Comic Luenell Hates On NeNe Leakes’s Attempt At A Comedy Career; NeNe Responds!

NeNe Leakes is one of those reality stars who really thinks that she is above it all. Even though she really has not had success significant enough to shirk off the “reality star” label, NeNe still thinks she is the biggest star on the planet. As such, she has thrown her hat in the ring to give a shot at every entertainment career possible.

So what’s NeNe’s latest job that she’s trying out? Stand up comedy. Sure, she can throw good shade and read a bitch when she’s angry, but I’m not sure if that translates to her being a stand up comedian. And I’m not the only one who is questioning her latest career move. Comedian Luenell recently put NeNe on blast.


I’m all for reality stars exploiting their fame for personal gain, but even I, an admitted reality TV addict, can get skeptical when it comes to them pursuing any legitimate entertainment jobs. I support it when they try to sell message t shirts and alcohol, but it’s tough for me to take any of them seriously as thespian or anything else in that wheelhouse. 

To say that Luenell doesn’t take NeNe seriously as a comic would be a major understatement. Luenell went out of her way to screen shot a promotional poster for NeNe’s two night comedy show and decided to go in on the (former?) Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member. After an insanely boring paragraph about how she has paid her dues in the comedy industry including a part where she referred to herself as a member of “a very elite club” (which I personally think is a major stretch in regard to her career), she came for NeNe.

Luenell wrote, “Most of the successful Comics you see on the grind today, touring have been putting in hard work, missing their children’s birthdays, graduations, track meets etc. for years and had to deal w/and work thru the guilt and pain of that on a daily basis. So I just find it Ironic that these days, it seems like any Reality Show celebrity or celebrity of Any type who wants to pop up and call themselves a Comic CAN … but a Comic can’t just pop up and as easily get a Show!” Aside from this being way too detailed for an Instagram caption and suffering through the poor grammar, it just seems like this woman is a total hater. Who cares if NeNe got a comedy gig? It doesn’t take away from whatever she has going on. And if NeNe sucks then this isn’t going to last long anyway, so just let her do her thing. I’m sure if Luenell had the opportunity to skip some steps to get to her current point in her career that she would. Let’s be real here.

Luenell’s insanely lengthy caption wasn’t done. She also wrote, “Anybody can just walk into our profession, grab $$$ and when they get Tired … they just stop and go back to the comfort of television. If I sound salty, it’s because i Am! I am not afraid 2 speak MY truth but believe me, I am Not alone n my thoughts.” For someone who is bragging about having a career based on her speaking ability and a way with words, this Instagram post really isn’t making her look great.

Then I guess Luenell made an attempt to be somewhat nice and refer to NeNe as her “good sister” when she wrote: “I hope my good sister here has a great weekend and a successful run … that is, until she gets bored or tired.” In all honesty, I had no idea that NeNe was trying to be a stand up comic, so now it’s pretty ironic that Luenell is giving this business venture more press than it ever had on its own. If anything, Luenell is helping NeNe sell some tickets to this event and giving her some free PR. Oh the irony. Haters never win and winners never hate.


And you know NeNe, she is always looking for an excuse to clap back and get attention. So of course, she had something to say about Luenell’s comments with an Instagram comment of her own. NeNe came for Luenell when she wrote, “I never said I was a comedian, so be clear about that! I find it ironic that you took the time to comment on the moves I make but you had no problem helping Wendy Williams and you had no problem coming on my show filming with Claudia Jordan.” I’ll never get over NeNe constantly referring to RHOA as “her show,” even though it is an ensemble reality show, she quit the series, and crawled back when she realized that she wasn’t as busy as she claimed to be.

NeNe put the nail in the coffin when she wrote, “If you stop being salty and get out your feelings, you might can start opening up for me … call me, I got a job for you.” She should have just stopped at the part when she talked about Luenell appearing on RHOA because that actually made sense as a comeback. 

I hate writing this because I’m just acknowledging two women who are continual attention seekers, but I do love a good cat fight.


[Photo Credits: Bravo]