Ramona Singer Continues To Call Out Sonja Morgan For Partying

There is no way that I am the only one who finds it incredibly hypocritical that Ramona Singer of all people has decided to call someone out for partying and embarrassing behavior. I’m not denying that Sonja Morgan likes to party, but I don’t feel like it’s cool for Ramona to talk down to her while filming a Real Housewives of New York episode.

Sonja and Ramona have been partners in crime when it comes to partying on the show, so it is just super weird for Ramona to be such a hater. Plus, if Ramona really did have serious concerns, wouldn’t it be better to talk to a good friend away from the camera crew? Maybe that’s naive of me, but I just don’t see how publicly putting a friend on blast could ever help her out. Well, it looks like Ramona is not done talking about Sonja’s drinking.


Ramona didn’t leave the Sonja bashing to the RHONY episode. Ramona also took to her Bravo blog to voice her concerns about her costar. Ramona claimed, “I have been so there for Sonja for everything, but at some point I have to say my enabling her wasn’t the best thing and now I feel it is time to call her out on her behavior for her own protection.” During a RHONY reunion episode, Ramona herself admitted to pulling away from Sonja to focus on her own divorce, so to say that she’s always been there for Sonja is going against her own words, but anyway….

Ramona also wrote, “I have known Sonja for years. We have been great friends for a long time. When you have close friends and you care about them like a sister, you become concerned about their life choices.” That all makes sense to me, but I don’t think that talking shit about Sonja, ostracizing her, excluding her from events, and lying to Sonja by saying people don’t want her around because of her behavior qualifies Ramona to be considered a “great friend.” Ramona is saying all the right things in this blog, but actions really speak louder than words in this case.

Ramona stated the obvious when she talked about how the cast drinks a shit ton of alcohol: “We all drink socially on and off the show, but when someone is showing a constant lack of control of their own behavior and are not being themselves, it’s time to say something. What do I do when all her friends are noticing it and are now alienating her?” What is Ramona even talking about? I mean this in the least offensive way possible, but what does Ramona mean when she says that Sonja is not being herself. Sonja has been the straw that stirs the drink from the moment she became a Real Housewife. Sonja has always been about partying. Sonja has always talked about her love of partying. So I’m really not seeing any difference in her behavior. 

Then Ramona diagnosed Sonja with her own personal judgments when she wrote, “Sonja, at times, doesn’t react well to alcohol. Due to my talk with her, she stopped drinking during our Christmas break and now is back to the Sonja we all love.” I’m not really sure what Ramona is talking about. I’m not condoning alcoholism or making light of substance abuse by any means, but Sonja (like the other RHONY ladies) is a social drinker (until I hear otherwise). I don’t see why it’s so bad for her to get shitfaced and slur on TV, but the other women (Ramona included) can do that and there’s no issue.


It was also weird when Ramona came at Luann de Lesseps during the last RHONY episode for being a “bad influence” on Sonja. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen Sonja more trashed than when she was best friends with Ramona. Also, I don’t feel like anyone could ever tell Sonja Morgan what to do. She does what she wants when she wants. In her blog, Ramona explained, “Sonja has always told me when Luann is around they stay up to the wee hours of the morning drinking together, and many times when on vacation with them, I’ve had to drag Sonja away from Luann to make sure she would stop and go to sleep. Luann would get angry at me for this, and that’s why I questioned the healthiness of Luann living with Sonja.” It seems to me that Luann and Sonja can handle their alcohol just fine- and at the very least I just don’t think it is at all fair for Ramona to say that she is above them by any means. There have been plenty of times that Ramona has been incoherent on RHONY, but she played that off to be endearing and comedic. I just don’t get the hypocrisy when it comes to her comments to and about Sonja.

Ramona concluded her blog with, “So again, I am just saying how I see it, and it’s difficult at times to express yourself in a politically correct way with certain subjects.” Since when has Ramona ever been concerned with being politically correct? I laughed out loud at that. Personally, it seems like Ramona is pretty sanctimonious and is picking on Sonja to make herself look good. If she was really, truly concerned about Sonja, she would not make several attempts to embarrass her friend on a television show and she would address any perceived problems in private.


[Photo Credits: Bravo]