Little Women: NY recap

Little Women: NY Recap: Three’s Company

Little Women: NY Recap

Last week, the season premiere of Little Women: NY went from zero to drama and tonight’s episode was no exception. Lila Call has bigger issues than her beef with roomie Jason Perez while the forever judge-y Dawn Lang and sister-in-law Jazmin Lang continue to butt heads. Jessica “Jess” Capri takes time off from helping her pregnant friend, Katie Snyder, to deal with her Dawn issues as well.

Jazmin is on the hunt for a roommate now that her husband, David Lang, is moving to Florida for work.  True to form, Dawn said “hell to the nah” about Jazmin moving in, so Jazmin decides to stop by Jessica’s apartment to see if she can crash there. Unfortunately for Jazmin, a pregnant Katie has already taken that slot. Katie mentions she knows David and Dawn from back in the day and Jazmin tells Katie how crappy of a sister-in-law she is. Jessica makes the obvious observation that Dawn is a hater.


Little Women: NY recap

Jason and his boyfriend, DJ, have a romantic rooftop breakfast of cereal, fruit salad, and some random scones while Jason laments how he hasn’t talked to Lila since their big blow up at the pajama jam.  And he’s not ready to because he’s just enjoying spending time with his “boo.”

Jess decides she hasn’t taken enough flogging from Dawn and meets her for lunch to confront her about all the ish-talking Dawn did at the pajama jam. Judge Dawn gives Jessica some resume-worthy objective about how she wants to make sure she guides Jazmin to a “professional performance career.” Jessica isn’t going to be fooled by all these big words – she knows Dawn is a Paralegal and that only takes 10 weeks of an online class anyone can take if they pay for it.

Judge Dawn goes into full-on superior mode and calls case number “I want to show the little people community there are more respectable professions to have” into session while Jessica doesn’t back down, letting her know how condescending she’s being. Dawn is busy talking about how it’s her business what any little people decide to do and how she has “high standards” for people because she wants to make sure that her future children don’t have to face stigma. Wow, that is a tall order. This is going nowhere fast and Jess should know that trying to make a point in Judge Dawn’s court of opinion won’t go anywhere. Dawn brings up that two people have died from dwarf-tossing and Jess contributes that problem by her chosen profession of wrestling. I’m pretty sure I can see a few mussels from the platter in front of Dawn getting up and trying to crawl away in embarrassment from this conversation. Jess missed the memo that Dawn is the “Jesus of Little People” and wants her to get off her step stool. SNORT! But then who is going to be morally superior to everyone on the show??

Little Women: NY recap

Jason discovers that while he’s been busy boo-loving with DJ, Lila has been dealing with much bigger issues – her Dad just died from lung disease. How long has Jason been boo-loving? How sad that he didn’t even see this was going on in his own friend/roommate’s life. He tries to comfort Lila and they decide to leave their argument in the past after Jason apologizes.

Katie decides to meet up with Little Women: LA’s Terra Jole, while she is still in town. Katie would like some support from a new mom. So the first thing Terra asks is how much weight Katie has gained in her pregnancy and then proceeds to talk about her own weight gain and how much she has to lose. I would imagine that Katie was looking for something with a little more depth. Terra asks about Katie’s boyfriend, PJ, and Katie lets her know that PJ is back in Seattle and they are on a break. Katie gets emotional about the idea of her daughter growing up without a dad. Terra consoles Katie and assures her that she has plenty of support in family and friends and everything else will fall into place. Ok, Terra, your work in NY is done, please go back to LA now.

Jazmin is saying goodbye to David as he leaves for Florida and neither are sure when he will come back. She drops by to see Jason and vent a little. Jason is surprised to hear that Jazmin’s husband is gone (do these people talk at all outside of the show?) and tries to relate because his brand new boyfriend lives in Connecticut, which is totally the same as a long-distance MARRIAGE that has been together for many years. Jazmin tells Jason about how it went down with Dawn’s lecture and denial of her request to take her in.  Jason magically remembers that they have an empty third bedroom that Jazmin can stay in. Not sure why Jazmin didn’t think of this first. Jason can’t wait to go from Will and Grace to Three’s Company. They call Lila, she agrees that it’s a great idea, and finally, Jazmin’s living situation is solved.

Little Women: NY recap

Katie and Jess go to see a doctor so Jess can get an ultrasound and check in on her growing baby. The doctor does a sonogram and discovers that the baby has an extra finger on each hand. It runs on PJ’s side of the family but it’s a somewhat easy surgery to correct. Katie has bigger concerns in that she would love to continue working with this doctor but it will cost $3K and she doesn’t have that kind of money.

Jason, Jazmin, and Dawn decide to plan a nice little welcome home for Lila. Of course, Dawn uses this as another opportunity to impart the wisdom of always knowing what’s best and suggests they give Lila space to feel her feelings, which apparently means Dawn mauling Lila the second she walks in the door. The poor girl can barely disentangle from the suitcase handle! Jason expertly points out that Dawn has two sets of rules – one for herself and one for everyone else. The topic quickly turns to Jazmin moving in, and AGAIN, Dawn can show no mercy or understanding and claims she’s happy for Jazmin but thinks she should have taken a more independent route. As in, live on her own. So anyone who lives with a roommate, even when their husband temporarily moves away for work, is not independent in the Book of Dawn.

It’s time to blow off some steam and Jazmin wants to introduce Katie to the group. Jess comes but doesn’t want to see Dawn like the rest of the group. Dawn has a problem with the fact that Katie and Jess are friends (because she has a problem with everything) and is surprised Katie isn’t “keeping better company.” As Dawn peppers an uncomfortable Katie about what her plan is, the group tries to jump in but cannot be matched by Judge Dawn’s expertise on all things little people. She even goes to great length talking about how hard it is to raise a little person and is completely forgetting the key component that she has never raised one herself. The conversation immediately goes to another thing Judge Dawn doesn’t approve of: little people wrestling and entertainment. Jess is starting to lose her cool and Dawn wants to make sure Jazmin knows that she doesn’t think Jazmin understands exploitation. Well that didn’t take long.

Little Women: NY recap

The performing belly dancer (thankfully) breaks up the heated conversation and I’m surprised Dawn doesn’t think this is exploitation too. Not because it actually is, but because anything that isn’t paralegal work is exploitation in Dawn’s mind. Jazmin decides she has had enough and confronts Dawn about it privately. Jazmin makes an impressive point that Dawn always talks about how worried she is for Jazmin but when the time comes to help, Dawn won’t step up to the plate. She accuses Dawn of being an in-law rather than a family member. Dawn listens with a blank face and I can feel her high horse just desperately waiting to make an appearance. Lila interrupts and Judge Dawn disengages by making a quick exit on that high horse. Jason knows we haven’t heard the end of this and I think we can all agree he’s right.

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