Kim Zolciak Gave Up Seven-Figures When She Quit RHOA! Breaks Down Over ‘Body Shaming’ Haters; Opens Up About Fame And Keeping Kroy In Check!

Kim Zolciak - Don't Be Tardy Season 4

Kim Zolciak went from Real Housewife to actual real-life Housewife and she also went from Real Housewives Of Atlanta star to having her own spinoff as a mom of six, married to NFL player Kroy Biermann.

Don’t Be Tardy is returning for its fourth season and Wigs N Cigs is dishing all about how her life (and her kids’ lives) have changed since reality TV, what fame really means, and her rules for marriage in the public eye, and why she refuses to let internet haters affect her. 

“I always wanted to be famous – my whole life,” admits Kim. “You can look at the journal I wrote at aged twelve where I said I can’t wait to have my own show by the time I’m 30. I was 29 when I started on Housewives.” But is it all that she envisioned? On fame, Kim says, “A lot of people want it but they don’t realize what comes with it. Your whole life is scrutinized.”


Maybe even more so when one is a reality television star. “A lot of people think it’s scripted and that the producers kind of orchestrate this stuff, but for me, on Housewives of Atlanta, it is what it is; it was what it was,” insists Kim

What it was for Kim was “a lot of anger, aggression, violence – stuff that I was never really around – and it does take a toll on you mentally and emotionally.” Calling RHOA “really harsh” Kim blames the the repeated aggression and negativity for why she quit, “Sheree pulling my wig, wine glasses flying… it was just – insane. I don’t do well around it.” 

It came to a head when a heavily pregnant Kim stormed off the show in season 5. “When I was pregnant with Kash, there was literally screaming and so much chaos I just thought, ‘I can’t do this anymore.’ I knew that I was done,” she recounts. “My blood pressure was fine until I started filming that season, then it was through the roof. I had to choose my child over all of this, and I just walked out. I walked away from well over seven-figures.”

Kim couldn’t be happier with her decision, however. “I have the best job in the whole world – I get paid to film with my family. I mean, does it get any better than that?” 

In the new season Brielle struggles with turning 18 and looming adulthood because “the gravy train stops now,” as Kim puts it. But it is Kroy who is pushing Brielle to leave the nest and grow-up, not Kim, who expresses she wishes she could take care of Brielle “forever.” 

For Kim one of the major drawbacks of fame has been how her children, particularly Brielle and Ariana, have been affected. “Being in the public eye is great – I chose this life, it’s what I do. My girls are also very involved in social media and all that stuff,” the mom of six acknowledges. “I have worked really heard to instill in my girls self esteem, and just to really love themselves – love every inch of yourselves.”

 Most recently Ariana was body shamed by internet trolls. “That really makes me mad,” a tearful Kim tells “It’s an awkward age for any kid.” According to Kim, last year Ariana started receiving comments about her weight and having her looks compared to Brielle and Kim. “I can tell Ariana’s like I’m not gonna eat this cake – and that pisses me off,” seethes Kim. “I’m done with it!” 

“I’m not going to let somebody – some stranger on social media – take that from me,” says Kim. Instead Kim challenges social media users to be nice. “If you wrote something positive can you imagine what an incredible world we’d live in?” she posits. 

Kim, herself, isn’t immune from the negative comments. She’s been battling plastic surgery accusations for years and continues to deny a face lift and nose job. “I’m all for plastic surgery,” maintains Kim, who has been open about getting multiple boob jobs, as well as a tummy tuck. “Why would I not tell you about a face lift? But a face lift at 37 is a bit extreme,” she informs ExtraTv.

Instead Kim credits her ‘new face’ to a new makeup artist “for the first time in years.” She even lifts her wig to prove her lack of scars (she does know we’re all well aware that most facial work is done with LASERS now, right?! We do watch Real Housewives and Botched after all. LOL). 

However Kim is staying on top of aging and will do whatever it takes to keep Kroy’s eyes from wandering! One of her rules: she refuses to hire hot nannies! Kim also controls Kroy’s twitter. “Social media, I feel like, could potentially destroy people’s relationships,” she explains. 

As for what viewers can expect on DBT which premieres on Sunday, this season will be different because it’s the first time in many years Kim won’t be pregnant or breastfeeding. “I’m able to just be Kim,” she enthuses.

Kim Zolciak Make-up Free SelfieAnd to prove she’s all natural in the face, Kim shared another “make-up free” selfie. “#ImCoolWithItCuzIGoMakeupFree #FuckItIllPlaySchoolGirl” [Credit: Instagram]


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