Carole Radziwill Says Jules Wainstein Is “Rude” And “Passive Aggressive”

I would hate to be on Carole Radziwill‘s bad side. As a writer, she really knows how to deliver the most cutting digs and throw the best shade. And now that she and Bethenny Frankel are at BFF status, she is not just defending herself: she’s also going to bat for her girl Bethenny during this season of Real Housewives of New York City.

Needless to say, Carole was not pleased by the digs that Jules Wainstein took against Bethenny in the the latest episode of RHONY. And she really went off in her latest Bravo blog entry. The woman did not hold back – at all.


At least Carole’s blog started out on a (kind of) nice note: “I’m going on the record to say, I like Jules. I don’t know her well (and didn’t know about her age-shaming tourettes tic yet), but so far she seems adorbs.”

That niceness was short-lived though because Carole stepped up to defend Bethenny against the barbs that Jules made at her expense. Carole wrote, “It amused me, though, that the complaints she rattled off about Bethenny were the very same things she exhibited herself at our dinner. Fast-talking. Opinionated. Rude. Self-awareness is not a valuable quality in a Housewife. She leveled Bethenny with so many passive aggressive digs, she could have used a bulldozer if one had been parked outside her 10,000 square foot home.” I’m feeling the burn and that was not even directed at me.

Then Carole proceeded to go through all of the backhanded insults that Jules threw at Bethenny when she was trying to justify Bethenny’s rudeness at her Hamptons house: “Let’s see. No boyfriend. Huh? Oh, yeah, she’s rude because, she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Yeah, no.” Yeah, I’m not sure why not having a boyfriend would ever be an excuse for rudeness, but pointing out that someone is single, when it is not at all relevant to the conversation topic, can definitely be construed as rudeness.

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Carole continued to go in and came for Jules after she insulted the size of Bethenny’s home: “She has a super small house. Hmm…it’s bigger than most homes in the country, and it has a guest house and pool room.” They’re all rich women living in New York City. Digs about real estate just seem pointless to me.

I have no idea why Jules would say that someone not having sex would have any baring on her behavior in a social setting. And apparently Carole agreed with me since she wrote, “No sex for six entire months! No Sex! That must be it! Only I had sex two nights earlier, and I couldn’t get out of there quicker.” 

I don’t understand why Jules felt the need to talk about someone’s private life in that way when once again- it was not relevant to the conversation AT ALL. I totally get why Carole would be vicariously offended for Bethenny in response to these remarks.

To be honest with you, I am already so over this “old money” and “new money” insult – but I have a feeling that it will be brought up again and again (ugh). Carole wrote, “I’m old money and she’s new money. This might be my all-time favorite “what did she just say” Housewife slight.”

And then she made the best observation of all time with this comparison: “It’s the financial equivalent of the infamous hand gesture heard around the world. Season 2.” That is just too on point.

Damn. I have no idea why anyone in her right mind would ever mess with Carole or one of her BFF’s. It is a mistake.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]