal when DJ, his average sized boyfriend, arrives at the party. They awkwardly stand in front of the firing squad group while Jason talks about how they met online and how happy they are. Everyone seems to approve without issue for once.

Unfortunately, this Pajama Jam isn’t about happiness and roses, it’s about drama and pettiness so it’s time to start some in the form of Terra arriving. Apparently, she’s a good friend of Jason and he invited her, fully knowing the nasty history between her and Lila. Quick background: Lila used to be a side piece for Terra’s now husband, Joe Gnoffo, and Terra accused Lila of continuing to pursue him, even after Terra shacked up with him. Terra and Lila got in a huge fight last year and nothing has been resolved. 

As Jason gives Terra the grand tour, Lila starts to melt down over Terra having the audacity to sit her purse on the counter and take her shoes off. Jason takes some heat from the other ladies for not telling Lila about inviting Terra, knowing that they have had issues.

Little Women: NY recap

Lila starts to completely unravel and starts screaming at Terra to get out. She throws her shoes out the door and says she’s going to call the police. Terra decides that she can’t go down without a fight and suggests that Lila relapsed. Lila screams in her face and Terra is unfazed because one would imagine she’s pretty used to this on Little Women: LA. Lila storms off and Terra throws a bottle, which lodges in a door. What is that door made of, construction paper!? Terra leaves and Jason makes it all about him by saying he’s mortified this happened in front of his boyfriend.

The next day, Jess introduces us to her friend, Katie Snyder, who she knows from the little people wrestling world. Katie is six months pregnant and flew out from Seattle because she gave her boyfriend, PJ, and ultimatum to put a ring on it. Jess confides in Katie about how judged she felt last night while Katie listens sympathetically and probably regrets her decision to fly out already.

Lila and Dawn meet for some much needed yoga and to discuss the Pajama Jam that went HAM. Lila admits she went a little overboard and isn’t happy about the way that Jason hurt her. Dawn starts instructing Lila on some yoga moves because can’t waste a single opportunity to show off her abundant knowledge but does manage to come down from her high horse and point out that Lila didn’t break her sobriety last night.

Little Women: NY recap

Jason and Jazmin meet up for lunch to discuss Jason’s one sided view of how everyone attacked him over inviting Terra to the party. Jason refuses to see his responsibility for inviting someone who Lila has had serious beef with into their home without telling her. He insists that he’s a good person and questions being in this group of friends since they are forgetting his character over this incident. Jason isn’t ready to apologize and says it’s best to wait until things get less emotional. Jazmin agrees and hopes he knows she has his back.

Over at Jazmin and David’s apartment, David finds out his job is sending him to Orlando in a week. David wants Jazmin to come with him but she doesn’t want to leave her dreams of an acting career in NY. Instead of being upset that his wife doesn’t want to move with him and would prefer to live in a different state, he suggests that Jazmin consider moving in with Dawn so they don’t have to carry the financial burden of paying two sets of rent while living apart.

Jazmin goes to talk to Dawn about it and Judge Dawn wastes no time banging her gavel about how she was raised to stand on her own and not to rely on family. Dawn throws back in Jazmin’s face that Jazmin didn’t want her opinion at the party the other night so, therefore, she should be independent and figure it out on her own. Dawn tells her point blank that Jazmin can’t live with her while they are still working on their relationship. Jazmin holds her ground and tells Dawn that she is always nagging her and doesn’t respect her. Dawn lets Jazmin know where the door is and Jazmin storms out.

It looks like we are in for another season full of big drama with these two!


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