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Kyle Richards Says Yolanda Foster Is “Very Hard” To Get Close To; Yolanda Fires Back

If I’m keeping it real, I thought it was very uncalled for when Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump made fun of the photos that Yolanda Foster posted on Instagram of her Lyme disease treatments during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion. The two of them were laughing up a storm and I had no idea what they thought was so funny about it.

I can’t imagine that set well with Yolanda when she heard it in person nor when she had to relive it again once the reunion aired. So I just assumed that things were not cool between the two of them. Recently, Kyle opened up about the current status of her relationship with Yolanda.


In an interview with Us Weekly, Kyle did not address the rude comments that she and LVP made about Yolanda’s medical treatment photos at the reunion, but she did talk about how she and Yolanda are doing these days. In the vaguest terms possible, Kyle said that the two RHOBH costars are “OK.” Wow, she really painted a vivid picture with that one.

Then, instead of talking about the laughter she and LVP had at Yolanda’s expense, she talked about how she has had difficulty becoming better friends with Yolanda. Kyle said, “She’s been very hard to get close to.” She also added, “I tried and made an effort, and I felt like it was never reciprocated. It’s very hard to get close to her.” I have no idea if that’s true or not in all honesty, but I just don’t see why Yolanda would want to be close to her after that unnecessary reunion dig. Don’t get me wrong, I love Kyle, but I really feel like she needs to apologize for that if she actually wants to be Yolanda’s good friend.

The article also stated that Kyle “points out that she has no ill will against her costar” and that she referred to Yolanda as a “nice person.” That’s all well and good, but she is still leaving a major elephant in the room by not addressing what went down at the reunion.

On top of that, it did not take long for Yolanda to catch wind of the article. She took to Twitter to express her feelings. And no, she did not subtweet or post a cryptic quote. She quoted the article and directly addressed it with a rebuttal. Oh damn.



It can be assumed that Kyle was wrong when she said that she and Yolanda are “OK.” Based on Yolanda’s tweet, they are anything but “OK.”


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