Photos – Kim Zolciak Launches Skincare Line ‘Kashmere’ And Celebrates Early Birthday!

Kim Zolciak is officially in the skincare business! After months of working on a skincare line (and many of us wondering if this would be like all the other promises Kim makes but doesn’t come through with), she officially celebrated the launch of Kashmere. 

The Don’t Be Tardy star gushed that she put her “heart and soul” into the development of her products, the genius of which started when Kim began fabricating her own skincare at home, which includes a signature Kim scent. Wait – this from the woman who ordered Thanksgiving dinner from Neiman Marcus and can’t even make a boxed cake? She was mixing skincare formulas? Genius comes in many forms… 


“I didn’t put my face/name on it, I CREATED it,” Kim shares. “From the formulas, to the name (after our son Kash, and your skin feels like ‘Kashmere’) to the scent.” Also Kim swears using Kashmere will give you Kim’s signature “youthful renewal” – since she’s been using it daily, for years. 

Does Kashmere come with attached plastic surgeon? Also, is it me or does Kashmere sound like the name of a Kardashian product? 

On the website for Kashmere Kollections, alongside naked photos of a very unnatural-looking Kim, she boasts that her “Body Renewal Spa System is based on the unique combination of her favorite formulations, the Sugar Scrub and the Luxurious Skin Toning Oil” and promises to leave your skin leaving like you left a plastic surgeon’s spa. Apparently the scent is “just delicious!”  like the finest culinary treats from Chef Tracey‘s kitchen. 

Don’t get too excited though – Kashmere isn’t on the market just yet! This sounds like another Moore Haircare situation… If you pre-order now your products should arrive within 30-60 days, and will include a Kashmere-scented candle as a free gift. As a word of warning, “Kim’s gifts are in limited supply so order now to guarantee availability.” Limited supply, eh?

Kim promises that several more products are on the horizon, including a ‘firming lotion,’ but for now we’ll have to make do-ish (within the next 30 – 60 days) with the scrub.  

Kim celebrated the launch party this weekend, which was also the season 5 wrap party for Don’t Be Tardy, and turned into a surprise birthday party for Kim. 

You can check out photos and video’s from the Kashmere party below. 


[Main Photo Credit: Instagram]